Friday, October 31, 2008

two painters on board

Well done Marika! I love your less is more philosophy of late. That paint against the kraft is so striking! And how appropriate having the red for captain feathersword! The jaggedy edge of teh paint is brilliant! She says she is taking inspiration from Meredith with her use of Kraft cardstock! I know from experience that using kraft can be addictive - it looks so good with anything!

Am really enjoying seeing you bloom!

(I hope you got the message about the class being postponed and are not still waiting for a pickup in Cummins!)
And Sandra - artist extrodinaire! Wow at this sunrise. She says she painted the brackets in yellow and then black and afterwards sanded the black back so as the yellow showed through. Great work and another who is blooming! That flourish in the top corner is perfect!
Well actually i think we all are! This blog is inspiring us to try new things all the time! Keep up the great work!

Janice is going digi.

Here is one chickie who is almost converted to a dixie (whoopsie, sorry, typo) digi chick. And she is LOVING it.
Janice has been showing me a trick or two.

check this out.

The feathering effect softens the awesome pic so beautifully. And what a great pic of Sarah. She must be so proud of this one and of you.

Love the stitching and the folded corner of the paper.

She says Really enjoying the digi scrapbooking classes with Karen Jennings.This is a layout that Ive done at home doing some of the things I have learnt. I was really happy with the way this turned out.

Well done Janice. Keep em rollin' in.


Did this little number the other night up at Lock scrap a thon. You girls should really go to the next one. It was such a blast.

I cut the grid out of a Nutrigrain cereal box, painted it white and then smeared on pink paint with my finger along all the edges to give it some interest.

The actual tooth is by the fairy's outstretched hand.

As far as Annie knows, I had to ask the tooth fairy with a lot of pretty pleases if I could keep Annie's first tooth so I could scrap it. Lucky for me. the fairy said yes.


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sorry for the delay in getting this one up chook - i have been at work this afternoon so please forgive me!
Hell this girl is just a scrapping machine lately. I think we might have created a monster ;-)
I love love love your painted effect down the side - fantastic.
she says -
heres my page for merediths paint challenge.used cardboard,,but peeled off the
paper layer so the corrugated bit was exposed,and loaded with paint, not toooo
I am loving this effect - on yours and Meredith's page. Watchout cardboard...cause i am gonna try this one!
Love your colour blocking too Maryanne. Those little squares look so sweet and the random embellishments are perfect. How adorable is that little photo of your Mum?!!
Great work!

Last Chance

Heya girls.

Just wanted to let people know one last time about my class at the Shabby Chic Shack TOMORROW NIGHT.

This is the last chance to book in as unless we get some more numbers the class will be cancelled.

Understandably it is a tricky time of the year but it is really disappointing non the less.

If the drive is the problem i have two spare seats - leaving Cummins at 5pm.

It would be great to have a couple more bookings and make this a go-er after all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Challenge 19

Right I'm back with the challenge ... finally.

So this week the challenge is to use paint on your layout ... not ink.
Go on and get your hands dirty!! Or wear a pair of disposable gloves - less messy!

I think that digi layouts would still be possible using a paint effect.

So here is my basic example ...

This layout was inspired by a digi layout by Mary Rogers, featured in Scrapbook Trends magazine September 2008.

I used a piece of corrugated cardboard for the stripes and just a foam paint brush for the top left hand corner.

You have seen Amanda use a glass for circles before and a flick of the wrist for paint splatters - a little hint ... dilute the paint slightly with water to get good splatters and cirlces.

Another technique is to run the paint brush around the outside edge of the whole page.

Go on give it a try and show us your techniques. Include a little explanation of your technique if you think it might help the rest of us to try something new.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hands up please



roll call

who has subbed their heritage LO to SBM sub call??!!

I would love to see your work in print.

I know of one chickie who subbed and has been accepted. TWICE. I'll let her 'out' herself on here when she is ready. ;D

**edited by Tiff to add**
Congrats to Maryanne. She has given me the ok to toot her name out loud.

Next challenge ...

Hi again!

The next challenge is on its way soon ... just have to finish off the example!!

Melbourne Cup day

Hi all,

Just a little plug here ...

The Shabby Chic Shack were planning on heading down to Cummins on Melbourne Cup day for a class and a sell of wares.

So far there is only one person registered to do the class which is fine but they may decide not to come if there is no more interest.

This is not a push but to help them plan their week and work out if they cancel the trip or not.

The class ...

You In 2008
Transparency Booklet Class
By Meredith Treloar

Cummins Institute Supper Room
4th November, 2008
10:30am - 3:00pm

Meredith will be teaching us how to create this amazing booklet utilizing transparency, overlay's, Kraft paper, felt, brads, buttons, lace cardstock, alpha stickers along with a hint of patterned paper. We will be utilising the Cuttlebug for embossing & die cuts.

