Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Travel ... by Kylie

"Hi Meredith,

Seeing your photo for the 'travel' challenge (it was a great shot !)... made me think of some recent 'travel' ones I took during a flight to Adelaide last week (I just snuck in ... 30th of June !!)

Harry and I went to Adelaide together for 2 days ... a few photos are attached.

- our view of the wing and clouds out the window

- Harry ready to board at Pt Lincoln ... his smiles tells his excitement. The pilot saw me taking photos, I mentioned that it was his first flight, so he took Harry into the cockpit before take-off for a look at ALL the buttons and lights - such excitement for the lad. It was too squishy for me to jump in there too to take photos. He loved it !

and ...

- Harry admiring all the other planes at the Adelaide airport - he really enjoyed the flight but wants to go on a 'bigger, faster one' next time - boys hey !?!

Thanks Meredith ... feel free to just pick 1 or 2 for the blog.


Kylie can't wait to see those scrapped ... what a great idea to record the first trip!! Thank you so much for sending them in!!

One more day ...

and we will have some new challenges for you all!!

It has been wonderful seeing everyones' work over the last two months for the challenges.

Thank you all for your support.

I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for next month's layouts, etc and I only know what one of the challenges is!!! ;-)

No football on Saturday unless you have juniors playing at Cowell so maybe a chance for some to scrap up a storm!!

I will leave you with a travel photo ... about as far as we have ventured together as a family in the last 12 months ... Port Lincoln!!
This was the sunrise at the marina on Saturday morning. I love how the clouds are reflected in the water.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Marika - more she

Hi Amanda,

My last she page of my precious Gran who passed away yesterday. The colours did not photograph quite as good as in irl.

Thanks Marika
oh Marika. I am so sorry to hear of your Gran's passing. I know it is such a difficult time of mixed feelings. Luckily we have all those precious memories to remind us how blessed we were to have had them in our lives. My thoughts are with you chook and what a wonderful quote, page and photo to remember her by. The bright colours on the brown are just delicious. She certainly looks like a lovely lady and a very special Gran.
Take care.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Triple treat ... from Sandra

"Hi Meredith!
Well the end of the month is fast approaching and I still have 2 challenges to go, not much time between now and the 30th, and I want to make a card for someone to show that she is a special person..... so what to do??
I made a card using Tiff's challenge and the colour combo ... and threw in one of those amazing quotes from the she challenge.

So here is my 3 challenges in one entry.

Cheating I know.. ;)
have a good night

Well ... I think we have said it before but ... what a woman!! So very clever and talented!! I think you have outdone yourself this time Sandra. A beautiful card ... I am sure the recipient would have felt very special.

The ribbon looks gorgeous, the Dymo very effective, the quote lovely, the stamp peaking out cute, the butterfly and bling beautiful, the note paper very appropriate!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Marika - tiff''s challenge AND colour combo

clever clever clever!
Marika has managed to incorperate TWO challenges onto one page. And wow does it look great! LOVE that teal blue paper and your clustered embellishments. Fantastic job Markia. That tinge of red really makes the whole page jump out at you!
well done you clever, busy mum!

Funny Jane

Jane P has sent me a link which gave her a giggle. She says it is an anagram maker - which means that this program will make words out of other words.

www.wordsmith.org and select internet anagrams

type in your name and see what comes up.

Mine were all a bit odd but the strangest combinations by far were:

Anal Had Lam
Anal Lad Ham

hmmmmmmm it sounds like a couple of DVD titles that may be found under some grotty man's mattress!

Does your name come up with anything interesting?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June colour challenge ... Jenny

"This is my colour challenge using my boys again. I have also included another 'my hands' and I never finished, but I am surprised at the difference between the two and what 'grabs' the eye in each one.
Jenny F"

Oh wow Jenny they are fantastic!! Love both of them ... both the ribbons and oval "spot" paper in the first one are gorgeous and in the second one the "pearls" and paint splats look excellent!

And I always love that photo ... Jenny's boys (3 + 1) had photos taken for a Christmas present (I think) and they are such great photos. And what great boys to think of that as a present too!!

Thank you so much for sending them in Jenny.

Tiff- more she (number 5)

Tiff says:
5th and final SHE. only because the days of this month are running out.

