Monday, June 30, 2008

my man (of sorts)

Just to show my quirky humor and because of my tech prob I thought I'd post this LO.
I did it a little while ago and I think I may have posted it ages ago. Sorry. I am not sure.

Anyway Jerry is a significant part of my life and he happens to be a bloke...ermmmm well gelding.

journaling says ....note to self.....(dh) may call it a Hobby, i call it my Passion, but to anybody else Hunting is a bit of a mystery.
I am having trouble finding time to scrap tonight with all the comments and posts flying around. Aint it great.


Hiya Chicks (buk buk). I have had some tech issues with the printer this last week -basically it has pooed itself so am waiting on my A3 to turn up. (whoo hoo).
So I haven't done my man page yet.... I will but it will probably be late.... i can see it in my mind....just got to keep it there until the new printer rocks up.
So in the mean time I have finished a totally unrelated one. I thought I'd post it just to show I haven't sitting back on my butt and just watching you lot creating madly.

Journaling says 'Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. - Nathaniel Hawthorne.

How about we make it a mission for everyone to get just one new person to look at the blog and to leave a comment for themselves. Just give them the blog address or send them the link in an email. Cant wait to hear from 'newbies'

Enough rambling.


two more 'men' entries

hold onto your hats here comes some more man pages!

first up one by Maryanne! Who could know that Scruff could be so cutie pie looking!!??? Only kidding ;)

i love the blue letters here and the title is so cute! LOL at the 'little scruff' label!!

Thanks Maryanne for sharing - this page is adorable!

and also one in today from Jenny. This one is of her dh Graeme! She very cleverly has used a lot of photos and the end result is fantastic! I love the title and the little subtitles on every photo! This is awesome. Thanks Jenny!!

just thought i better add this one in here too. It is an oldie (i did it on the last escape retreat) but it is up there with my favourite pages that i have done. Have only done 2 of greg so i dont have a heap to pick from LOL. I wont have time to do a new page of him this week either - sorry life is crazy atm!!

grab the tissues folks....

Today i recieved this beautiful email from our very own Karen who wanted to share her mini album with me (and i hope the rest of blogland!)
As we have all know Karen and Bonnies story i hope she doesnt mind that i have popped it in here.

Oh the photo with Bonnie and Karen having a hug nearly brough a tear to my eye - What a very special family memeber you had there Karen - and what a lovely keepsake to have to remember her by.
I hope you find scrapping about her and the sad last few weeks helpful. Journalling about difficult times is as - IF NOT MORE important than the picture perfect times.

Thankyou so much for sharing.

Pink Paisley

Hi there everyone - good weather for scrappin ey?? :)

I finally have gotten around to using this Pink Paisley paper range that i have had in my stash for a few weeks now. I couldn't resist getting it - why do i keep loving pretty girly papers when i have 4 grandsons!!! The range was so easy to work with!, So i share this page with you all...

The journalling reads " we walk and talk, she makes me laugh, she knows me inside out (and loves me anyway), she is my friend".

Happy Scrappin' All :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008


been a bit quiet around here hasn't it?

I know speaking for myself life is very hectic at the moment. Sorry to be a bit MIA for the past week or so.

I keep thinking - one more week and things will be back to normal - but by the time the end rolls around i have a full plate again for the next week or so! crazy stuff!!!

Apologies to Sandra who sent me this image a few days ago with a little note asking if i minded putting it up on the blog. This is what she wrote.

Hi Amanda
attached is a photo of the finished layout of Narrelle...I am really happy with it.
I gave it to Narrelle last Tuesday for her birthday, Barb and Dean loved it.
I was wondering if you could do me a favour? I took this project to 5 loaves (even though I didn't get much done!) and a few of the girls were curious as to what I was trying to achieve... especially with the broken glass etc!( long story!) ANYWAY... I hope it doesn't seem like glory seeking but I was wondering if you could post it on the blog so the girls can finally understand what I was trying to do! If not, thats okay.. as I understand its not a challenge entry..
thanks Amanda

We absolutely do not mind showing it here - the first time i saw it i was totally amazed. Incredible stuff!!!! What a beautiful gift with a very special significance.

I love the rainbow of butterflies and i bet it will hang in a very special spot in Barb and Dean's home.

Thanks for sharing Sandra!

Friday, June 27, 2008

significant other

oh my. she's quick.
To quote Trish

Hi Tiff. This is my challenge page for significant other lol. Oh dear I think I'm addicted.

What's the blue? Is it fabric or paper. No matter what it is very vibrant.
Elegant and clean Trish. Well done.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

an entry from Sandra

boy oh boy this lady is quick today!!

