Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lauren - various challenges

Hi Amanda,

Finally some layouts to share...I actually have 7 I think November/December/January Challenges, but so I don't bore you all lets start with 2.
These two were created when Lou had a sleep over scrap afternoon a few weeks ago with Tatum and I.

Loud Boy is based around Sues December sketch and Grow and Evolve is Amanda's box challenge. Both of the photo's were taken by the lovely Danielle Quarmby.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend...and not melting too much in this heat!! I'm off for a swim!

Oh my lordy Lauren - i am not sure where to begin with the praise for these two lovelies!! 

The blue and green in the layout above is breath taking - is it fabric or paper?! Absolutely delicious teamed with your amazing handwriting! (and of course that beautiful photo!)

Love the splats on Loud Boy - teamed with the kraft, denim circles and kite it is so very boy-ish. 

Inspiration plus right here. Thank you!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sandra - Challenges Galore!

Hi Amanda!!
I have finally completed a E2C challenge.. and it feels soooo good!!

After reading the new Creating Keepsakes article on challenging yourself to do a different style I thought...hmmm.
I have never been one for clean and simple, or linear or graphic scrapping...I would call my scrapping style (if there is such a as totally RANDOM!! lol
Sue's sketch is PERFECT for a graphic/linear style of layout so I drew inspiration from it.

Then I saw Meredith's inspiration challenge and remembered I had some 
orange scrabble pieces put away from an unused childrens version of scrabble

which reminded me of your 
orange, stamp, date box challenge....!!

hmmm... colours that go with orange AND the photos???

I drew inspiration from Meredith's inspiration challenge yet again....

I printed off the journalling (I printed these off in readiness for your class at E2C 10...but used something else instead)
but I found it toooooo linear and graphic.. I needed to mess things up a bit.!!!
again I found inspiration from Meredith's challenge....A 

so thank you ladies...using all of your challenges I have ended up with a layout and also challenged myself  to go out of my comfort zone  a little

hope you are having a great weekend and keeping cool!!

Sorry if that didn't make sense, but I have had a couple of ciders to help overcome the heat a little!!

ps...those clean and simple/graphic/linear layouts are bloomin hard to photograph so that everything is straight!! doesn't matter with my 'Random' layout because everything is crooked anyway!! lol
oops nearly forgot!!
the photos of Ryan were taken by Tiff

Well cheers for now.
I will try to make more of an effort to do more challenges in the future!



WOW Sandra. This is great! Love how you have used and adapted the challenges to fit 'you'. The orange looks awesome against that grey and fabulous inspiration with the blackboard look with the journalling.

Fantastic work - extra points for scrapping in this heat!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meredith's challenge ... take inspiration

So over the last few months I have been missing in scrap challenge action so I thought I would post a

"nearly the end of the month but carry on until next month" challenge ...

And with all this web surfing I have seen some trends ...

well in my humble opinion they are pretty popular ... LOL

1.Maps ...

2. Grey ... the colour

3. chalkboards ...

4. scrabble letters ...

Okay so there you have it ... 

use one or more of the above to create a layout between now and the end of February!!

Create one layout for each or see how many you can incorporate into a layout!!

Happy Australia Day and Happy Scrapping!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

another flower ... LOL

Okay so I have been posting a few links lately ... let's just say I have been in a large building for 7 days and couldn't leave (    ;-)   ) so I have had plenty of time to surf the net and have found lots of things!!

If you are looking for new sites for inspiration have a look at


I have found Pinterest particularly addictive!!

So anyway here is a new link to check out that I found via Pinterest!!

Tutorial from here ... WhipperBerry

Monday, January 24, 2011

Amy - box challenge

hi, here is my box 2. Tiff's photo again of course but they r my fave!

Love the vintage feel to this - that stamp on the book page compliments the grasses seen in the photo too. Love the big date and the orange is delicious. Great job Amy. (sorry it took a long time to go on the blog but i have been away)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

For your Valentine ;-)

I am sure many of you are into Valentine's Day .... well maybe NOT!!

But anyway you can still use this freebie to print off a banner with letters as you would like!!

Go to the Ruffled blog!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

flower variation ...

we have all seen the circle on a circle flower but this one has a variation that I thought I'd share!!

Go here for the tutorial!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January sketch challenge

From my page for Amanda's box challenge i was inspired to draw up a sketch challenge for this month. See the layout below.

With this sketch, you can use a single photo or use multiple photos, which i have used.

Have fun with this and i look forward to seeing what you come up with. And maybe use some of those yummy summer photos that you have collected from your holidays!

Sue xx

Sue - Box 2 challenge

I used Box 2
And i came up with this layout, Ethan at 7.
A bit of stamping onto book paper, the colour orangey-yellow and the date for a title.

Sue's tip on Organza flowers

Hi there everyone....hope you are all having nice relaxing summer holidays.

Meredith's last post inspired me to share with you a quick inexpensive way to make organza flowers....well, sort of cheap. I found some organza curtains at Cheap as Chips (i am sure that must be everyones favourite store to hunt out a bargain!!) for only $5 each, and found them in cream and a old worlde green. As they come in one drop per package, there is plenty to share with a friend or two.

These are mine that i made.....not that i am overly a flowery person, but the technique got me intruiged to try, added a pearly brad and some glitter and yummo!!