This one is of my Mum. It has taken her a long time to get over Dad and to get on with life.

She quote : She said goodbye to unhealthy relationships. Celebrate her happiness.

It fits her so well. Journaling explains that the Grandchildren are her happy place.
The pink and green tones are so lovely Tiff. (I always think of the retreat when i see those particular thickers!) What a great quote to use here. Am really happy she has found her happy place.

Sandra - a little something to show

Sandra has sent in her latest project...which has already been given to the lucky recipient!

She says:

This is what I made for a very special lady who celebrated her 21st birthday today!I have been so busy lately that the only time I have been able to find to make it was this morning!! talk about pressure!!!!She LOVES chocolate so that is what she got... lots and lots of chocolate!(I have gently reminded her that her carers love chocolate too! lol!)

lovely Sandra. I love how you decorated the front - leaving that little bit of space at the top with the touch of a butterfly. I know you have said about the special meaning that butterflies have to this family so it is so appropriate.
And yuuuuuuummy at all those choccies in there. I wonder how many are left by now? LOL.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kylie - something to share

Kylie has been really busy making a gorgeous gift for her Mum.
She says :
Well, I have finally (almost) completed a scrapping project !! I started this album at the first Friday Scrapnight at Sheoak Craft Cottage for my Mum for Mother's Day ... 2 months later it's nearly ready to give Mum (I warned her it would be a very late present !!).

I just need to find a green 'C' sticker for Charlie's page (to stick on the tab on the side) then I think it will be complete ! Yay, it feels so good to have finished something. The lounge room floor and kitchen table has had a work out the past few nights, I so need a scrap room !!
What a lovely gift Kylie - you have done a beautiful job. Lots of stunning photos which i am sure she will love! And yes i think every girl needs a scrap room to call her own!
thanks for sharing your great album!

a message from Sandra

an email from Sandra asking for it to be published on here:

Sandra slips quietly into the room and hands Amanda a note. It reads:

Dear Blog authors,
Sandra has been absent from commenting on the blog because she has been really, really SLACK!!
She is guilty of 'lurking!!! A crime born from complete and utter laziness!
Please feel free to punish her in anyway you deem fit.
dedicated blog reader.

Okay okay just a bit of a joke but I was wondering where all you girls are! I know you come in here... because out in the 'real world' a lot of you girls talk to me about the blog.. but where are the comments??
I know that when I have a layout on here it's nice to get feedback and love to see that someone has bothered to write something about it. So say HI!!and bring a note!!! lol
maybe a roll call to start off with
Maryanne? (she'll have a note.. she's away!)
Jane P?
out of towners??

I know I have missed heaps. say hi and lets give the girls some feedback.They must feel as though they are running the blog just for themselves.. It's great to have a place where us local girls .. and out of towners .. can showcase our work in a really friendly environment.I know it's helped me with my scrapping and I have also made a lot of new friends.

Thanks Sandra. I must say that there are times when it does feel a bit lonely, that Sue, Meredith and myself are just talking to ourselves LOL......and heck if we wanted to do that we could shut the blog down, save ourselves heaps of time and catchup over a coffee at the bakery instead!!
In saying that though, we are really thankful for the support everyone has shown us in the last couple of months - there have been lots of changes and we feel really lucky that all the E2C-ers have moved with us on those changes and supported our new look and new format. Thanks everyone.

Amanda - Colour challenge

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Page to share

This is just a page to share with you, one that i started at the 'Cottage' scrap night a couple Friday nights ago......Photos of our dear little Mace at 7 weeks, taken by Amanda Hall. I love how he reminds me so much of Rachel when she was a baby with his olive type skin.

Ohh....and i had to add the one of him crying on Rachies shoulder....one of those not so perfect moments!! that's just babies! ;)

Tiff's challenge - Sue

Here's my answer to Tiff's challenge....a favourite photo and moment of Daniel when he was just 20 months. This sat on my desk for most of last week.....and i'm not sure what took me so long to get around to pasting it, once i decided to add some stitching, the page felt 'right'.

I liked the ingredients part of the challenge, but the instruction part was sort of challenging for me....maybe it was just the photo, colours and papers..... you know that scrappers block thing!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June Colour Combo ... Meredith

I think my colours are not quite as dark as Amanda's sample but I didn't have anything in the dark grey so that made the two greys a bit lighter!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camera strap pattern ...