This is a beautiful page of Sandra's father in law. What a stunning photo and i love those basic grey papers - they are so masculine but pretty at the same time (blue and brown again!!)

Sandra says -

Here is my entry for the new challenge You have already seen this layout. It is of my late father in law, Eric. Even though he has passed on, he still has influencing role in our family, through memories.
Thanks Sandra - i just love those big monograms and how your dymo does it's letters!

Challenge 6 from Janice

Janice has taken a postpak tough bag and adapted her layout based on it. I love the new Kaisercraft drop thingys.... look like water drops. And Janice has even trimmed the edge of the photo to be like the postpak blue area.
Well done Janice. Matthew will be proud of you.

Challenge 7

Well hello everyone,

The new challenge is ...

scrap a page about your husband / partner / father / grandfather / significant male in your life!!

Because we have done a page about ourselves I thought a page about our other half or as above would be good. It might be about why you love the person or a hobby they have or their work. You get the idea??

One criteria ... no-one else can be in the photo!! So no kids etc!! Well maybe only if for example I have a photo of John strapping a netballers leg, but you can't see her apart from her leg!!

Go scrap and we will look forward to seeing your entries.

Here's an example!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

with loud fanfare -ta da-

introducing Trish S.

Howdy and welcome on board.

Trish is a newbie at scrapping and has a wonderful friend who influenced Trish to try it out. Onya S ;)

This is Trish's first ever layout and I think it is just fan -bloody -tastic.

I love the clever use of the cord and the reef knot. Oh so Nautical. And the sand PP in the foreground. Give the photo and layout depth.

Congrats Trish. Love to see more of your work on the blog when you get the chance.

this goes to show...

that inspiration can come from absolutely anything!!

Maryanne says -

I was into mosaicing a cople of years ago before I started scrapbooking.and did this old toilet and put a plant in it.I love the bright colors of the glass tiles especially the green and orange!anyway the digi LO isnt that good, but I do plan to scrap these photos soon.I was going to do it for this challenge but just didnt have the right papers for it yet!

isn't it brilliant! Fantastic mosaic Maryanne and brilliant page! I love how you have used some of your favourite colours from the dunny mosaic on your page!
love it.

Challenge 6 (at last)

phew. finally done it. I've bent the rules a little - after all there are no rules in scrapping - ;)

I was really taken by this amazing shot and so used it for my challenge idea. I have created an embellishment for a layout. It's a butterfly (surprise, surprise). It's based on an actual real transparent winged butterfly. So after numerous hours on Photoshop - I cant tell how many, i forgot to count -

Here's a pic of what started me off

and then what I came up with the Photoshop magic.
I thought it turned out really well. I was too impatient to wait till morning to photograph it, so forgive the shadow in the background.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sue's Challenge Page

I searched high & low, in cupboards and book shelves, everywhere at work and eventually i found it! You see, i wanted to scrap Evan's birthday, so needed lots of spaces for photos. Evenually i found my april nursing bulletin - perfect!!

The actual doing the page was easy peasy!! I love the bright colours that's in the photos.

I didn't find this as hard as i initially thought Amanda, good challenge!!

some more entries - thanks girls :)

Thankyou for getting on board this challenge girls. It is so nice to see a few more entries!

First one is from Karen who has scrapped a beautiful photo of her precious dog Bonnie and used a great roxy bag for inspiration. Love the colours and design of the bag too Karen and can see why you were drawn to use it.

I like how you have kept the page simple and yet the message is very clear. Also ADORE that little birdie (but i do have a thing for birds atm)

The second and third entries are from Jenny who has used something she sees everyday as inspiration.

In jenny's words -

I love this, thank you Girls for creating this site and the challenges.
I have used my mirror reflection because I am in bed so much, this is pretty much all I see, except my computer screen. The chocolates are on my table for nausea.

These challenges have been so inspiring and I just can't wait for the next one. I've never thought of using something other than using a LO plan.

Again, thank you girls. This is certainly better than playing solitaire.

Something as simple as a choccy tin was used to form her page layout and what an awesome effort. You can see how she used the angle of the choccies on the front of the tin to place the photos and also the areas for title and jouralling. You can also see how she has used the lid to add that extra colour into her page

Her other entry is using the mirror she sees from her bed. I really love how she has put a different slant on this and used a reflective image as well. Fantastic effort Jenny and thanks for the digi scrapping entries!
Keep up the inspiration girls :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just a reminder

For those that have been asking - there are a lot of free stitching programs on the www.

this is about the canon photostitch software -(this is free with any canon camera and what Tiff, Meredith and myself have and use)

heaps and heaps of free stitching programs here -

you DO NOT NEED to scan and stitch your pages to email them. Others have taken their pages outside or layed them in a naturally lit area of the house and taken photos looking down on them (watch your shadow)

again i re-iterate YOU CAN SEND IN PHOTOS of the entire stitching required!