Good luck with your never know what treasures you may find..

Sue xx

flowers ...

these were demo'd at the mini retreat but if you missed it or haven't seen it before here is a great tutorial ...

starbursts, medallions whatever you want to call them ...

have been popping up on layouts out there in Bloggerville and the web generally ...

so here are some instructions!!

Actually I reckon you could search this site and find some other ideas too!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amy - box challenge

Amy took this box :

and came up with this great page!

hi Amanda, here is my box 1 challenge. am happy with it especially after using something i won at retreat last year (the 'love' badge) and the mesh is something one of my chrissy presents was wrapped in. my flowers were originally white so i dyed them with food colouring. now to start on the rest....thanks 4 the ideas xoxo Amy

That pink paper is delicious with the corrugated cardboard Amy! Pink, white and kraft is always a winning colour combo. Super cute yellow flowers too! What a precious photos of an adorable girl.

You have really rocked this challenge = great job!

Monday, January 10, 2011

paint idea ...

Check this out here.

Nice easy virtually mess free technique for all those non-painters!!

okay drum roll please ...........

I made the call and the answer came fast ... !!!!

(this image from my recipes )

Tatum has emailed me a yummy "recipe"!!! LOL

Last nights sangria was white and it was delish...I did comment (a little sarcastically) that u & Amanda would hate lol

Lauren & Tatum's sparkling summer sangria

Slice 1 peach & 2 nectarines & add to jug
1/4 cup cointreau
1/4 cup vodka
1 bottle sav blanc
500 ml appletiser
1/4 cup mint leaves
Juice of 1 lemon
Lots of ice

Happy days!


Polaroid "creation" site ...

This site can turn your photo into a Polaroid and let you add text to the bottom strip and then you can also create  different patterns in the area surrounding the photo ... clever!!

Then you can download / email your creation and print it out!! Woo hoo!!

First one out of the box ... Lou

Hi Guys

Please find attached my layouts for the 3 box challenges. As you know I had a blast scrapping with Lauren and Tatum,... [Sue, Meredith and Amanda you reeeeally must try Tatum and Laurens Sangrias!!!!!!] last night, and my priority was the E2C challenges. Typically they were aweeesome inspiration!!! Thank yooou :) :) :)

Cheers and Keep it coming girls!!!

Lou xxooxx

Okay so here goes ... No 1 ...

No 2 ...

 and finally No 3 ...

Wow you girls must have had a blast!!

And Lou you have blasted this challenge right out of the water ... woo hoo!!

No 1 ... love the flower / vine bits ... is that a punch?? as well as the sneaky corrugated cardboard there and the misted alpha sheet!! The blue trim looks stunning!!

No 2 ... The date looks fab ... is that a stamp?? The orange paint ... yummy, the bird beautiful and how you have used the newspaper print!!

No 3 ... firstly I love the shade of blue and that yummy texture-y flowers / vine and birds and the whispy muslin!!

Think we might need that sangria recipe Tatum  ... send it in and we can post it here!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January challenge!

Since the last lot of box challenges were so popular i have decided to do them again this month.

3 boxes to celebrate our 'new' colours for 2011.

box 1.

box 2.

box 3. 

just adding the link in case anyone has difficulty accessing the Ali click inspiration in box above.

Amanda - Sue's Sketch

Lou - Sue's Sketch

Hi Girls
Ive attached another LO I did inspired by Sue's Fab Sketch challenge. Ive also used her sketch as inspiration for a LO I did for Ausse Scrap Source, but I cant share that at the mo, but Ill let you know when it comes up!!
Thanks for the extra inspo you bloged over the xmas/ny break, twas so cool!!
Cheers and Ta Muchly
Lou xxx

Wow Lou  - this looks great! Love the paint instead of paper and the cool hand drawn stitches - your free style with the pen is just too clever!!  The circles of red and the splats of pink are just delicious! I am in love with how you draw around your brads and buttons too - awesome inspiring stuff! Can't wait to see the ASS one!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

some people are so clever ...

check this out ...

an absolutely gorgeous mini- album and a technique that is very clever (well I haven't seen it before LOL)

amazing what you can do in a minute ...

okay so one of the latest things is washi tape, a Japanese semi transparent masking tape in a huge range of colours and patterns ...

American Crafts have a similar product called Mixtape which is very nice!!

Take a look at this clip to make some yourself ... oh and I reckon our local post office has suitable packaging tape ;-)

all is quiet on all fronts ... LOL

so at this time of the year there are a lot of blog posts out there in the blogosphere about "Photo a Day" ," a month of Photo a Days" etc etc ... here is a post with some examples of what is out there ...

which I would love to commit to but sometimes just don't get around to  ...

so I just found this link to a template where you can create a collage of some photos for each month of the year ...

hey what a great idea!!
This year (2011) has a different layout ... more landscape so take a look at the link for more details and the downloads.

You could create a special album and make a lovely cover and print off or hand write journaling about each month ... what a great record I reckon!!

Okay so some of you can do this with your eyes shut but I am hopeless at those technical computery things so I though it was worth posting the link for anyone who is in the same boat as me!! LOL

Monday, January 3, 2011

All is quiet on the western front ...

so how about a nifty idea??!!

Check out this link ... Tips & Techniques Tape Tricks to make the silver ruffled tape shown below!!

Gorgeous hey??!!