Okay ... those of you with cameras ... ha ha ha!!!

Thought you might like this link to make a camera strap cover with your choice of fabric ... make it your self or ask someone who sews to whip it up for you!!


So head into your local fabric shop (;-)) and get shopping and sewing!!

Glimmermist ...

Some of you have tried this product and others are thinking about!!!

Just thought I would post some links from their web site that might help and even tempt some to give it a go!!

Facts ...

Basic techniques ...

New colours to be released soon ...

Technique videos ...

Photo blog to check out ...


Some amazing colours in these photos as well as other themes.

Tiff - more she

Well you have really enjoyed these She challenges Tiff. Is that your third one? Great job.
Photo here by Maryanne and was taken at the retreat 09 - a common view of Tiff that we saw at that time LOL. Nice journalling onto the photo - fab big photo and i like that red, diecut paper. Very nice.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michelle - she

A warm welcome to a newbie Michelle who has joined in our she challenge! Well done Michelle and we hope you enjoy joining in our group!

Oh goodness i love your painted streaky border and that combo of denim, the pink and red spot and the bright green is totally WOW. Lovely job! Learning to ride a bike takes a LOT of daring so well done to your daughter!

Nice to 'meet' you Michelle!

June Colour Challenge

I saw this combo of colours on a little boy's beanie once and have remembered it ever since.
I just loved how there were two greys - one a more steel, darker colour and the other was lighter, and how they both really amped up the burgendy and teal. It just looked delicious and wintery.
I even think the beanie-ed kid may have been one of Sue's grandchildren!
Remember you can add black, white or kraft if you so desire. Also you do not have to use them in the amounts shown here..... the varying amounts are just for the purpose of looking fancy-scmancy.

Sandra - Sue's challenge

Sue has passed on Sandra's image for me to post.
I love how 'boyish' this turned out Sandra - love the little male symbol and 'man'. Great title also! And ooooooooohweeeeeeeeee is that a hand drawn border?? Fantastic!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiff - tiff's challenge

Wow - amazing how different Tiff's layout is to Marika's.
Your book pages up the top look like a little roof ontop of a photo house - cute.
Well done girls on tackling a tricky one.

Marika - tiff's challenge

Marika has been brave and tackled Tiffs blind challenge. This is a really lovely page marika. I think the papers and colours you have used are just lovely. It's funny but i had an image in my head of a very elaborate page that would come out of all those instructions....but this is quite simple! The embellishements and choices you have made have made it simply stunning though Marika.
She said:
I found it refreshing to not have to think too much except for picking my colours. Tried out my cuttlebug that I got for myself for my birthday. Will be using that more often.
firstly a belated Happy Birthday and secondly you will love owning a cuttlebug. They are so handy for a bit of extra dimension for embossing and fab for cutting out lovely shapes and letters. Well done!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love photos that make me smile ...

... don't you?

There is a series of books under the title MILK ... they feature photos from all over the world on a theme like family or friends or love.

I just found this web site with a competition that they had run and the photos make me smile.

The winner ...

The runners up ...

An overview of MILK ... taken from their website

Inspired by the 1950’s landmark photographic exhibition, “The Family of Man”, M.I.L.K. began as an epic global search to find unique and geographically diverse images on the themes of friendship, family and love. It was not only the richest in photographic history, but also one of the most significant, drawing participation from 17,000 professional and amateur photographers in 164 countries. In total over 40,000 images were received by M.I.L.K., including at least four Pulitzer Prize-winners. The 300 winning images were chosen by the Chief Judge Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, and were the basis for three books entitled Family, Friendship and Love and an international touring exhibition launched at New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2001.

The books are very special and would make a wonderful gift for a special person.

Monday, June 15, 2009

amanda - more she

A Challenge from Tiff

As promised here is another challenge....and this time it is one from Tiff. And boy oh boy what a challenge it is! A blind scrapping challenge....i will leave it to Tiff to explain..

So,have fun with it and look forward to seeing all your pages!!

HI Sue.