Cost: $45.00
Including Kit and Class

The kit includes:
2 x Jump Rings
1 x Heavy Transparency Overlay
1 x Patterned Paper
1 x Black Bling
1 x Kraft Cardstock
1/2 Bazzill Cardstock
1 x Carolee Creations Cardstock Alphas
1 pkt Scenic Route Alpha Stickers
2 x Heidi Swapp Glossy Hearts
1 x Sheet HSP Mini Graph Overlay
1/2 Sheet Lace Cardstock

Remember to bring along something to nibble and a drink or two to celebrate the Melbourne Cup.

If you can't make the class please do not hesitate to drop in for a browse of our extensive range of scrapbooking supplies, a chat and a drink.

Bring along your most elegant hat (or may be not so elegant) and win a prize.

We look forward to catching up with you on Tuesday, 4th November.

Until then
Happy Scrapp'n
From the Girls @ the Shabby Chic Shack.
Contact Brigette on 0427873006 for futher details.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Karen's tiny orbs.......

hmmmm well you know what i mean LOL. :-)

I just love love love all the colours in this one Karen. Love how the white make the colours pop so

much. Your pen dots look fantastic at angles to the a little shadow or two back there! The ribbon looks made for this page!

And damn you using that vine rub-on again!!!!!!!!! Love it!

Maryanne's matchbox trick

No not some nifty 'turn the match around in her mouth' type matchbox trick.........but a little toy car!

Who would have thought to get some funky tyre marks you just wizz a little car in some ink and do some burn-outs on your page!!??

Throw in some cool dots around the photos and VOILA! One awesome boy page. Those white pen dots really set the photos off!
Great job Maryanne..............

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marika's even more dotty now!

And another page from Marika. Hmmmmm i am thinking she is quite mad for this dot challenge! YAY!

She says -
my real submission for the challenge. I photographed my page and realised that
the black dots dont stand out so I went over them in white pen and it looks
heaps better.

She showed me both and i agree the white spots look fantastic. Love how they define the star outline! And what a cute little subject for your photo. Just like a mini-Simon.

my spotty story......

Ok i did some pen dots on this page....a border of dots!

This is another scraplift (i am really enjoying not thinking while scrapping and not overanalysing every move i make)

Stephanie Howell's page in the August edition of Scrapbook trends is where my inspiration came from. Love how she filled the page but managed to maintain the white space.

I took photos of this page as i couldn't scan it without losing the dots! (since that is why we are all here it seemed a bit strange to scan and show it without any LOL)

Jenny's baaaaccccckkkkk

Hiya Jenny. great to see you back on the blog.
Sorry for delaying in getting it up. Have been out since yesterday.
little birthday suits are so gorgeous in all their glory arent they.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sandra's seeing spots

Sandra has done some pen dots around the corners of her photos, jounalling block and on some of the rub-ons!
She also says that she "scraplifted the layout from the pagemaps site...August pagemap.. layout by Cathleen La Hay."
Love the little hints of brown and teal colour. Brilliant!
oooooh do i also notice a pen drawn border around the outer edge? It took me years to work up enough nerve to do that so well done Sandra - it looks brilliant (and i am a bit of a doodle-phobe too though -----------> doodle as in freehand drawing not the other sort LOL)

Marika's gone dotty.....

love the colour in this one Marika! The bright dots against the white are so striking! We can forgive you for using paint or ink and not pen dots since it is so gorgeous!

I love how you are totally grasping the whole 'less is more' and your page looks so clean and yet so perfect. Well done!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas stockings ... yes it is only 2 months away!!

Here is an email that I have just received ... some of you might be interested ... contact Ally Harris (details to be posted later!!).

Hi All
Cummins is having a Christmas stocking comp. It will be held 3rd 4th and 5th of Dec in The Cummins Hall
Finishing with a craft goods fair on the 5th.
Scrap n chat are hoping all scrappers out there will scrap a stocking for display for the comp and you will probably be able to sell them
More details later
On the 12th nov at scrap n chat I will have available mdf stockings available to scrap
I need you to let me know if your interested asap so I can cut out stockings in various sizes for you
There may a small fee to cover my time, recycled mdf with holes may be $2 a stocking but this shouldn’t matter as you will cover with paper, new mdf may be more like $5
Please let me know as soon as you can so I can start cutting away.

pajama party.

In case u haven't heard, Shabby Chic Shack are having a scrap a thon this Saturday night at the Lock Footy Clubrooms.

