Sunday, November 30, 2008

karen is a funny fishy

LOL Karen. You crack me up with your little writing on this one. I did think it might have been a bit tricky to see from Lock but you showed us that it can only just be seen!
she said
I decided that I would take a photo of the Ranges from Lock as we can
see them (just) I could see them well with the naked eye but when I got
home and uploaded my pics onto the computer I wasnt sure whether I could make
them out or my monitor just needed a good clean!!!! But they are there,
thanks Karen - you made me laugh.
It's been a bit light on for comments on here lately!! Maybe Tiff, Meredith, Sue and myself are just talking to each other - oh well cheaper than a phone call i guess! If you drop by dont forget to say hello and comment on the creations being show - we all love feedback!

My little Christmas box

Hi all,

Well I made one Friday for a gift exchange and didn't take a photo but then a friend saw it and she asked me if I could make one for her to use in a bon bon exchange!!
So here is that one ...

If you haven't given them a go yet make sure you try at least one ... very quick and easy and so effective.

the ranges

this is a better shot of the ranges looking south west from my chook shed. Used the wild oats in the foreground to give it the country feel and to soften it a bit.

all boxed up

Great night at Scrapworkz last night.
Leonie hosted a scrap a thon from 2pm to 2am.
I managed to get there after tea. I am working on my 16 Christmas bon bon boxes atm so they created a bit of interest. I should some ladies there how to fold one up.

Hiya Denise, Ronnie, Chris, Carmen, Amy, Leonie. We have nicknamed ourselves 'The Box B*****s

I know of at least 5 boxes created last night complete with the PP bows so have asked the ladies to send me their pics of their masterpieces to be posted.
Lets see how many respond!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sandra's box and damsak!

very very clever Sandra!

She has incorperated two challenges into one......a box with damask!

She says -

Okay I am cheating here... two challenges rolled into one.
Firstly the
origami box...and secondly the damask... yes its there, on the bottom box... and
you can also see it a bit on the pp on the lid.
Have been wanting to do the
box challenge for ages... but felt a bit 'christmased out' then read your
challenge... and 'voila'.... inspiration. A gift box for another
Might still have to do a layout with the damask pattern though..
Didn't realise how prevalent it was in my stash until I looked for it!

wow! This is really fantastic. I love that line of papers from Kaiser - just stunning! You have made it work so well for both challenges - well done everything about it!

Friday, November 28, 2008

and she says... so what's next??.

LOL Denise. You are constantly creating. When I was in Lincoln last night at Scrapworkz for the weekly scrap night, Denise was looking her next challenge. 'so what next??'

So I ran her thru the folding technique for the box challenge once. And stuff me without anymore prompting she created this little gem. I didnt have the measurements for the PP arrangement on top so she used ribbons instead. please excuse the photo quality. was taken with a phone camera.

So Denise... what's next.... try out Amanda's Damask challenge.... !!!!!!


Hi girls (me again!)

Just doing a very quick reminder that TODAY is the last day to finalize payments and bookings for the retreat.

We have had a great response for the classes - thanks!

Still a few outstanding to pay so please get onto that today - we would hate for people to be taken off the class list :(

Challenge 22

ok doing something that is near and dear to me here and getting back on track with our new challenge idea.

so the theme this week is -


what is this i hear you all ask? While it is a bit last year pattern wise in scrapping (that foul houndstooth is taking over blerch) it is one of my fav. sorts of flourishes to add to the page. Remember that it isn't any old flourish - it has a specific 'look' to it - almost like thistles??! (ok that might be my scottish fantasy coming out LOL) Not to be confused with the fleur-de-lis either.

It doesn't have to be black and white either - they could be in ANY colour. Dont think that they are too flowery for boy pages too - they look absolutely awesome on ANY page.

Kaiser have some fabulous damask papers. As does Teresa Collins. I do think American Crafts have some papers also. Heidi Swapp is also mad for them.

If you dont have anything in your stash right this minute to participate - dont dispair. Go to google images and look for 'damask' you will find hundreds of designs you can print onto plain paper (yes reflex is acid free) and incorperate THAT into your page.

Or find a damask brush and stamp that onto your page with photoshop.

I bought this a while back from 2 peas and LOVE it --

here is another one for sale

you can see it used here for a wedding menu - fab design for a page if you use your imagination too!
Here is a free template to download.

and some photoshop brushes here (i have just downloaded this and can vouch it is A-ok - more fabric looking than the damask examples up the top though)

I dont have a new page to show but i will definately get onto this as I LURVE damask!

ps. you can tuck it behind photos and papers rather than let it be the main focus if you prefer! There are also some cool rubons from Kmart which i snavel every time i see them which have fantabulous damask on them as seen peeking out from the sides in this page i did ages ago.

Can't wait to see what you can come up with!

xmas boxes

a couple of nights ago i had some time to sit and make the boxes Tiff posted about on here = the last challenge.