This is my blind scrapping challenge. There is no example with this challenge. The idea is for each Scrapper to interperet the instructions in her own way and pull a LO together with her own perceptions. Not mine. Usually everyone's LOs are fairly different even tho everyone has the same set of instructions. I have 'borrowed' this challenge from Mandy at Scrap Therapy. www.teacupofscrapisms.blogspot.com
I strongly recommend that you print this out and have it by your elbow as you create!!!

the ingredients are

1 photo – no bigger than landscape 10x15cm
1 cardstock or background plain paper
1 contrasting pattern paper 1 scrap contrasting plain paper (perhaps an offsetting colour) approx 3x5in
2 x small book print pages(can be torn from a book) and/or music paper (I’ve used one of each) 1 ricrac approx 14cm
1 braid/trim/lace (whichever suits) approx 20cms
2 small embellies (hearts/flowers etc) approx 3x3cm or 3x2cm –ish
Alpha for a 2 word title
double sided tape or tape runner, circle punch, glue, sander or distressor and ink.

Instructions are
STEP ONE Using cardstock or background paper – tear a strip off the top – you can make this to your desired size whether it be just under your 12x12 or 10x12 (I’ve done this size) or to the standard 8.5in size – so it looks landscape. slight ‘wobbly’ tear is fine.

STEP TWO Using your patterned paper, you will be tearing (a contrasting or similar tear) along the top BUT you need to make sure that all sides measure 1cm smaller all round from the edge of your background paper. THEREFORE, cut down two of the vertical sides 1cm in from the edge on both sides (or 2cms on one side – depending on pattern of paper) (there is one ONE torn edge – the top – the others are CUT) ONCE you have done this, then place it on your background paper with a 1cm border on the three sides INCLUDING the bottom and tear along the top – a distance according to your taste (1-3cms – or varying degrees of this) If you are doing a 8.5in landscape – it would be wise to use approx no more than 1cm. Sand, distress and ink your sides and bottom straight edges then stick pattern paper to background paper.

STEP THREE Layer your two book print/music pages one over the top of the other with the underneath one peeking out to the side and a little above the top page, (lower page is slightly bigger then the top page) – stick to the left side of the LO. You can tear and roll the edges of the top piece a little – make a little shabby. You may want to ink the edges?

STEP FOUR Overlap your photo as the 3rd layer on top of these two book prints – Sand, distress or ink if you like.

STEP FIVE Stick your ricrac down the left side of the photo vertically

STEP SIX Run some double sided tape on the underneath of your braid/trim/lace and pinch into little gathers and stick it along the left side of the ricrac running it the same way vertically. It should be about a cm longer each end than the ricrac

STEP SEVEN Glue your two little embellies on the top left hand corner of the photo overlapping the photo, ricrac and onto the trim.

STEP EIGHT Place your title one word on top of the other word to the right of the photo near the bottom of the page.

STEP NINE Cut out a butterfly (or a figure that is appropriate for you LO) from your scrap piece of paper – the offsetting colour scrap. ( Bella glitter butterfly paper as a template about right) you can freehand draw them and cut out or use a punchie. If you have a boy- how about a bug, bee or bird, star for eg. Stick just at or above the top right hand corner of the photo. You still need a little bit of the same scrap paper for the next step.

STEP TEN Punch a half circle (or draw and cut out) from the same scrap paper about 2inches in diameter as a journaling block and stick just under the top book/music printed page towards the bottom on the left of the trim. AND then you are ALL finished!

cant wait to see what comes out of this one.

And keep tuned as there will be yet another challenge later this week or maybe next ;).....

Happy Scrapping xx

Another 'i should be busy but am blog surfing' post

and have found this hilarious site

fail blog

very very funny photos.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tiff - more she

Tiff has used her favourite colour in this one. Saying "She makes the world a better place. Celebrate her.'
Nice work Tiff. The purple certainly looks very you! Cute little size too.

Marika - more she

Marika is one busy lady. 4 small kids and she has started back at work again...so that doesn't leave much scrapping time.

She has created another fantabulous 'she' page which is lovely. The colours are so bright and fresh and i love the craft as background - those colours nearly jump off the page!
lovely work Marika. Thanks for finding the time.
Aren't these quotes inspirational. I am in the middle of my second 'she' page too. If you have done more than one please feel free to send it in!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amanda - time TRAVEL

Thanks Meredith for reminding me about this funny photo on travel. Yes when we went to Ballarat i was desperate to do this dress up and step back in time type of photo. When we found out the cost involved there were a few hiccoughs but i managed to twist a few arms anyway.
Despite my dorky look on my face i totally LOVED how this turned out. Reasons why include:
  • Greg looks quite the regal gentleman,
  • We had to haggle and bargin with Kelsey to remove her headband for the shot (this was during the dreaded 'headband harry era' I think she may well be clutching it in her hand in the photo actually.
  • LOVE how angelic Piper looks in this. Totally perfect.

