Monday, November 30, 2009

Brigette S - banner

WOWEE. This is amazing. I just love love LOVE the look of this hanging over the fireplace!

Brigette says:

Hi Amanda

I have attached photos of a Christmas Banner I made over the weekend using the Basic Grey Wassail Collection (one of my favs), although it doesn't fit the banner challenge I thought I would share anyway. On each triangle I have placed a word that means something to our family at Christmas time.

Have a great day. Brigette :)

Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful. This is incredible Brigette! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

Janice - Sue's sketch

Hi Amanda,

This is my page for Sues sketch changed slightly.
An overlay was added to the photo before it was printed.


Thanks Janice - we love seeing your work! This is lovely - that colour combo is delicious! The overlay looks really interesting and delicate - something that would be even more stunning irl i imagine!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Colour challenge - Sue

Here is my page for the colour know i don't actually have much pink paper in my supplies (ohhhh, surprise surprise). These papers were from a kit i bought from Shabby Chic shop at Lock last year, black, white and kraft is such a yummy combo!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Latest project - Meredith

I have been struggling to find time to scrap lately (I have been doing some sewing though ... ssshhhh!!).

But I have been inspired to do a "25 days until Christmas" album this year. I nearly completed the one I started in 2007 so thought I would give it a go again this year.

This original idea is from Ali Edwards. Check out more details here and here.

Here is my cover ...

And a stack of pages, I'm up to day 13!!

My cover was inspired by Janelle Wind's album from this year and last year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Janice - colour challenge

Janice has sent in her page for the colour challenge. It is the first time she has scrapped in the 8.5 x 11 size and i think she might be hooked!
"Tried something new for me and scrapped a 8.5x12 page.
Not much to this layout but I was happy with the way it turned out.
Loved this size and can see myself doing more of them. - Janice"
This is really WOW Janice. I love that Ali Edwards text box, overlay thingo - it is fantastic! Also totally LOVE those white rubons at the top. They are so delicate it almost looks like lace!
Beautiful - and beautiful subject too!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Marika - banner

Marika has sent in this stunning xmas page with a clever banner twist. The little xmas trees look just like a triangular banner stretching down the page.

This is lovely Marika. I suppose we will start seeing a lot of green and red layouts soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Banner Challenge- Sue

My banner layout that i completed at the 'cottage' friday night.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Maryanne - colour challenge

Maryanne has sent in a great layout which fits our current colour challenge. It is digi and I absolutely LOVE it.
Those lines on the kraft, the cool 'vintage' photo, the big 09 and that eyecatching splash of pink.
WOWOWOW. totally wow.

Sandra - a flower tutorial

Sandra has found and sent in a lovely little tutorial on flower making. She made this awesome bloom by following the instructions!

you can find the link to look at the instructions here!
Thanks for sharing this Sandra!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't forget...

there is only a few days left to register for our retreat classes.

Yes it seems a long way away still and tricky to get your head around decision making now for something being done in March 2010 but we really need to get our orders in so the kits are ready in time!

We have had a great response so far - thanks to those that have been quick off the mark!

Believe me - these projects are all amazing! You are going to kick yourself if you miss out.

Sunday is the deadline!

Tiff- light photo challenge

great silhouette Tiff. Lovely light.

Alison S - light photo challenge

Alison has sent in a stunning photo for our light challenge! This is brilliant!

Thanks for joining in Alison and sorry for the delay in popping it in here - we wanted to advertise our classes for a while!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

E2C 2010 - class details

We are very excited to announce our classes for our 2010 retreat and also a very special guest teacher!

Melanie Forbes will be coming to us all the way from Perth in WA! If her name sounds familiar it is because she is well published and a much sought after scrap teacher in WA. She is also a Design Team member for Twiddleybitz and 3 Angels Scrapping and has had guest DT spots at Sissey Kits and Scrapframes. She has had Honorable Mentions in the past 3 Scrapbooking Memories Masters Competition and is a finalist again this year.

If you would like to see some more of Mel's work and get a feel for her style check out her rocking blog - click here

Mel will be teaching one beautiful layout and we feel very, very lucky to have her onboard! Thanks Mel!

Ok so the class details are as follows :

1. You may book into as many classes as you like again this year. No limit at all. There is a total of 3 classes this year.

2. Payments for classes/kits will be required in FULL by 30th of November. If you foresee difficulties in making this time frame please discuss your options with Meredith.

