Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scrapathon Layout - Karen

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, its always great to sit and scrap or just chat with such awesome company.  I hadnt scrapped since Easter so I loved that it gave me a good boot up the behind to get me going again.  I managed to get 5 Layouts done including this one that I started on Saturday afternoon and finished yesterday morning, its simple but done.

Karen D

Oh Karen this is perfection!!!

Goodness i love that striped ribbon and oh damn cute is that little bee!!

The mix of fonts is delicious as well as those amazing photos! 

*sigh* love love love!

Scrapathon Layout - Trish

Hi girls, 

geez reality check, 2 night shifts... Lol. 

Any way had a fabulous time.. Still cant believe there was still some beds free. 

Had agentle shove... Nudge from Sandra and with her support .. And got busted by Amanda, Caro and Tracey getting my Kraft ready... This is the end result.

Thank you once again.

Cheers Trish

WOW Trish. I did bust you outside and i think i called out to you asking what you were doing - you looked very sheepish but wowser what an end result!!

Love the grunged up aspect to it - perfect. The photo really pops against the craft. Oooooh and look at those burnt bits of wood too. Very arty!

With the Kraft and 3 dimension i can sense that Lou was with us in spirit!!

Awesome work Trish. Really inspirational!

a note from Sandra...

 Hi Girls!!

Who wants to win a prize???

How about we inundate Amanda's, Meredith's and Sue's inboxes with photos of our favourite projects from the weekend??

Even if you didn't get to go to the retreat send in a photo  your favourite recent layout or project too!!

 If you have never shared your work online before don't let the thought of 'oh its the internet, its too hard' stop you.

If you can send an email, you can share your project with us!So take a photo, attach it to your email and let us all be inspired by your creations! 

I remember the buzz I got when I first saw my layout on the E2C blog. It is the best place to start sharing your work online.The feedback is always encouraging and it gets you motivated to share more and also gives you  the confidence to try new things, especially when you participate with the challenges...which I NEED to do more of!! *blush*

 I saw some GORGEOUS projects in my early morning jaunt around the room and I want to see them HERE!!!! 

AS extra motivation I am offering a prize.A Twiddleybitz RAK and a few other goodies  from my stash all entries will go into  random draw at the end of October.

  So Get those cameras out and start photographing those layouts!!

 Here is my favourite layout from the 'Farm Box'Thanks to all the girls that helped me with this...especially Gina for her encouragement and ideas.

 Sooooooo…wheres YOURS???
Cheers Sandra xx

oh Sandra - thank you this is VERY generous!! I would love to see a favourite from each or even some of our retreat attendees!!

To be on the safe side, perhaps email your creation to all three of us - Sue, Meredith and Amanda as we are all going out and about during holidays. 

I wouldn't want all those emails sitting in the inbox with nobody able to access them to pop on the blog!!

Also please don't forget to leave comments if you visit. Everyone loves a comment / feedback on their work and if we can see more activity it will encourage us all to post more.

Don't be shy in saying "Hi" 


Your frame is stunning Sandra. I am so glad i got to see it IRL! All those little details are amazing - the inking is a work of art on the gum leaves. You really need to believe in yourself and your creative talent more mate - you are so very clever and should be proud of what you have achieved in the scrap world. (in response to a late night conversation).

The wonderful thing about scrapping is that we all have our own style. The best scrappers can appreciate EVERY style, even if it is the exact opposite of what they do themselves. 

As a simple scrapper this type of creation blows my mind. All the prep work, the inking, the chipboard… it is so detailed. The work that goes into making something like this is enormous. Sitting next to Mel Forbes  @ e2c 2011 also made me realise how much time is spent on the small details of more complicated scrapbooking. It's so very clever.

Really incredible stuff Sandra!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

while you were sleeping...

HI Amanda.
I've just linked the photos I took at dawn from the Mini Retreat at Trinity onto the Retreat wall from my Photography page.
Not everyone is on Facebook so I wondered if you mind posting just one onto the blog so the girls can see what a magnificent dawn it was on Sunday morning.
There is a small selection on my blog for those not on Facebook
thanks for that.

scrapathon layouts - Amanda

Here is my favourite layout from the weekend… complete with misting!!

I bought a Studio Calico cardstock / paper that had lots of swiss cheese types of holes in it and decided that i would like to use it as a re-usable mask rather than as paper.

Most would know, i favour clean lines and don't love mists or paints due to the unpredictability factor.  Other people make it look so damn good, it's just never 'perfect' enough for me on my layouts.

Anyway with much encouragement from my table, and Meredith's Overdue mist in hand i did a few squirts. I wasn't happy with my first effort so tried again on the back and hey presto! Only a subtle effect but just what i was after…

I ended up doing 8 layouts for the weekend.  It was very productive in the end and i felt quite enthused and re-juvinated scrap wise (must be all the creative mojo in the air on our scrapathons!!) 

You can see the rest here.

Scrapathon layouts - Tiff

Hi Amanda
I love this family portrait of us. It's something a little bit different and original. In keeping with the 40 toes, the paper and embellies relate to numerals.
Photo credit - Tanya Chandler.
Thanks for your time.