I was amazed at how well it turned out considering we had to sit still for a few seconds as it was an old (pinhole?) type camera - i thought this was an impossible ask for Piper but she performed brilliantly.

Very funny and i loved our little jaunt back in time. So another 'travel' photo but not taken by me obviously!

pinky rammer signing in.

Ok if you have ever been short of a few dollars for your scrapping supplies i do have the answer.

go here and make yourself a porn name.

Mine is now Pinky Rammer LOL.

write me a comment and sign it in your porn name........

(only joking about the scrap money making venture - i love scrapping but that is a little extreme!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Amanda - travel

ok a few from me.

the first is what i was originally going to use - a thinking outside the square type of shot.
When we go to Coffins for our holidays we always do a national park trip with the 4wd. It is heaps of fun and i love those days. This is a 'way' of travel......mode of transport if you will lol.

This next one is of me when i was 15 at Macchu Pichu in Peru. It was the most amazing and magical place i have ever been (so far!) Hopefully one day i can say something along the same lines for Stonehenge and a heap of scottish castles.........

At Meredith's prompting and my laughing at Sandra's shot, i will try and find the Sovereign Hill family shot of ours...it is hilarious.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tiff's travels ...

"My photo challenge for Travel.

I see an awful lot of this view. I am behind the wheel a fair bit being the kid's taxi driving for their activities. Luckily for me, when we do our trips away, Kym has a hands on attitude and I don't see the steering wheel at all. And that suits me just fine so I can catch up on my scrap mag reading. Oh and referee the kids in the back seat. lol


Ons klein Nederlands meisje Sandra ...

Hi Meredith

so are you ready for a laugh?

This photo was taken in 1988!! I was lucky to spend a year in Holland with my Aunty and Uncle. While I was there I also went to Austria and Germany.LOVED it! Loved it so much I came home and started work straight away to save money to go back and live. Even started the paper work. Then I met DH and the rest is history. But I will go back one day. And would you believe I have not scrapped ONE photo? tsk tsk tsk,

cheers for now

Oh my ... aren't those dress up photos priceless.

I think I have one somewhere of when my girlfriend and I went to Richmond in Tasmania in 1988 and I reckon I have seen one at Amanda's house from Ballarat or Bendigo!!

And wow at your travels ... what an amazing experience!! Maybe you will pull a few photos out and scrap them one day ... we'll look forward to that!!

I went here for the translation ... originally "our little Dutch girl Sandra"!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sandra's travel trick ...

Hi Meredith

Whenever we travel anywhere I always make sure that Teagan and I take a couple of these and I also make sure I have plenty for on the way home. Going to QLD in July and visiting the theme parks there ... I wonder if the chemist here does a special deal on bulk buys??

cheers for now

Oh Sandra ... too funny ... you must have read Amanda's prompt to think a little off from the norm!! Oh and have a blast when you go away ... yahoo!!!

Sandra - she

WOW wow wow. Absolutely amazing. Love absolutely everything about this.....the circular framing around the photo by the vine, crochet flowers and buttons. Another Tiff photo? Fantastic. The pink on the flowers and the blue of the paper - stunning. Very clever idea with the inking of the thickers too - great saving tip and what a great way to get the 'exact' colour you need!

Sandra Says:

Finished this layout today.Lost my mojo for awhile , and I was just pushing papers around... then saw your last tip and thought... 'yep, stop your whining Sandra and just get on with it.'Finally used my prima vine flowers and also used my digital overlay which has been sitting in my misc files for ages.If anyone wants it just let me know in the comments and I will email it to you... it comes as a jpeg file.. sooo easy to use.the quote is she must be somebody special, she is, celebrate her.. you can't quite see it there on the bottom, but its there! Also downloaded new fonts (another new skill for me) and actually used one.. the font I used is called 'As I lay dying'..... lol bright and cheerful name isn't it?Also inked my thickers to match the layout.. they were white before! (something else new) such a great way to save money...Well thats me for now.off to do some housework, lost my mojo for that too. lol

***EDITED TO ADD = congratulations Sandra . Beautiful page that deserves a removed for publication picture!***

Marika - photo challenge

What a classic photo marika.