Scrap away the night, go for a dawn buster (I am), bring all your stash, pjs and a swag or go home when u are ready.

The girls are supplying pizza tea, the venue, goodies from the shop for retail therapy, and breakfast (toast and toppings). BYO drinkies and panadol

Email Tiff for Brigitte's S phone number to book yourself in.
I'm not sure of start time. When I find out I'll edit this post to add it in.

**edited to add 6pmish start**

Nearly my last outing before becoming a Harvest Widow, so I'm gonna make it a good one.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

a huge toot toot

Maryanne is published. Scrapbooking Memories, Page 41


congrats to u Maryanne on behalf of the E2C Team and all the bloggers in our little world.

Scrapbooking Memories Sub Call

rito chickies.
my personal challenge to all you 'heritage' chicks.
because u all do it so well I challenge u to sub it to SM for their vintage sub call.
its easy.

right click on your file on your computer.
send to
mail recipient
say yes to make the pic smaller
email address to send it is

in the subject line type in heritage sub call

write to Sharryn. briefly point out any points of interest
thank her for her time.

you usually get an answer back within the week either yes or no.

nothing to lose.
give it a shot
go on
i dare ya!!
double dare to Sandra. wink wink

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just had to stop by and say WOW!!

Well girls you have out done yourselves with Sue's vintage challenge.

I have just been through to comment on them and it took ages ;-)

Thank you for joining in on the challenges and I hope we can have some fun with the new format for the challenges too.

Keep up the great work.

hot to dot

dot to dot. one i did only a little while ago and still love it. hmmmm praps I should have saved it for a bracket challenge.
oh well, I just have to do one then.

a change - challenge 20

Ok so we have done a few challenges in the time we have been here. I have been throwing around an idea which Sue, Meredith and myself have liked.....i haven't been able to catchup with Tiff to run it past her but hopefully she will be ok with this idea. We will have a get together soon and plan some challenges and that way will have some examples each week to show.

So the challenges are going to go a bit like this......... one week the theme might be ric-rac and you must use this on your page. Fabric might be another, brackets another week or maybe even paint.

So by doing this we are encouraging us all to either try new things on our page OR pull out bits from our stash that have been sitting there waiting patiently to be used.

so this week......................

*drum roll*

it is ...........

pen dots.

Yep you heard me right. Get out your pen and start dotting up your page. This week i would like to see some dots on your page. This can really emphasise areas and make them POP!

This example of mine is almost a total scraplift (so nice to scrap and NOT think!) from Heather Bowser from the Aug. issue of Scrapbook Trends.

The She page is VERY OLD but another example of dots. You do not have to use black cardstock here - it looks equally effective on any colour. Just ensure the colour pen will stand out strongly against the background.
NOTE = this isn't a dotty paper challenge - we all know how to use that fairly well already i reckon ;-)
get to it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

have just walked in the door, given DH a cursory peck and then logged in. LOL.absolutely pooped. will catch up with the lateset tomorrow.

Not quite 40 years old but ....

kinda vintage :)

and another......

Sandra is loving this vintage challenge.....and doing so well with it too! Wow wow wow. The techniques you have used to age all the bits in this look awesome! Totally wow. What a fantastic photo too.
Sandra says -

Here is another vintage layout jsut finished tonight. Unfortunately my scanner leaves a dark mark right down the middle.... quite annoying.
This is Lucy May Cleaver...Garry's maternal grandmother. Love this photo... just love the hat and hair even though I feel like tucking that stray hair in! and how old fashioned is the hanky in the hand?? the layout was based on sketch number 106 from pencillines.
This was a great challenge.. great to see lots of participants... but where is yours and Merediths???

well mine is still coming. Worked on it a bit tonight. I have also had a sneak preview of Merediths and let me tell you it is fantastic and will be up here soon too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i have to be careful here....

that i dont miss anyone out! I have been inundated with emails with pages!!! Totally awesome to see so many girls inspired by Sue's vintage challenge. Well done Sue!

The first email i got was from Karen D who has slipped in a late entry for the scraplift challenge we had earlier. She can't remember where she saw it or who the original author was (the kid looks familiar to me though...) but here it is -

and here is Karen's version-

I love how she has rotated the whole thing. That little line of stitching there along the bottom, the 'meredith' inspired heart, and the vine. Just lovely. And i know they are special photos for a total rev head lover!

