Wednesday, March 30, 2011

that ticker...

well it felt like forever to get down into double digits, and then i panicked when it was down to single and now it says 1 day to go………………eeeeeeeek

Meredith, Sue and myself will head down tomorrow to set up.

Guest start arriving at 1pm on Friday.

It such a wonderful time - when all those 'loose' ideas come together to form something fantastic… well we hope you will think they are fantastic too!

To be honest the E2C retreat is more than just scrapbooking. 

It's about mum's having a well deserved break, women getting together. Having a laugh, a few drinks and enjoying finding time for themselves again. It's about not having to get up to children, deal with husbands or other demands on our busy lives.

I always find the Sunday goodbyes hard - because the retreat means SO much more than scrapping and when you say goodbye you are also saying goodbye to that little bit of escape.

So with that - bring on tomorrow's set up. Bring on Friday.

Bring on saying 'hello escape2create.' 

Bring on saying 'hello me.'


and don't forget those baby / toddler / under 5 photos of yourself for our 'who's who' game. The more that join in the more fun it will be.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oooh getting closer….

Hello, hello lovely ladies.
Well it is not at all long until we see you again. We hope you are SUPER excited and prepared for a fun filled, relaxing weekend. The final bits of our preparations are falling into place and after 4 years i think we may have planned you the BEST RETREAT EVER!
If you haven't started getting your class photos organized - then snap to it!
Go to the link below if you need clarification on what you need for your workshops / classes.
The classes and workshops are scheduled as following:
Friday evening - Michelle's Stamping Workshop
Saturday morning - Fran's two layouts class
Saturday afternoon - Tatum's two page layout class
Saturday evening - Lou's texture workshop
We would appreciate if you could also bring along large acrylic stamp blocks for Fran's class - if you do not have one DON'T PANIC or buy it specifically. Hopefully we can get enough on loan to pool our resources!
Again we will re- enforce some points :
1.  There will be 5 retailers attending our retreat and they will be 'onsite' for the entire weekend.  DON'T FORGET YOUR MONEY / PURSE / CARD / CHEQUE BOOK!
2. If you would like an iron on transfer for your t-shirt (black - supply own) please let Amanda know ASAP - . Transfers will not be given automatically to everyone in 2011 - so please ask if you would like one! 
3. The group photo last year looked fantastic with everyone in their black t-shirts - yes even the sneezing photo was brilliant!! We are hoping most people will join in and bring a black shirt so we can have a similar 'group' appearance this year -  even if you don't want a transfer. This group photo has been planned for 10.30 am on Sunday.
4. Our exclusive e2c Masseuse Mandy will be available Saturday and Sunday. Booking sheets will be circulating on Friday. This year Mandy has invited a friend to help her - Carly. They will both offer 30 minute back and shoulder massages for $25 during Saturday and Sunday. Please be mindful of your classes when booking your massage!
5. You will need to BYO esky and ice for your own BYO drinks (alcoholic or non) for the entire weekend. Ice will be available at the Nt Shields service station across the road to top up eskies as needed. Please note that there is no spare fridge space so personal drinks will be your own responsibility.  You will also need to bring your own wine glass / cocktail glass / cocktail ingredients. Blenders will be supplied. There will be a special 'eskie cubby' for all eskies which is near to your scrap area.
6. Make sure you have plenty of photos and projects to keep you busy for 2.5 entire days. Take much more than you think you could ever scrap and hopefully your creative mojo will floweth over!
7. Tea and coffee facilities will be available all day, evening and until the wee hours. Afternoon tea will also be supplied on Friday afternoon at 2.30pm.
8. A small selection of nibbles will also be available. If you have particular eating desires - bring them along for yourself to nibble on over the weekend. If you have a hankering for chips and cheeses please note that they will not be supplied this year. (sorry!)
9. Don't forget to pack bath towel, bedding and toiletries!!
10. There are 6 beds per room - 3 bunks. 
11. Arrival time is from 1pm on Friday the 1st. YES we have listened to your feedback and have opened the retreat doors much earlier than ever before. No early callers please.
12. The retreat will wrap up around 4pm on Sunday :( This is to ensure we have enough time to finalize retailer accounts, give us time to clean rooms and remove ourselves!
13. There will be a cuttlebug, sissix and some folders plus plenty of sewing machines set up at the retreat to borrow. If you would like to print journalling there will also be a printer / laptop. Please supply own paper/cardstock.
If you have a sensitive back or bum you may want to bring along a pillow or cushion as the chairs can become a bit hard after a few hours and we would hate that to interfere with your creative energy!!
We have a creative challenge to do prior to the retreat if you are feeling keen! We will display the tags on a wall at the retreat if there is enough interest. Absolutely no pressure if you do not have time.See the details in the link below:
Finally we would love you all to participate in a group fun activity. If you could please bring ONE baby/toddler photo of yourself OR photocopy of a photo of yourself as a baby/toddler along to the retreat. It doesn't have to be large (preferably with just you in it to save confusion). These photos will NOT be damaged, scrapped or copied in any way and will be returned to you completely intact. No names on back or labels on photos please!! If they could be dropped off to Amanda on arrival that would be appreciated. A guessing game of 'who's who' will follow!!
Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any questions or concerns. We would be pleased to help in any way possible and strive to make this a great, fun time for everyone.
Safe travels and see you at 1pm on Friday!!
Sue, Meredith, Kathryn, Val and Amanda,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