They were sooooooooooo easy it wasn't funny! I really thought i had done something majorly wrong as they were too easy! But nope - they turned out perfectly.

I used Basic Grey papers which seem to be just the right thickness to get everything to fold and stay in place - with no adhesive. AMAZING! Bazzill seems to be a bit thick to get the nice crisp folds and you need to be careful with flimsy patterned paper as it wont be thick enough. Incredible to think you can make a box just with a few very easy folds.

I have a few gift vouchers to give to people this year for Christmas so will be giving them in a box like this. So cute!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is what happens when you

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

mix 5 elf suits, some disco music and the amazing dance moves by Tiff, Meredith, Sue and myself (along with a special guest appearance by Ali Edwards)

oh i hope you are laughing as much as i am!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

home at the range

Trish has been playing with her new camera. And its a very nooice camera too.
A couple of shots from her. The top one is the view from her property at Edillilie. ( I bet Sue can relate to this one.

I do love the barb wire foreground. Very country. Great depth of field. This 0ne is just south of Cummins on the highway.
Keep snapping away ladies.
anything that takes your fancy that u think would be worth putting on here, email it in and we'll see if we can post it for you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sandras shots of the ranges

Sandra has come to the fore with these pics. LOVELY. What a gorgeous day for taking photos too. That sky is so crisp and blue.

Thanks girls for participaing in this one.

I hope you can see how cool it is to see the same object but from different angles and perspective.
Now just a bit of house keeping for the retreat..........only 3 days left to finalize classes. AND YES THAT INCLUDES PAYMENT. There are quite a few outstanding amounts for classes so please ensure you have fixed all that up by Friday.
No pay = no class.
Thanks for understanding as we really need to get serious about ordering kit numbers.

Westwards from Wandillilie

We view mose of the Ranges from our hilly view, and probably if i knew exactly where to look Marika i could almost see the dust from your header from our hill top. You are over by P Puckridges right??

So this is just the north block part just now as the sun is setting...

I love to sit on my front veranda and watch the sun setting over those ranges.

Marble ranges from my spot

I have taken these photos over the last year ... I have a washing line one but can't find it at the moment!

This one was taken last week while John was reaping barley, in the paddock right next to our house.

This one you need to use your imagination a little!! It was taken in October this year from Coffin Bay. One of the first times I stayed at Coffin Bay with John he pointed out this perspective ... a man's profile ... think bushy eyebrows, nose and chin!!

more fab shots of the hill

LOL at Marika in her email called it 'the hill'. Poor Marble Range is the only hilly bit we have over here of any isn't much but it is all we have.

And i am loving all the different sides to it.

Tracey W sent in these fantastic images. She says to excuse the child's arm LOL. I love how the green and blue look so pure in your photo Trace. Also great canola shot - the yellow is so wow.

Marika has sent in a few pics as she has the Range in her face everyday living so close. There is almost one here for ever season on the farm. OMG at how gorgeous that sunset is! My mouth really dropped open in awe at that one.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hi Tammi

big howdy to u from Tiff of the 'team'

do u see the West Coast wave where u are living now?? You know, that little finger wave from the steering wheel.

cant wait to see your creations.



LOL don't you just love the 'instant-ness' of email. Within a couple of hours i had two responses to our mini challenge.

Sandra has shown us two older images she took out Coffins way. Love how rural and rustic this second one is....just stunning with those country colours. Can't wait to see what you will take as a recent shot (she has promised me one!)

And a special hello to Tammi M who has been a bit of a lurker - and an ex-local (are we allowed to say that Tammi??!!) who was recently back visiting her parents and snapped this shot from ONTOP of Marble Range - wow! This is looking back towards Edillillie. What a great picture and i really didn't expect to get that view when i asked for shots like this ...brilliant! Thanks for de-lurking too Tammi and hope to see your fab work in here soon.

Got my camera out tonight to show you my view. The creative shot didnt quite work how i wanted it to as the Ranges just look like a couple of blue blobs in the background - bloody depth of field grrrrrrrrrrrr! LOL

view from front of our house-

and blue blobs -

Thanks for sharing girls and i hope we see a few more aspects of Marble Ranges! Marika i bet you would have some awesome 'up close and personal' shots!

Tiff's view from the chook yard and the paddock

Please excuse the dark lines. I have stitched 9 photos together and just cant get rid of the seams.
Hay bale props from a couple of years ago.

while you are all busy whipping up your boxes...

and transparency pages ;-) i have a weeny, mini challenge.

I thought of this idea while at Meredith's house on Saturday and yes i had had a couple of cold beverages at the time but thought it was an idea worth thinking on a bit more when i was thinking 100% correctly.

