Wednesday, February 22, 2012

colour challenge - Trish

Hi Amanda, Heres my take on the colour challenge, not much grey or yellow
but its there. Its so great to be able to take part in these challenges.
Cheers Trish

lots of lovely texture here Trish - great series of photos and bits and bobs embellishments. Very brave scrunching too!! Looks fabbo. Thanks for joining in the challenge!

colour challenge - Karen

Hi again!
I am loving this colour challenge so much I have done another page.  Once again I thought it was perfect for the photo AND it is so wonderful seeing so many fantastic layouts on the blog :)
Cheers Karen

oh my favourite yellow paper here Karen! This is just delicious! That grey gingham - fantastic and also loving your big photo. As always, your ability to 'leave' space and make simple look sensational is very clever.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

colour challenge - Ali

Hi Amanda, Here is my version of the colour challenge, which I found challenging to say the least... It was fun though and I was glad to use this photo of Mia at the beach in Jan, I love this one!
Thanks and good to see lots of LO's on the blog!!
Ali xx

Oh Ali - The yellow is just WOW. And it's a stunning photo. I let out a little squeal when i saw what you have done to the chip banner too - looks amazing!!!

You are one of my paint idols so I am green with envy every time i see it look so fab and effortless on your layouts! Clever chook!

Thanks for joining in!

colour challenge - Sandra

Hi Amanda. 
You sure are on a winner with this colour combination!

I really enjoyed playing with this combo.
 With the 'planking' craze seen everywhere at CHA and on a certain challenge blog, which seems to be always  one step ahead of the trends ;-) (how DO you manage that by the way??) I remembered  that I have a heap of wood panelling in my  wallpaper samples. With your colour scheme in mind I dragged them all out again.
Thanks for a great challenge, I had so much fun playing with this one.

Can i swear?


Gosh i love that background (yes very appropriate for the new 'trend') and your touches of yellow really are beautiful. The chip tree and frame elements = YUM.

Thanks for joining in Sandra. We have missed seeing your wonderful creations at e2c.

colour challenge - Janet

Hi Amanda
LOVED the colours of this and it all just fell together in record time.
there might be more than just a little splash of yellow .. I couldnt help myself.

oh this is great Janet - gosh that little yellow monkey is sensational!! Love the sprinkling of yellow and the delicious starburst. Great chicken wire misting/masking behind too.

Thanks so much for joining in - wonderful inspiration to us!

class requirements

Just an extra reminder regarding what to bring to your classes.

I have had a few questions regarding photos, sizes and orientation so read on for details :) Please take particular note if landscape or portrait is required for your class. The wrong orientation will effect your ability to complete your class.

Mardi's Class:

This is a class in which you will create 2 pages.

You will need to bring -  Stapler, glue dots, tweezers.

photo requirements -  page 1 : one 4x6 portrait photo in colour.
page 2 : one 4x6 portrait photo in colour.

layout theme -  fun, vibrant, childhood, summery.

Natalie's Class:

This is a single page class.

You will need to bring -  vintage photo distress ink (Tim Holtz), baby wipes, sponge block     applicator or sponge for inking,  strong, clear, quick drying glue, black ink pad.

photo requirements -  one 4x6 inch landscape photo in sepia or black and white. Chipboard title LOVE YOU to be used.

Extra - please print out prior to coming a one sentence journalling strip to compliment your photo and the LOVE YOU title. Nat has used a typewriter font (size 12 or 14) printed in black on cream card stock.

layout theme -  romance, girly, vintage, masculine + small flowers.

Kate's Workshop

This is a single canvas workshop using napkin art. There will be enough product to create a second canvas but only one canvas supplied in kit.

You will need to bring - flat, smooth, 2cm synthetic bristled paint brush, apron or art smock, old towel or rag for cleanup, pointy tipped scissors, permanent, waterproof black pen (micron or pitt the best).

photo requirements -  no photo on this project.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

colour challenge - Tracey

Hi Amanda, just a couple of cards that I made to suit the challenge of grey, white and a hint of yellow. Although I have a lot more than a hint of yellow going on!!
Have a great week.
Tracey xx

Beautiful cards Trace - what lucky recipients! Love the splashes of yellow - and how cute is the tape measure along the bottom?!!! Lovely little yellow tickets - so cute!

Inspring stuff Trace - thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

colour challenge - Nat

Hi Amanda
I loved this color challenge!
Was kinda nice to step out of my comfort zone and get super creative!
I created this page for the Once Upon A Sketch challenge for this month using your awesome color palette!
Thanks chickie
Natalie May

oh Nat - the textures here are fabulous - just makes me want to touch it all!! Those round disks, the sectioning off of title, accents and photos is great. Love the feathers and the journalling on the tag! 