Please do not feel as if you can't enter because you can't stitch your scanned images together. Please take the time to look at these free stitching programs or if you prefer not to do that then send in whole photos as stated above.


well i dont know about you but....

i am starting to shake and get a bit jittery.

It must be blog withdrawrals ;)

so here we are - back again! Thanks regulars for letting us have a little break to advertise our new retreat date :)

I have had a few lovely entries for last weeks challenge.

The first one to come in was Maryannes who was inspired by some footy guernseys! Black and red are an absolutely STUNNING combination to use on the page.

she writes -

Anyway bit slack because Im using just the color factor for inspiration, sorry!

some of you would be aware of my liking for black and red, and have done a LO today of our dog molly, when she was a puppy.

Have been wanting to do a LO of her for a while and have always planned on red, black combo, mostly because shes mostly black with a bit of white and has always had a red collar.Also have a liking for red and black because take lots of photos of the kids playing footy and of course being cougars its the red and black combo also.

Thanks Maryanne and i think you have done a brilliant job here!

The second entry was from Sandra who did a fantastic job being inspired by an old canister she had in her kitchen.

The choice of photo and subject that she chose is excellent as it almost seems a bit psychadelic and hippy so it transfers over to the page, using the photos that she picked really well.

Sandra wrote -

Here is my entry for the challenge
I found it really hard..... LOVED IT!
I found this old canister... and used the different colour pears as my inspiration... might try the wardrobe next.
great challenge!

The last entry is mine. I saw this book cover and thought that the placement would work on a page. The journalling is in the strip of paper - just explainin that as some others i have shown haven't realized and actually thought it was that Jenni Bowlin book print patterned paper!

The journalling says -

When you and Georgia were tiny babies i would read to you. I hoped with all my heart that you would grow up to love reading as much as i do. As you got bigger and started school, it became clear very quickly that you would really struggle to learn how to read. We would listen to your readers every night and i felt like you would never get it. With lots of extra help at school, and your perserverance, bit by bit we finally got to a stage where you could read well. Last year Granny bought you some 'go girl' novels and ever since then you have been devouring these with great gusto. I am so proud of how well youread now, and i love hearing the reply to my lights out call at night by you saying 'just one more chapter please mum?'

we are at long last at that place i wished for.

So there have only been 3 takers on this challenge - come on girls! It really isn't that hard. Dig out some of your son's rip curl t-shirts, dig in the pantry, look at magazines, at catalogues and in you bookshelf and see if you can find yourself a dose of everyday inspiration!

Learning how to transfer the things you see everyday onto a page is so exciting! To look at something and say 'ooooh how cool would that look as a layout??!!' is a very handy skill - and kinda an obsession LOL.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a date to ESCAPE in 2009!

FRIDAY March 13th 2009

Mark this in your diaries NOW!

Yep the 2009 Escape 2 Create will take place from Friday the 13th of March until Sunday the 15th.

The venue is booked (Nt Shields Lions Hostel) so we are set to go.

Next month Meredith and I will be doing a trip to Melbourne to attend our first retreat run by Scraptacular - a very popular and up to the minute scrap shop! It will be strictly business - no drinking, socializing, smoking, shopping or scrapping but purely getting ideas and bringing them back for you ladies to improve our own scrap retreat! ;) *ahem*
So you see the lengths we will go to - to provide you with the best scrap retreat possible!!!

Start saving, organizing child care and buttering up those husbands! woohoo bring it on! keep checking in here for tit bits of info and sneaky peaks :)


If you would like to go onto our retreat newsletter database to be kept totally up to date with emails etc. please contact Tiff -

To the regular blog go-ers we will not post a new entry here for a few days to allow everyone to see this post and note the new retreat date!

Please pass on the word to all your scrapping friends :) and please leave a comment regarding the retreat (particularly if you are new) Just press the comment button, write your comment, write your name down the bottom of your post and press 'anonymous comment'.

We would love to see/read some familar faces from our last retreat on here!!

a new challenge....and some changes

Firstly congratulations to Jenny for her win! What great luck to be pulled out of the hat by Sue's gorgeous little helper! We hope you enjoy your prize pack!

Apologies to Amy who sent me her entry yesterday but i didn't check my emails until the wee hours of the morning as i was out all day and at meetings at night. Sorry Amy.

