Sunday, December 30, 2012

photo request for e2c

Hello hello retreat attendees.

I have a very small request for decorating purposes. If you are able to supply us with a head/torso photo, can we please use them for e2c shed tizzying? These photos can be snaps, non perfect, non professional, and no specific file size or colour.

Once i have printed them for our retreat decorating i will then delete the file so nothing will be kept on my computer.

If you can be involved (and we would love a snapshot of all attendees as this would be most effective) please forward your photo to me at

I know how hideous it is to be IN FRONT of the camera, but any old snap will do - i have used an iPhone selfie...and i promise that they will all look amazing hanging out in the shed together. It will really look best if everyone's photo is there… so please don't be camera shy.

Here is a great blog post about 'selfies'… and how to get a good one. You don't have to wait or ask someone else to take it for you. Do it yourself :)

The best thing about doing it on your smart phone or digital camera is the DELETE button quickly becomes your best friend. Also don't be afraid of feeling like a knob posing in front of your camera/phone… it's all part of it and no matter how many times you do a 'selfie' you still feel knobbish!

Remember these shots don't have to be perfect portrait shots… the more uniquely YOU that they are the better.

Please don't be scared by this request (as a few horrified emails to me have indicated) - it is meant to be a fun decorating idea for e2c 2013!

Hope you can help me.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

e2c 2013 classes & info

woodgrain + white - Marika

"Hi Amanda

I have finally done some scrapping my page for the white wood grained challenge plus a few colours

Thanks Marika"

Heck that blue-y purple with the white is stunning Marika. The pokes of green against the strokes and splats are fantastic. What a super cute photo and great use of woodgrain in the title. That yummy little banner finishes it all off nicely. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quick challenge - inspired by...

I just saw this on Facebook on the Magnolia Tree page (a gift ware shop in Port Lincoln)

and thought -

"white + woodgrain = yummy"

can you incorporate those two elements on a scrap page over the weekend?

Send your creations in for us to upload and inspire others. I can't wait to see what brilliance comes into my inbox.