Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Please spread the word that there are still a few spots left for the 2011 scrapathon next month.

It would be wonderful to see a some fresh new faces (or even familiar old faces!!) . We have always had such positive feedback about our scrapathon 'mini' retreat. Such a relaxed, fun atmosphere with no added pressure of classes!  The hardest decision for the weekend is what NOT to buy… oh and if you can sneak a second helping of Kathryn's famously delicious sticky date and caramel pudding!!

We would love for you to join us.

 Email or phone Meredith to secure your spot!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Amanda's August Challenge...

I have used starbursts on two layouts i have done in the past and really loved the final result.

They are a very easy way to add WOW to your title or journalling.

Basically all i did was to open a word document and go into shapes > stars and banners. If you place one of those onto a blank page you can then reshape it to whatever size you want.

Print your starburst and cut around it. With non permanent adhesive place it on top of the card you wish to be the middle starburst colour. Cut around it using the printout as your template.

(please excuse the state of my template starburst - it was rescued from the bin all scrunched and grotty after i decided to use this as a challenge and take a couple of step by step photos!)

Repeat this process to build up extra layers, colours and an illusion of dimension to your starburst.

The only thing to be mindful of is to make sure that your text will fit into your starburst shape prior to cutting!!

Can't wait to see what you can come up with!

Amanda - Sue's sketch

I have changed the position of the title - otherwise the sketch is there .... kinda.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Janice- circle challenge

LOOK what i found in my inbox.... this stunning page from Janice.

Hi Sue,
Just thought i would share this layout with you for the circle challenge, (bit late i know).
My scrapping style whatever it may be, is forever changing....
At the moment i am loving distressing, stitching & using smaller photos.


Wow Janice this is just stunning....love everything about this.... the colours, distressing, little bits n bobs, the word 'special' mounted on the fence....Just gorgeous!! I love your 'whatever it may be' style... it is so wow wow wowish!

Thanks for sharing this one and we would love to see more of your beautiful pages popping up here....pppleeease??!

Hope you all keep warm and dry today!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lauren - various challenges!!

Oh what a delight in my inbox yesterday and tonight. And i am thrilled that i can finally pop them up here on the blog without my internet dropping out constantly (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr telstra and overcast days!!)

 I have a couple of layouts to share, both were completed at Mojo.

Fun, is for your June challenge of Same on Same. It is my favourite layout of the weekend :)

Our Beatles Moment, is for Sue's July Sketch challenge...I may have neglected the circle part though- whoops!!

I have a couple more challenges too which I will share on my blog.
Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!!

xx L

(yes between yesterday and today this layout got picked up for publication - you are just going to have to take my word for it that it is AMAZING!!)

and this is for the outline font challenge.

Oh Lauren these are STUNNING. Just beautiful. I love the random-ness of Danielle's photos and oh you have scrapped them wonderfully! Your outline font is so cute and perfect! Love the delicious mix of papers! And your clusters in Sue's sketch make me swoon. Just yum.

you clever kitten.

Sue- sketch layout & Meredith's inspiration..

Meredith's inpiration..

I loved this quote and the cute little birds that were with it, which inspired me to dig out some bird stamps that i have in my collection!
My sketch layout:

A creative productive scrapping day was had by me yesterday!!xx

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sketch challenge

Found this sketch in amongst my bits n bobs and it took my fancy for my next layout....hopefully you can find some inspiration and i can't wait to what you come up with..

August - a different sort of challenge.

Most of our regular e2c attendees would know of Tatum Woodroffe.

(sorry chickie i flogged this image off facebook! You really shouldn't trust your 'friends' you know?!)

Doesn't she have amazing hair!??

Well Miss Tatum is undertaking a different sort of challenge on August 26th - she is shaving her hair OFF on daffodil day to raise money for the cancer council.

See her inspirational post here:

Tatum - hair today gone on daffodil day 2011.

I know she will be surprised to see a post about herself here  - she certainly did not ask me to write this - but i know that she would be ever so grateful for some e2c support.

Every small amount counts so please support Tatum in this very brave challenge. Even if it's $5 - it all helps.

This is a direct link to donate : Tatum's hair shave.

Let's show her some e2c love.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meredith's challenge ... A little bit of craftiness and inspiration ...

I create this post a month or so ago but I thought it might be a good kick off point for some layout inspiration ...

A book mark with attitude ...

Go here for details!!

Or this great gift wrapping idea for a book ...

from here

or maybe some quotes for your layout!!

Quotes Worth Repeating

taken from Pinterest posts by decor8

and I think this is really scrap inspiring ...

Love you for like ever

an Etsy print from 29blackstreet

and this one ...

from Rhonna DESIGNS

If you are inspired by any of this please send us you layouts for showing off!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lou - Same on Same Challenge

ooooooooh look what has landed in my inbox!

A beautiful challenge piece from Lou. She said that she had good intentions of scrapping a few more but i am guessing the recent good times at Camp Mojo got in the way ;-) She also commented that she will be trying to fit a bit of scrappy time in while sipping cosmos in NYC which is where she is off to next. What a lucky lady you are Lou. Hope you have a great time away and get a wonderful look around the US of A.

*sigh* oh white on white….. delicious! Love all the leaf / twiggy bits and oh oh oh at your title. L.O.V.E. that. So effective!