Also a note to all that i cannot stitch your scanned images together - sorry if that sounds grumpy but i am finding it very difficult to manage my time at the moment with so much going on.

The next bit of news is in relation to the prizes. So far the prizes have come from a few sources; donated from individuals, scrap stores, and from our retreat prize pool. Because of this we have decided to have a monthly prize instead of a weekly prize. If we continue to use our retreat goodies that we use as giveaways over the weekend, come next year and we will have very little if anything left. And we want to be able to give fantastic prizes away on the retreat too!!!

So for every challenge you go in on the blog your name will go into the hat for the monthly draw. If you do all 4 weekly challenges then you have 4 names in the hat. 4 times the chance of winning if you know what i mean!

We hope you understand and will continue to be involved in our challenges.

Ok so this weeks challenge is - to be inspired by your environment!
A little while back Meredith posted a fantastic example of how a cereal box inspired her to make a page using the same sort of layout used on the cereal box. It was brilliant! I have also showed how i used a magazines table of contents page to help with the layout of a page.

See what you can see around your home and use it to influence a page. Not just a colour etc but the whole thing - how elements are placed and how you can translate that to a page.

T-shirts are great sources of inspiration!

This sort of thing is all around you. Look with fresh eyes at advertising, food packaging and music clips - anything!!!

Send your entries to me WITH a photo of your source of inspiration!

I hope you can be invovled in this one :)

Stay tuned for some exciting retreat news

Heidi Swapp Interview.

Found this on the net. It's an interview by Heidi Swapp reviewing the Epson Stylus Photo R1800.
Its an A3 printer.
Anyway I attached her interview here about digi scrapping.
Thinking of Jenny actually.
Might start scanning more stuff into my pages now.... like the spatula.
click the link and it will make sense....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Winner is..

Well, THANK-YOU to all you girls who entered the Blue & Brown challenge, and i was thinking it was too boring - but WOW what some great pages and new ideas along the way. It was GREAT!

Now today, Amanda and I (oh, and my dear little grandson Jacob) drew the winner of this challenge. And Congratualtions to Jenny!!! Thanks for entering your page and i will pop a prize around to you in the next couple of days.

Thanks to our prize pool, the prize this time round are some bits and pieces from the lovely new range K&Co Awning!! Now i am jealous that i couldn't win!!! Well done Jenny and Thanks for taking the effort to join in.

Sorry girls for not commenting more frequently just this week, i have only had time to quickly read my e-mails, so i have seen all the comments and pages coming tonight just had time to make a quick comment. Glad you are all enjoying the's great to share our pages!!


this didn't start out at a brown and blue but it is how it ended up. Thought you may like a squizzy. There's a bit of a shadow over the chip shape and alphas from being not being able to flatten when it was scanned.
Journalling says : as the breeze gently tangled your tresses together, your love for Paige will always be forever and hers for you.10.10.06

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

another entry!

Thanks Shaz for taking the time to comment AND join in the challenge fun!

Sue your challenge is totally bringing them out of the woodwork!

Shaz your photo is very precious - i had a bit of a moment when i saw it myself :(

I really like how you used a really big photo here so the the main focus is on it and really drives home exactly why it is a precious moment.
Thanks for sharing such a personal picture and i hope you can join in some more challenges!
Sorry i dont feel overly chatty tonight - am at the 'end of my tether' with the kids. Seriously boarding school is sounding like a bloody good option at the moment.
Also apologies to anyone who had the unfortunate luck to be in Kmart today while we were. You might not have seen us but would have heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth of three children. I was the unlucky recipient of 'that look' from many mums/grannies/aunties in there as in "oh you poor thing - i know what it is like". To be honest i wouldn't blame them if they had given me the other look that meant "go ahead and strangle them now"
Spoilt kids. Why do i have 3 of them? :(

goodness - and another one!

Everyone is loving Sue's Blue and Brown challenge!!!

Here is Jenny's page - welcome Jenny :)

and woohoo a digital page also! Fantastic!

The pic is pretty small but am loving those brown borders around the photo and the lace type look down the side. Beautiful Jenny and thanks for sharing!

Sue and I will draw this tomorrow at work *groan* and be back later in the day with pics of the winner and also a pic of the prize!

I will also post another challenge tomorrow night and then in another entry some VERY exciting retreat news.

two more!

Thanks Cassandra and Karen!

Karen your page is so beautiful! I love that big swirly thingamejig on the side of the paper! - stunning! That little ticket is so adorable too!
And Cassandra welcome and thanks for sharing your work. When you showed me your page at the Friday night scrap i was so hoping that you could send it in - really great layout and the horse is the perfect colour!! Your punched flowers add the perfect touch.