3. Class registration will be open until Sunday of next week (22nd November) PLEASE DO NOT PUT THIS OFF OR YOU WILL MISS OUT.

4. Registrations to Meredith via email at:

5. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


IMPORTANT : Class kits/fees are non refundable.

Mel's Class

Meredith's Class

Amanda's Class

Marika - light challenge

Marika has a little something for all of us battling through this horrible heat.

Farm Beach last night.

Ahhhhh now don't we all feel better!??? What a gorgeous sunset Marika. I can hear the waves and feel the cool breeze just looking at it!

Sandra's - ribbon bag

Hi Sue.

I am spreading myself around between you girls. lol. Sorry if I am hogging the blog. Where is everybody?? Today I made this little ribbon bag. I admired Tiff's at the mini retreat and then I came across this blog and found this little bag in Teagan's box of unwanted things destined for the garage sale we were going to have 3 years ago. So this bag cost me nothing! and it is amazing how much it holds!! ( I have another bag put aside for when my ribbon stash grows.)

Well cheers for now.


Thanks for sending this thru for us all to see Sandra, very clever and you have it packed full by the looks!! Sorry for not posting it yesterday, had problems with my internet and then went off to work....

Hope everyone is keeping cool!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tanya - light challenge

Hi Amanda,

Hope you don't mind me entering the photo challenges!
Here is an entry for the 'light' challenge, it was taken in August (about the 13th I think) when we were heading back to camp after being at Wilpena Pound for the day, must've been nearly 7pm, as the sun was obviously setting. Luka needed a side of the road stop, and I saw this windmill in the distance, and due to having Tiff's bendy gorrilapod, I utilised the ultra slow shutter speed (infact I think I just did the 'sunset' mode on my camera), and wound the gorillapod onto the star picket and got this amazing picture. It's straight from the camera and I'm extremely impressed with the result!

Keep cool!!!

Cheers, Tanya
We don't mind at all Tanya! In fact we love seeing new faces :) What a beautiful photo - the colours look straight off a postcard!

Sandra - banner challenge

Sandra has utilized fabric in this gorgeous little page! Very cute and seems to be so appropriate for this first birthday layout! Love how you used lots of elements but it still maintains a sense of space. Gorgeous.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sandra - colour challenge

Sandra has been experimental again (fantastic!) and come up with some cheap and easy colour mist! Think food colouring and water in a squirty bottle!

She has used it here on this colour challenge page with great success! For a darker effect just up the dye to water ratio!

This layout was inspired by some work by Katrine Elverum.

Really lovely and feminine Sandra. You have had a lovely scrappy day!!

Half your luck - my room is far too hot and i cannot be bothered moving into the air con!

Sue's sketch - Sandra`

Sandra said ...

"The men in the layout are Garry's Grandfather Tom, his Uncle Eddie and Garry himself.

Uncle Eddie passed away a couple of weeks ago, and he has been on my mind I suppose, and today being Remembrance Day this photo came to mind and I had the urge to scrap it.

I just love the proud look in Grandfather Tom's eyes as he poses with his son.

I used Sue's Sketch Challenge as a guide and it came together pretty quickly.
Love the red lettering in the title and the journaling with the little alphas. All the embellishments are perfect. And the crumpled effect to the paper suits the layout very well.

You really do the vintage layouts so well ... actually you do all aspects so damn well!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiff - light photo

Another great shot from Tiff. Like Sandra, Tiff is seeing possibilities everywhere!

I wondered how long it would take before a light bulb showed up lol. A lovely clear, crisp photo Tiff. The colours are brilliant.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sandra - light photo challenge

oh this chook is on a roll with her light photos! I love how the sun streams through those petals!

Hi Amanda

LOVE this challenge, it has me looking at things in a whole new 'light' (groan I know that was sad, sorry!!)

I walked outside early this morning and spotted this calla (??) lily in the spotlight, so to speak. So, quickly ran inside and grabbed my camera and had a play :)

Well off to work.

Keep cool!

Cheers Sandra

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brigette - colour challenge and sketch

A very warm welcome to a long time lurker and first time (i think?) layout poster!

And omg she has knocked my socks off!

She has produced some stunning pages and is a wee bit nervous about them being so public but


here we go Brigette!! You should be VERY proud of what you do! amazing.

1. Colour challenge:

2. Sue's sketch:

I am sure you will agree that she has nothing to be scared of posting here on the blog. Nothing but support :)

Sue- light photo challenge

This challenge got me experimenting with my camera, and with the sunsetting over the land last night the colours in were beautiful.
These are straight from my camera, loved the grasses swaying in the breeze and the sun setting on them in the first one.