Next up was Maryanne who sent in another vintage page - boy this girl has totally got the look going and does it sooooooooooooooo well. This page is very cute - and I really like how you did the journalling. It sounds fantastic.

next up we had Karen's email with a another vintage page. This is a photo of her mum on her first day of school! What was she carrying Karen? This is great - i love all the extra bits - the dymo, lace, hydrangea and pins. The tears in the ledger paper ..........all lovely. It has a very 'amanda' feel to it so i feel quite honoured Karen (even if you didn't mean to!)

finally we had an email from Lisa! This is another page from her Mum's album that Lisa is working on so it is in those same tones. The album must look amazing!

I know in your email you said that you were struggling with the 'white space' on this one but i think it is absolutely perfect. I did actually say 'wow' when i opened your email. I really do think this page is fanstastic dont need to add anything more! That metal baby sign looks like it was made just for your page - it sets it all off beautifuly.

Thanks everyone for participating. I know you will agree that part of having this blog is about sharing and inspiring each other...... we can't do that without all your wonderful works so dont be shy and keep them coming.

Also if you drop by dont forget to comment on the pages seen in here. EVERYONE loves getting comments on their work so please leave a little comment - you never know your words might make someones day :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sandra's gone vintage again!

Oooooooooh wow. Check out the gorgeous aged tones in this. Just lovely with the lace, bits of metal, the hat pins and the old newspaper! And what a fantastic photo. Beautiful work Sandra.
And i do know Maryanne has done another vintage page......i wonder if she is going to show it here???!!! ;-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sandra's gone all vintage on us!

woohoo. This chick is creating up a storm too.

Everyone is LOVING Sue's challenge and stepping up to the plate with some truely awesome pages.
Sandra you are going to HAVE to tell me where you got this tape from you keep flaunting infront of my eyes - dang i love it! That purple scallop paper is absolutely perfect for a school type page! Very cute school photos too!
Great idea using the tags for extra journalling behind the photos too. Good for kids names etc that you wouldn't want cramming up the main body of the layout.
love it all Sandra!

now they are flying in.

Lisa been scrapping older photos for her Mum's Birthday album, so this vintage call has been perfect for her LO's completed for this special lady. And all Mum's are special arent they.

so ta da here's Lisa's answer to Sue's challenge.
She has worked with Basic Grey paper for the whole album and I reckon Lisa has pulled this one off beautifully. To me the lace work sets of the feel of the LO perfectly
Apologies to you all. This will be the first Challenge that I have missed for a LONG time.
Have been a bit busy (as normal) and will be away from tomorrow till late Tues night. So by then the new challenge would have been posted and I have missed this one.
I will try to catch up to it at some point down the track.
happy blogging.

a stitch in time....

Karen has produced this masterpiece. Isn't the sewing fantastic. Highlights the white space and the red blooms give it all the colour it needs. Oh and the torn page from a book, just divine.

Karen says : It is a photo of my father in-law, and two of his brothers with their rabbit trap. It was taken around 1952, I have had it here for ages wanting to do something with it. The ticket on the left is an old ticket we found when we did some DIY here, so it is original/authentic. Whoo hoo I haven't scrapped for about a month, went to Lincoln yesterday and had a heap of photos printed, so I think a scrapping weekend is coming up. (Maybe after Ive done the ironing!!!!)

I gather u went to Rabbit Karen after seeing you on Tuesday??!! did ya print out any digis.

By the way bloggers... if u get the chance, check out Karen's digi album when u see her. This is one talented chick.


and ANOTHER one!

Just another page to share with the vintage photos in mind. Added the birds at the last minute, with nest and all!!

wow - wow - WOW

this girl is totally embracing this challenge. So much so that i can barely pick my jaw up off the floor to write this post.......

Maryanne is on FIRE. My god girlfriend = vintage is YOUR thing! This page is brilliant. The deep red and white dotty paper and how you have grunged that up. The bit of tattered lace poking out the edge. Those fantastic little letters. The rips. The tears.
bloody perfect.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

stunning sunsets

While at Scrap Chat yesterday, I spied these totally awesome photos that Brigette H took during last summer at Farm Beach.
I just had to ask her if I could put them on the blog. I was thinking back when we had the photo scavenger hunt Challenge 12 and sunrise or sunset was a category.

Aren't these just glorious in colour and clarity.

Awesome stuff Brigette.

Don't forget to come back and read the comments to see what fellow scrappers have to say. Leave your own comment if u like

click on comments, type in what u would like to say and your name and click anonymous.

easy as that.

cya on the blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

*insert bulging eyes*

holy friggin hell.

This girl has totally blown my socks off with fact they are so blown off i think they might be somewhere up Kapinnie way.

This vintage page is just wow WOW WOW.

If this is totally all your own work Maryanne then by god woman i hope you are submitting it everywhere and anywhere.
love everything about it. Every single detail. That torn bit up top of the photo is delicious!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Challenge 19

Well, i've heard it's time for the next challenge. And you may have heard or seen that i am having a moment for Vintage or Heritage pages............