I know that we can all relate to this - great interpretation of the theme 'travel'.

She says:

Hi Amanda, Just remembered this photo I took of the kids on the way back from Adelaide. Thank god for DVD players our kids travel really well with that.

I think it looks like you are at the whyalla / cowell stretch by the looks on their faces LOL.

Great job.

Sue's travel photo

I have many great photos from various holidays, and my favourite photos i get block mounted to 5 x 7 size and are on my wall above my computer....shots from NT - Ayres Rock, Great Ocean Road VIC, Busselton jetty WA, Movie World QLD etc...

On our last trip....to Cairns and outer areas, i took photos of road signs...which proved to come handy in sorting out photos when i got home....and had many many photos of all the different falls. And at the time my DH thought i was totally crackers!! And this photo reminds me of that moment!

Sue's - Giggle 'n Play

Here's a page 'just of interest' to show you, one that was a challenge over at Scrapboxx, which was to use a patterned background, larger than 4 x 6 photo and the photo had to be imperfect. So i thought yep, i will do this..... i struggle with patterned backgrounds, so this was quite a challenge for me!! I didn't get it into the boxx in time, so here it is. The photo....well, Evan just kept running towards me giggling, hence why his head is cut off (not really imperfect, but oh well).

And 'notice' it is a smaller size too.....something i don't normally do. An inspiration from those Ali tips!! Hope you have found them inspiring, every one of them, i thought ...."yeah...so true"

So maybe you could try one of these too.... the imperfect photos have a story also to tell.

Ali E's tip of the day

20. Go make something right now. Stop whining. Stop coming up with excuses. Start now.

that wraps up all the 20 tips that Ali Edwards shared on her blog. I hope i haven't bored everyone to tears with these....i find them inspirational and i hope someone out there has too.

Thanks to the girls who have left comments on the tips.

Hopefully we will see lots of scrapping flooding into our inbox to show on here as things have been a little quiet of late!

Dont forget our challenges for this month - Sue's Sketch, Quote from the Book of She and the photography challenge. If you have already participated perhaps you would like to do either another layout OR think outside the square a little for the travel photography challenge. Get out your camera and get creative!

You might like to send in a picture of something that you have been working on at the moment - totally random and unrelated to the challenges. We love seeing what others have been making!

Don't panic - we wont let your scrapping mojo rest as I am certain that there are another one or two challenges just around the corner!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book of She ... Meredith

This quote stood out to me when I read through the quotes and I immediately thought of this series of photos I took on a weekend away in April at a stitching retreat.

Ali E's tip of the day

19. Create less. Rather than doing a bunch of layouts just for the sake of filling up an album, spend more time on just a few stories that really have meaning for you and your family

Scrapping is such a personal thing. I know scrappers who scrapbook every photo they have ever taken. If you want to do that - great.

I dont.
I do not have time or the money to waste to be bothered scrapping photos that are crappy or have no significance in my life. As Ali has suggested above, i concentrate on the guts of my life - not every single waking moment. And it isn't always the nice fluffy stuff either! This is how *I* scrapbook.

Again if you do not agree - well that is good too. This craft is such a personal thing and that is the great thing about it. How we do it, the process and the end product is different for everyone and that is WONDERFUL.

But if you want to streamline your scrapping take note of Ali's tip today.

I have also read where she writes about scrappers who scrap chronologically........and there are plenty of ladies who do this. There is always this catch cry of 'oh but i am so many years behind'. Why? Why limit yourself like this? Scrap what you want to when you want to. By the time you get to your 'now' photos you will have forgotten the story.

Dont limit yourself.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ali E's tip of the day

18. Take some time to go back over all the layouts you have created and give yourself a hug for all the stories you have told. Taking a look at the body of your work will give you a whole new perspective on what you have done and where you want to go next.

This is so true. How often have you flicked back through your albums? I know i don't enough but my kids love getting them out and looking through them - remembering the stories and reading about what we were doing a few years back.