And this one too, the sun just easing over the rise of the hill. I was hoping like hell the snakes had all gone off to bed....with me crouching down in amongst the long grasses getting these shots!

A layout or two - Sue

Here's a couple page that i completed at the scrapathon to share with you all.

This one is a scrap-lift from the very latest Scrapbooks etc magazine, a layout done by Lydia Jackson. I loved the different tree on her me it was perfect to go with this picture of Rob and our kids & little ones. Photo taken by Amanda H.

This page came together easily, it was my 'Amanda Hall' style inspired page. This original photo has been sitting on my desk for ages, it has been a fav. of mine for years. Don't you just love the fashion that we are all wearing, and the old cars in the background? It's not a great photo with the blackend edges...but just had to use it!!

Thanks for your inspiration your work!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sandra - Xmas project

Sandra sent this photo of a completed Xmas project.

She says:

Hi Amanda

Just finished this off today.

It is a Kaisercraft Advent calendar with Graphics 45 paper.

And oh, leaves courtesy of Tiff... that chicks leaf stash is Amazing!!! (thanks Tiff!)

ps I can count, Ryan just thought it would look better with the numbers all mixed up!



Wow Sandra. This is absolutely amazing. So vintage and yummy! Gorgeous!

Light photo challenge - Meredith

I had another go this morning and feel like this one is a bit more interesting!! LOL

Light photo challenge - Meredith

Tiff - light photo

light challenge photo

one for the guys.
gotta keep our boys happy too dont we.


good one Tiff. Nice light.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sue's sketch & colour challenge - Marika

This is stunning Marika!! Love the photo - she is adorable!! The bow of ribbon, the stitching, the cluster at the top right ... just so gorgeous!!

Light photo challenge - Marika

Marika sent in these photos ...

Love the sun radiating out, almost on top of the clouds.

I had a little chuckle at this second one ...

Check out the three little flies buzzing around!! Very cute photo!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tiff - light photo

hiya a.
my light photo challenge response. I have a couple more up my sleeve that I need to work on first.
a bit of PS magic to create lots of mood. In case you didnt work out what it is, its a figure 8 wire twitch used to fasten two lengths of wire on a fenceline.


wow at your photoshopping Tiff. Looks like the sun is really belting in there!


little teaser ahead!

I now have all of our classes for the March 2010 in my hot little hands. Soon - very soon, the details of these classes, costs and registrations will be open to those who have booked to attend our E2C retreat.

Can i just say that the classes look AMAZING! I am gob smacked at what has been produced for you guys!!

Again this year, there is NO LIMIT to the classes - if you would like to do all of them you can - or if you would like to do none that is fine too. It is completely up to you how many you do.

There will not be a long time frame in which to book - probably only a week so get your thinking caps on as to how much time you want to spend in lesson and how much you want to spend on classes. All payments (class and retreat) to be paid in full by the 30th of Nov.

As i said, this is a teaser - all will be revealed soon with the details explained more in full then.

Again i will say that the classes look amazing and you will really kick yourself if you don't register!

Maryanne - light photo

Hi All -
I took these photos early sunday evening, and Im not sure if they do fit the criteria, but I really liked the effect of the sun through the clouds.


Absolutely stunning Mary. These are breathtaking. What a great capture of those rays - wow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sandra - light photo challenge

Hi All -

I took my camera with me to work today and tried to photograph something with light flare behind it.... no luck!! I ended up with just a lot of shadows and that diffuse thing you mentioned was just not happening.Then I spotted this sign... and there you have it... my 'light' challenge!

Any one that knows Relle knows that she loves the sun and quite often lays on the grass, playing with her hands as the sun streams through them... So I lay down next to her and took some shots of the sun through her perspective... and I must say I love the result... maybe not a light flare but thanks for inspiring me to take the shot... I love it .. and I can't wait to scrap it.

Great shots Sandra!! Love your quirky-ness of the first and yes i can see a bit of sun flare in the second! Fantastic!

By the way i wasn't meaning for everyone to try out sunflare - they were just my examples that i had on hand. You can interpret the theme of 'light' any way you would like.

And for diffuse light you need a beautiful bright but overcast day - a bit too sunny today. The cloud cover is the key for diffuse light. Good on you for giving it a go!

Great job again Sandra - i can't wait to see how others translate this theme into their photos.