I agree  - that is a cute photo Tiff. Great capture Tanya. Also love your cuttlebug-ing on those kraft diecuts. Lovely. That 40 font is fabulous - really looks like stitching and ties in nicely with the machine stitching on the page.

Great job.

Monday, September 26, 2011

scrapathon layouts - Tiff

Hi Amanda.
Firstly thanks to the team for putting on a wonderfully relaxing but inspiring weekend. I loved the laid back feel it and the lack of classes was actually wonderful. The dining was first class!!
I won't overwhelm you with heaps of LO's but I'll pop one into your inbox now and then.
This one is bright and bold, yet still feminie and understated. I've use American Crafts Mixitape and normal masking tape to make the bunting! And trimmed down a Martha Stewart family punch to imitate a family of four!
Thanks again to the team. Each and every one of you ROK!

Great idea Tiff - send us in your scrapathon layouts!

The orange is stunning here. I did notice A LOT of orange pages being created so i am thinking that this colour is making a big splash in the scrap world again.

Really like your stitching and wowsers at that scrummy font. The clusters of three dots / brads is fab. Cute little banner too - clever idea using tape!

We would love to see everyones creations so please send them in to us so we can pop them on the blog.

Thanks Tiff.

and THANK-YOU from me...

I'd like to Thank all you wonderful creative scrappers that once again supported our retreat. I am totally amazed, blown away and in awe of all the cleverness, artisticness, and creativeness we have in just one is wonderful to see this hobby/ craft is still going along so strong!! Wow......just for interest,....over 240 pages, 34 cards, 8 mini albums, 2 decorated boxes and one picture frame...... (and i didn't get around to ask all), that was an amazing score!!

Thanks to the shops for packing up and unpacking all your lovely spoilt are we having all that yumminess to browse and buy while we scrapped.

Thanks to Everyone.......for coming along..... and for your help & support in any way......and sharing the scrapping love!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you thank you thank you thank you

to the ever fabulous Amanda for

... the funky design for our Scrapathon ads and blog header
... your great ideas
... cob collaboration ;-)
... wonderful cosmos and for making them over the weekend
... sitting next to me so I could watch your creative process
... new designs for 2012 ... did you hear me ..... ????? ;-)

thank you thank you thank you

* Meredith for organising 98% of the scrapathon. You are wonderful.

* Sue for her level head, 'good' advice,  trestle table setup queen and valued e2c team member.

* Kathryn for the amazing-ness of the meal on Saturday. Gosh this lady is incredible!!!

* the cobb loaves for being yummy despite us having no idea what we were doing!

* The many offers of help for Kathryn on the Saturday night. Particular thanks to Sally, Meredith and Sonia F.

* The cackling hen table for always giving us a smile. 'have they layed a carton yet??' comment will give me a smile for long time…

* Those new faces who were so friendly and fit in like old friends.

* The bird wranglers. Sandra and Brigette.

* The fabulous volunteers who helped us clean up in good time this morning. We really do appreciate it and many hands make light work… or the work seem more enjoyable at least.

* The retailers who pack up and bring their whole SHOP to the retreats. This is an incredible feat and it is so appreciated. To be able to buy exactly what your layout needs at 2am (having the choice between 5 stores goodies) is bliss and something vary rare at retreats. We do not know how good we have it believe me!

* To Marilyn for the sweet thank you card for each of the e2c team. This kind of thanks makes us come back and do it all over again. Thank YOU special lady!!

* To the lovely friendly people who attend our retreats. I love it that there is so much positiveness. No egos to stroke and everyone is so damn down to earth. Each and every one of you make our retreat special. So thanks for coming and making e2c the BEST.

A misty good idea ...


Over at the Maya Road DT blog!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


oooh look at this delicious-ness!

A very creative young mum has made these up for me to take to our mini retreat this weekend. She will also have a stall at the blue bird markets in PL on the 2nd of October, but we are getting first dibs at them!

Small, 1 inch diameter buttons/badges/medallions/embellishments. Foam double sided tape on back. Funky designs and colours. AMAZING price.

please note: not all designs will be available at the retreat because they will have been bought by me!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrapathon Sept 23 - 25th @Trinity Haven

(click to view bigger)

P.S - there are still a couple of spots spare. Spread the word :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

circle challenge - Sonia

This is Sonia's first time on the blog, but retreat go-ers will remember her helping Kathryn in the kitchen whip up our delicious meals!

The green is so striking with the yellow of the school shirt. Those circles are just fantastic too Sonia - really adding a massive WOW factor to the page. The layered elements and your little journalling strips are fab.

Thanks for sharing Sonia - hope to see some more of your gorgeous creations in here soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September = Spring ... so let's splat / spray / sploosh into it: challenge

Okay so some how the new month snuck up!! And the start of spring has sprung up to!!

Don't you love the sunny days we have had lately? They make me feel so happy!!

Although as I look out the window now it is spitting rain!!

So my challenge this month ... mists and paints ...

I just watched this You Tube clip by Marcy Penner for a few beginner tips on using mists

... I love how she uses the spray paint = so easy!!