I saw a page that had slipped out of my album a couple of days ago which i had done in 2006. It was all about where i hoped i would be in 10 years time. Even though only 3 years had past, i had forgotten the detail of what i had written however i was relieved to read my goals were still the same. It was a strange feeling reading it, as if my 2006 self was sitting there talking to me now (if you get my drift). That is the one reason that i do believe journalling is sooooo important. Yes it is nice to do a few 'adore' 'beautiful' 'sisters' type pages but every now and then get down to the nitty gritty.

and yeah - look back at what you have done and be proud of all those memories that you have preserved!

Book of She ... Jenny

"The challenge is my most favourite photo of my Mama taken at Trafalgar square.
Oh Jenny what an amazing photo ... and the quote is so beautiful. Love your layout ... the birds look fabo and the cluster of embellishments at the bottom left look great. Thank you so much!!

Jenny's travels ...

Jenny said ...
" The photo was from our trip through the Simpson desert, it seems like eons ago."
Great photo Jenny!! Thank you for sending it through!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ali E's tip of the day

17. Bring your scrapbook talents into your home environment (also known as living with your art). Create collages to hang in your home. Enlarge and frame your favorite photos or layout. Create cool accents for your mantle with your supplies. There is so much that can be done with all those supplies you have collected to bring your hobby into the living areas in your home.

Do you display your scrapping or photographs in your home? I really hope you do = hang it up, leave an album out on the coffee table to flick through, use your Off the Page items. Be proud of what you make.

Amanda - she

This page is of my brother's girlfriend Emily. She has been a really lovely addition to our family and when i heard this quote she was the first one i thought of. Her joy of life, gorgeous smile and bright, bubbly, happy personality make her a absoulte delight to be around.

In a bit of a corny twist this photo is from 2006 when Rhino and Em were travelling in France. Very faintly in the background is the Eiffel Tower. I debated for a long time wether it was too cheesy using that photo but i was given the green light by a clever scrapper!

Also will add that the journalling block is inspired by the new Tim Holtz stamps - some delicious fonts there!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

She - Tracey

Found this in my inbox today - just beautiful Tracey!!

Howdy Sue,

This is my fourth 'She' page I have done (that's what happens when you have three girls). I really like this one as it is a bit different from my normal stuff. Different size page and I also haven't done one landscape this size yet either. Journalling says ' She just has this way of brightening the day. Celebrate her radiance'. Very Charlotte, although as I am doing this she is not so radiant..... in fact she is bawling her eyes out on the lounge!!! Just another day in the Wooley household. Have a great weekend.


Just love it Tracey - love the rubon swirl down the side and your stitching!!

Hope your all having a lovely relaxing weekend...and maybe a spare moment to scrap a little!

Sue ;)

Sue's Sketch ... by Meredith

I have turned the sketch side ways ... !!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ali E's tip of the day

16. Make sure you are in your scrapbooks. Take photos of yourself. Set your timer. Hand over your camera. Get together with friends to take photos of one another. Your kids and your family will thank you.

Ok so this is basically following on from what Meredith was saying last month. Not only is it important to scrap great times in your life but it is vital, ESSENTIAL for you to feature in there too. Take photos of yourself goofing around with the kids. Take one of you and your husband. Just BE in the shot. Take a photo of YOU by yourself and journal about YOU - just you.

How fascinating for your children to look back on this in years to come. Can you imagine having a scrapbook album in your hands of your own grandmothers, looking at a photo of her and learning about things that she thought at that time. How awesome would that be???!!

What an amazing piece of history you can create.

Karen's Creations ...

Hi Meredith,
Thought I'd share the"LOVE" ;) I haven't gotten to the challenges yet (I will, I will) but yesterday I did some scrapping, YAY!!! (it feels like forever) I have been inspired by some of the other girls who are trying different size LO's and decided to give it a go. I'm hooked!!!! I think you don't feel like you have all this space and need to fill it up, if this makes sense?! LOL. I'm hoping to spend a day just scrapping this weekend with a beverage or two ;)
Cheers have a good weekend.
Karen D

Karen just looking at these layouts fills me with the need to scrap soon!!

Love the colours the A4 type size, the white space, the photos, the embellishments ... just love them both ...

right I'm off to scrap ... !!!