As i was hanging Kelsey's knickers (sprinkler incident) on the line i noticed the most magnificent view of the Marble Ranges that Meredith has. This got me thinking (in a wonky kind of way) that Meredith, Tiff and Me all have this very similar view. THEN i realized that Sue has a view of the same thing - but different angle. Marika would have another angle again (yes i know it isn't really ground breaking news here but bear with me)

So this little mini challenge is to go outside and photograph your view of the Marble Ranges. Cummins girls might need to drive out of the town a little way - not sure of wether the girls from Lock can even see them for that matter! PL girls may need a trip out of town also.

Send me your pics and let's see how many different sides we can capture. Maybe you would like to get creative with your shot? Sunset, Sunrise, rain? Let's see what you come up with.

Dont forget i want to see your boxes too - of the cardboard variety!

Can't wait to see what you can come up with. I will post my new pic later tonight if all goes to plan but here are a couple from Coffins a few years ago..........

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Challenge 21

Rito. I feel a challenge coming on.

With Christmas in mind, I challenge you to make a Christmas Box. This idea came from here. Don't be scared. It is really easy. I had 2 done last night within an hour, complete with bows. You dont need double sided PP for the boxes but you will for the PP bow. A quick way to use up some of the PP stash.
Hint: PP is easier to manipulate than cardstock for the boxes.

In my excitement I made a boo boo with the red lid box. The music PP was supposed to be the lid but I got the measurements mixed around. Damn. It would have looked heaps better with the music notes on the lid. Oh well. The PP bow is very straight forward. Did find my adhesive wasn't strong enough as they kept popping apart so I ended up stapling. You cant see the staples so this would be heaps quicker.

Now the Sheer lid box. That was a 'b*****d' to score and fold. Stiff unyielding stuff when folded into several layers. Had to hold the tongue in the right spot and say a couple of magic cuss words and then it came together. Had to hold this one with some invisible scotch tape as it wanted to spring open again.

Otherwise straight forward.
Easy way to make Christmas bon bons with a twist. (bright idea)

These are the two links you need
The first one is for the box folding-origami style and the second one is to make the twisted PP bows.

so, jump to it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

thanks girls, a reminder and some of Karen D's scrapping genius

thanks girls for being so patient with the blog and lack of posts while we tried to plug the retreat classes. Hopefully some of our devoted groupies come back soon!! We hope you understand that we wanted to give the classes as much exposure as possible during the registration period.

In saying that we have been OVERWHELMED by the response!! Wow to think that we had only 15 allowed in our classes last year - and a max. of two classes per person so they could be shared fairly..........well our expectations have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay exceeded this year. Luckily we have no rules this year ;-)

Just a gentle reminder for those that haven't registerd (there are about 11) that time is running out. Next friday is the cut off to register and pay. No registration or payment recieved = no class.

While we understand some peoples reluctance to take a class - and we are definately not pressuring anyone - they are a great fun way to extend your skills, produce a beautiful piece of work without thinking too much and re-vitalize your scrapping.

I know i felt a bit ho-hum about attending classes when Meredith and I went to the Melbourne retreat but it was fantasticly inspiring and made us all go 'WOW- we had never thought about doing that!'

Anyway i hope i hear from some of you soon. ( to register. Please find class details down the page a little (scroll down) or look to the links on the right of this post.

Earlier in the week i had a lovely surprise in my inbox. The incredibly talented Karen had dropped me a little letter which contained an amazing piece of scrap-work.

she said -

Thought I'd share my latest project with you, its an idea that is getting
around on a few websites and blogs and the original inspiration was from Ali
Edwards. Its a journal for December "Days till Christmas", the idea is
that you have it all "done" so when December comes around all you have to do is
add the photo and journal. In mine I have just used up off cuts and left
overs from my box of scraps, nothing matches and that is the look I am trying to
achieve. Now just to find something interesting enough to journal about
every day!!!! LOL

This is stunning Karen! Thankyou so much for sharing it. What a brilliant way to document those exciting days leading up to Christmas!

we're baaackk

Time to move on from advertising the Retreat Classes. If u want to have a squizzie just scroll down the page and you'll find them. OR click on the links on the right hand side of screen.

Tegan has taken on the transparency challenge. YAY for you chick. Glad to see some action from that challenge.

this is a shaker box card Tegan crafted for her Music Teacher. Just how cool a gift is that.

the music paper is perfect and I love the jaunty tilt of the sax (my favourite instrument)

Awesome stuff chick.

Judy has nailed how to email her projects...*insert long loud applause*... at last. So without any further ado I can show you what Judy has been up to.

Dawson is Judy's adored Grandson that lives up the Top End. Judy visited him and his parents not long ago. So great to see lots of Pics of him Judy. I do love the play on words with (B)RAT.
This one is really awesome. You need to see the details in real life to appreciate the hours of embroidery that went into this one. The silver thread represents barb wire. From a side angle you can really see the wraps of thread like the coiled wire of a barb.
I do love this one...