So let's go scratching through all our piles of albums, because this challenge is to scrap a layout of a old photo or photos. We have all got a photo or two of our parents or grandparents, or choose a favourite old photo, for whatever reason .... there's a story behind everyone of them.

So please share your pages with us, and photos from 40 years ago or more.

Here's one i have done,

And this came about, when Rob's Dad was in for a cuppa one morning and he stopped at my family photo board and started telling me how this picture of him, his mum & sister was taken in 1942, while his Dad was away at war. So whammooo......there grew an inspiration. I even found amongst my bits n bobs some military buttons to add to the page.

Catchya soon..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A couple to share

I also have another couple pages to share with you all - been a busy little scrappy bee this week

For something different - i washed the colours out alot in photo shop, and i think it zooms the attention into Jacob's infectious smiley face - which i must add - is a rare moment capturing a photo of him actually smiling!! So this is one of those precious moments!!

I have also been scrapping some vintage pages over the past few weeks. Digging out those old special photos. This page was scrap-lifted from a Scrap Trends magazine, but i aged it more with inking and tearing.

So i will be pretty quiet for the next coupla weeks now, so will be hoping to see some of all your recent pages to keep me a buzzing!!

Catchya :)

'beautiful Friend' mini album

Here's a peek at the mini album i made for Lorrae's birthday, as i promised earlier. It's mainly chipboard with a transparency cover.

Used some new Bella papers that i got from Scrapworkz - nice and bright papers, really suits Lorrae - she is so lovely and bright.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

mojo motivation

click on the link and act now!!
It'll be worth it.
Sandra has just done it by moving into her new creative space. Some of us just need a kick up the bum to get started.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sandra's "showed" up

Sandra, did u change the photo to monochromatic when printing to get the blue tones. Love it. Fits in with PP really well. Loving the tape measure.
She says Here is the layout that is going to be entered into the show... hopefully tucked away in the corner!
This layout was inspired by a layout by Jane Jones.. I just tweaked it a bit.

(lol wasn't going to enter anything into the show... but seeing as I haven't missed a challenge yet............not going to miss one now!)
onya chickie. Hopefully we'll have lots of 'newbies' at the scrap section this year.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

challenge 18

rito chickies. Time to enter and strut ya stuff.

create a LO or OTP to suit one of the categories in the Cummins Show and enter it. They will take your entries this Friday up to 9pm.

So, get those creative juices flowing and give it a shot.

Remember if no one enters anything, then there wouldn't be a show.... would there!!!!
Amanda is away this week so if u would like your creations on the blog email them to me. Addy's on top right of screen
Cheers Chickies

When it's summer time

Finally i have completed a challenge too. Here is my page for challenge 18.

I used sketch No. 103 of Ayako Katayama, from pencil lines - which this is my first visit to this site before and it is VERY inspiring!!!

and with the 'orange' element added to the challenge, it was ideal for my summer time/ sun setting type of photo. You wouldn't beleive i took these photos last summer, and was planning to scrap them at LAST years retreat!! I do get around to them eventually!!!

Because the layout was already 'thought out' for me, i had fun experimenting with new techniques for me, like paint rings, using the co-ordinations cardstock - srunching and sanding it, as well as playing with different fonts.

Good Challenge Amanda!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yallunda Flat Show

don't forget this is on Monday.
click here for the details and categories for your LOs.
I reckon u should be able to take them out there on Sunday so they are ready for judging 10am Show day.
good luck.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tracey's all motivated

Tracey says Here is my layout for the most recent challenge. This is taken from the same sketch as Amanda used. Sketch 98 I think, I used the left hand side of the double layout but reversed the sides (that probably makes no sense whatsoever) Anyhow having recently got back from a few days in the Flinders this challenge got me motivated. This was a whoopsy photo David took that I just adore as Charlotte was in the best cheeky mood and on the run when he took the shot.
This is just great Tracey. It is really great to see you using your handwriting on there. In years to come your kids will treasure this as it makes the LO more personal to them.

Look how this girl is blooming!

Sandra has excelled with her latest effort. Totally WOW chook. I really can't believe how far you have come ...i love everything you have done with this page! The bird rub ons, the circle with the clusters of three brads/diamontes, the cluster down the bottom, the scalloped teal and of course those great photos taken at funky angles.
How gorgeous is that girl of yours too? So caring and thoughtful!
This sketch is taken from pencil lines and is number 104 by Dawn Inskip.
Well done chook! I reckon a 3/3 for this effort! (orange, sketch from pencil lines and obscure photo/s)