Monday, June 16, 2008

welcome Kathryn

woohoo we have a newcomer to the challenges!

Welcome Kathryn.....who has submitted a fantastic version of this challenge! She actually created this on our last escape retreat - and i distinctly remember it as she pulled out this old dymo with the 'script wheel'. This is VERY hard to find - rare as hen's i was immediately interested!

I love how she has used a little bit of red to bring in a third colour which highlights the brown and blue but not overtaking the page.

Thanks for joining us Kathryn and i hope you stick around :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd one!!!!!!!

how cute are those thongs on the flowers on the bottom right cluster. how typical of us scrappers and photographers 'taking photos of everything' You just never know when that perfect shot will happen. The cork suits this page perfectly.

congrats Janice. Well done.

Challenge page

Hello all,

I have done my blue and brown page!! I took this photo at the same time as the hairdresser shots!! I have used some new Carolee's Creation alpha letters in teal blue - can't stop using these little letters!! The title doesn't show up so well here but it says "My Middle Boy". Journaling says "Oh how I love this photo. It takes my breath."

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend ... so nice and sunny here after a cold day at football yesterday.

and another

cant hold a good scrapper down. Another excellent challenge answer for the blues and browns. This is proving a popular challenge (onya Sue)

Matthew is so cute....hasn't he grown so much lately...

Your sanding on the photo edges is really effective and that BG paper catches the shirt on the left photo and the tan tones in the middle photo so well. Also LOVE the journalling strips.

awesome Janice. 2 entries in the hat for you. Thanks Sarah for the scanning ;)


Janice's answer to the blue and brown challenge. After seeing this layout in her album on Friday night at the Scrap nite in the Bakery I pestered Janice to put up on the blog. I think she yes eventually just to get rid of me (;D).

She left the chipboard raw which works with the brown tones on the PP really well. Love how she has cut the flourishes with a craft knife and lifted them to sit on top of the photos.

Great to see you on the blog Janice. Don't forget to show Kevin and Matthew!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

scrap night @ 5 loaves Bakery was a hit. Black Friday as the theme, come dressed in black, 13 scrappers. All the ingredients for good fun. Katy baked an awesome Black forest cake and had little black cat lollies and Chico babies on the tables.Lots of fun, chatting and sharing of layouts, not to mention wonderful meals and coffee. Next one is tentatively set for Friday July 11th.Cant wait.

Hello, hello, anyone there???

Hi everyone,

Well we have discovered recently that there are quite a few of you out there that check this little blog out regularly. Dare I say it, some of you check in more than once a day!! OMG :-0

So since we haven't had a post for a few days I thought I would just leave this little note so you have a bit of blah, blah, blah to read!! ;-)

Now, after the scrap night at the Five Loaves Bakery in Cummins last night we know that there are quite a few more blue and brown pages out there so get on and e-mail them to Amanda so we can post them here on the blog.

A big thank you to Katy at the Five Loaves for making a yummy Black Forest cake for black Friday (13th) - apparently it was very nice (I resisted!!).

Even if you are a non-page poster please leave us a message. We know you are out there so check in and say hello. Remember ... the chicks and chooks are here waiting to see what you have to say.

Happy scrappy days!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maryanne's page!

here is Maryanne's take on the blue and brown! Love how it seems to go so well with your 'vintage' photo of your Dad Maryanne......what a great momento!

The blue and brown combo is fantastic for heritage type pages.....and for boy pages.....well and for girl pages too LOL.
I like your little cluster of goodies in the corner too! the flowers are there but not in your face (if you know what i mean) so they totally DO NOT look out of place. They seem to belong there and blend in so well with the theme of the page you have going on.
well done chook!
keep them coming!

blue and brown.

Just as I was about to load up my creation, Sandra is already there. She is hot off the press. Onya Chick.

Here's my rise to the challenge.


Sandra's blue and brown!

wowee she is hot onto this!!!!!

arriving in my inbox tonight - hot off the press is this fabulous blue and brown creation! AND i can spy a flower or two!!!

anyone can tell you how much i LOVE basic grey papers - so this page automatically gets two thumbs up from me. Add in a cutie patootie and it is simply brilliant!!! Love the mix of black & white photos with the coloured one!
Thanks Sandra - totally excellent!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Challenge 5


This is an oldie but still a goodie. Searched thru my scanned LO's on the computer and found one that fits Sue's challenge.

Don't worry, I'm doing a fresh page to also meet the criteria. I happened to have a page planned with brown and blue so this is great timing.

Thanks Sue.