Friday, February 10, 2017

e2c 2017 rego reminder

Hello all.

Just a quick note to remind you that tonight (TONIGHT YIPPEE!!) is the e2c 2017 registration night.

8pm South Australian time - not a minute later! Every second counts as there are limited seats available and regular retreat goers will know that this event books out in record time. If you need to check time differences from your state you can do so here. (the clock on this website is exactly in sync with our times)

Also please note that the email address to register has changed to 

Emails sent to the Treloar address will not be accepted and your registration will not be valid.

To help with costs, we are offering a payment plan option where you can pay retreat fees in increments. If you wish to do this, please email Meredith to discuss PRIOR to making any payments. We understand that the cost is terrifying as a one off payment and are only too happy to work with our attendees to ensure you can make it.

When emailing tonight, please include your name, contact details and which option you would prefer. If you aren’t sure yet please say ‘unsure’ and let us know as soon as you can. Last year there were many who decided very last minute to upgrade to stay the nights (which was awesome!) but was a little tricky in regards to our pre-booking of rooms. Almost everyone who went for option 2 or 3 last year said that they wished that they had stayed. (for interest’s sake!)

You may proxy for one other person provided that they are unable to email themselves (not just a double up chance of getting in!)

Another quick note to remember is our awesome teachers have been announced and we are THRILLED to welcome Raquel Bowman and Leeann Pearce to our e2c family for 2017. These clever chicks will inspire us all weekend and we are so honoured to have them on board. We know that they will be awesome and their class projects will totally kick butt!

On that exciting note we will sign off… and hope to hear from you tonight!

Meredith and Amanda.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 teachers

We are absolutely thrilled that these talented ladies have joined us for the 2017 adventure. They are wildly creative with completely contrasting styles which will compliment each other and escape2create perfectly.

Check out their lovely work and be inspired to join us. Registration day is only 5 days away!