The use of yellow here really makes your page POP. Fantastic!!

colour challenge - Amanda

colour challenge - Karen

Hi Amanda, 
Here is a layout for the February colour challenge.  I have had this photo sitting on my desk for ages and when the colour challenge popped up I thought it was the perfect combo for it.  Its great to see so many layouts on the blog :)
Cheers Karen

WOWOWOWOW Karen! Gosh i love that yellow doily stamp? rub on? It's just delicious there as the only splash of yellow apart from the glow of the lights in the photo. So beautiful! As always i love your minimal style - it's perfection!!

I too am loving seeing all the different variations of this colour challenge - so wonderful to see so much inspiration here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

colour challenge - Maryanne

Maryanne this is SUPER CUTE!!! love how sophisticated and classy the colour combination is here - and that chipboard tree is absolute perfection. Gosh i love how your little details come together into a bloody awesome creation.

Very cute couple too (i was secretly having a look at one of your sons the other day and felt quite old and pervy LOL)

colour challenge - Brigette

oooh Brigette! ohmygosh look at that paint and texture!

This is so delicious - love the detail, check out that timber planking and geezus wow at the paint (again)

Yellow, grey and white suits you my dear!! So glad it's enthused you to scrap.

colour challenge - Amanda

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colour Challenge - Brigette

Oooooh Brigette!

How delicious is the yellow and grey here!?? And how clever to incorporate that honeycomb type of effect - apparently all the rage at CHA! Is that on the paper or is it a stamp? Whatever it is really fabulous. The flowers, the chip, the butterfly - and the subtitle - brilliance.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank you Kathryn.

As our ticker seems to be on fast forward counting down the days until April 27th and our next retreat I would like to mention, and thank someone who has been a MASSIVE help and inspiration over the past two years.

Kathryn came to us after the second retreat, with a proposal (yes all written and very formal!)  that she would like to take over the main meal catering. Up until that point we had always walked to a nearby hotel for a meal and both years had been disappointed. We felt that we were trying to run the best retreat ever (dare i say IN THE WORLD?!!) and those meals at the pub were letting us down.

Val was already well in charge of her scrummy lunches and general purchasing of kitchen goodies and so we thought Kathryn would be an awesome addition to our team.

Kathryn had everything sorted right from the get go and convinced us to give her a go as caterer of main meals and supporting Val during lunches.

Val, Andrew and Kathryn 2011
(Andrew will curse me putting this photo on here with the pink aprons on!)

Far out was she good?!!! Not only did she blow our socks off at the main retreat, she then agreed to help us with the Scrapathons as well!!

Her menus were to die for and omg i am still having random mouth watering issues over that deluxe chicken, cous-cous and baby spinach salad concoction at the last scrapathon… hmmmmmm.

We can quite safely say that we never ever could have taken e2c to that next level of fab without her input and hard slog.

 I cannot stress enough how good it is to know that all our meals and food business is taken care of. Meredith, Sue and myself did not have to worry one little bit about anything - Val and Kathryn had it all sorted like clockwork. To be free to concentrate on all the other aspects of retreat organisation with that one huge and vital area of catering totally taken care of was a gigantic worry and load off our minds

Sadly (but understandably) Kathryn has decided to step away from the kitchen side of things this year - yep she is still coming but in a scrapbook capacity only!

So i would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANKS to Kathryn. You have always been a positive, quiet achiever who was as passionate about the retreat as we are. We have loved having you involved and hope that you enjoyed being a part of the e2c team.

Thank you really doesn't seem enough for what you have done for us!! We really hope you enjoy the e2c experience from another angle this year.

When Kathryn told us this news, we had a bit of a panic and thought 'who the HELL will fill her massive shoes?!' (figuratively not literally as i think she might be a quite normal size 7)

Luckily we have secured not one person, not two but THREE ladies who have stepped up to do the job.

These girls are not scrapbookers but by hell they know how to have a good time. They are also super organised and have menus and shopping lists all ready to go!

We know you are going to love having Mel, Kim and Leanne in the kitchen this year. They really are a bunch of wags!

Along with our 'Super Man Andrew' who is the most amazing help in every area of set up, general running of things and pack up of the retreat, i think we have a fantastic team behind us for April.

So thank you  to Kathryn.

Welcome Mel, Kim and Leanne.

and thank goodness for Andrew and Val!