Saturday, April 24, 2010

being organized

Someone told me today that she enjoyed reading all the little titbits and links that Meredith and I put on this blog.

I said "what ??!! I never do it, Meredith does a fabbo job letting us know of the trends, what's hot, new releases, techniques and general scrap news"

(and we do love seeing what is out there i might add!)

So to totally prove myself wrong i have found something amazing. Something that i am the anti of... the complete opposite.

So grab a coffee and drool over how organized this space is!

general post about organization with amazing pantry and linen cupboard photos!

scrap room envy

of course this is from a great place for inspiration and this superwoman is Australia's very own Jody Dent Pruks.

In other things overheard..... another someone told me that they were looking forward to May when our challenges start again. I hope you are too!

Monday, April 19, 2010


This was written by Ali Edwards for the 'i am enough' blog. It is quite an inspiring read and the place to go if you are wanting affirmation about yourself and your worth.

I do find Ali quite inspiring also. Even though her blog is very product driven and comercial now, her style never fails to make me want to grab for my stash and start scrapping. I love the way every single page she creates has a story about her or her children's lives. Not just the 'gorgeous' or 'i adore you' type pages that we all did when we first started scrapping but REAL journalling about REAL events.

I know journalling frightens some scrappers, and it isn't everyone's cup of tea i admit. Recently i read something that Leanne Stamatellos wrote for a recent magazine and i was totally nodding along with it. I felt that i could have written it word for word! Check out the latest Scrapbooking Memories for her amazing article.

What story are you telling in your scrapping?!


I guess a few people may be wondering what is happening with this blog - it seems awfully quiet lately! I wont speak for the other girls (Sue and Meredith) but personally i have needed some time away from the blog - with all the hustle and bustle of the retreat and in that lovely peacefulness afterwards it seemed like the right time to 'take a break'.

I hope everyone understands...

The desire to blog and post challenges again is starting to come back for me so i am sure things will be firing up again soon.

Remember that we get enthused to post when we know that we have visitors. Please say hello if you stop by.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sandra - Sue's sketch

Hi Amanda

YAY!! finally got round to Sue's sketch....yes it is under there somewhere! lol

Cheers for now

I can see the sketch Sandra! Great job! I can also see an influence / inspiration from Lou.

Very creative!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

more e2c group photos

I had a really hard time trying to find the 'right' photo to send out to the group... there were always one or two with eyes closed or funny expressions! I guess it is hard to co-ordinate eyelids with 65 women!

So here are some of the group shots for you to look and laugh at. If you click on the images you can view them much bigger.

sensible shot

and a silly shot. This one made me laugh with Michelles expression behind Tiff's head! Priceless!

another sensible one...

and then the sneeze! Dee this was so well timed!

finally another silly shot!

and just to show that i can show stupid / horrible photos of myself too...

This expression is exactly how i felt on the inside Friday morning - sky high with stress and anticipation!! Lucky i have two calming influences by my side!

Anyway i hope you get a giggle out of these. I sure did :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

font lovers unite!

If you love a good font as much as i do check out this website :

they have weekly newsletter updates which have great font offers and three free fonts if you subscribe (it's free to subscribe to the newsletters)! They also have fab. instructions on how to install these fonts if you are new to the game or easily confused like me :)

click here to have a look!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

School holiday fun ...

Okay so those of you who attend the retreat will be rested, caught up on your sleep and now ready to use some of that mojo that you accumulated ...

and it is school holidays ... eeekkkk ... some of these ideas might be good to get the children involved in too!!

These ideas have come via a newsletter I receive from Aussie Scrapbooking.

Some have made these bows before but the stamping takes it to the next stage!

next up ...

cute crepe paper butterflies ...

and the next one ...

creating a negative image with scissors ...

Just a little more on Studio Calico ... an American kit company

they have a great blog posting that you can subscribe to where each one is sent to your email address and they have a very inspiring gallery!
Gallery (via their home page)

If you have a link to something we could create post a comment on this post to share!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!