retreat girls.....

here is a little 'pre retreat' challenge. (No pressure if you don't have time or aren't enthused)

aren't these tags cute?!!

Make a tag inspired by above picture - using retro themed images and humorous wording to match. (simply print your lettering out onto office paper and cut to thin strips - Times New Roman font is most commonly used)

 'Retro housewife images' '50s housewife images' '50s housewife humor images' will pull up a huge range of pictures on Google images for you to use. The tags can be as simple or as fancy, interpret it how you would like - using your own style.

Remember if you are pressed for time - you do not need to stress about doing this. It's purely for fun!!

Do not sent them to be placed on the blog - save them for the retreat and we will display them over the course of the weekend.

you may find more inspiration here:

Anne Taintor

and to wet your whistle a little bit more:

Let your quirky humor shine through!

Rebecca- sketch challenge

A very warm welcome to Rebecca Cameron who has sent me this great page:

Hi Sue,

I popped over from Lou's blog and thought i'd have a go at scrapping using your sketch. Attached is my layout (it is a double 8x8).



Thanks for joining in here Rebecca, keep popping in, and see what other challenges pops up... would love to see more of your pages. What cute photos (in your layout) a great memory!!


Amanda - Sue's sketch

I've substituted one photo for the journalling and swapped a few things around…. changed it to a 6x12 double layout and bobs your uncle.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sandra - sketch challenge


Here is my interpretation of Sue's great sketch.

Miss T FINALLY getting her mobile phone ;-)

and to all the attendees.....

You must all be getting excited....the retreat is just around the corner!

I must admit to beign a tad disappointed that i can't make it (just a big friggin TAD!!)

I think i will miss catching up with you all the most...let's face it we can scrap at home....but what i REALLY love about the retreats is the social aspect. Roaming the room and looking at all the beautiful work, and coming away inspired.
Putting faces to names and then getting to know someone just that little bit more irl reallymakes it easier to communicate on the www later on, if you know what i mean? ;-)
Catching up with local girls and having a chin wag.
No wonder i don't get much scrapping done!!!lol but i do come away with so much mojo that i seem to scrap up a storm afterwards.

Have fun everyone!!
I am sure the E2C girls have one heck of a retreat lined up for you.

Sandra xx

Phew Sandra, i had to retype all that as my copy paste thingo not working- i hope i didn't miss any bits!! ;-)

Firstly sorry Sandra, for not posting this earlier! But wow, it was worth the wait ey!!! I love this, the purple and red colours is stunning!!.....and all those yummy flowers!! Thanks for having a go at my sketch.

Secondly, i am sorry you are not coming to the retreat either....we will all miss you and your inspiring work. I too love to wander around and have a social is fun to connect with all those very clever scrappers....all 65 of them!!!!!!


Marika - Sue's Sketch

Hi Amanda
just sending you a layout of my take on Sues sketch just started sorting through stuff for the retreat and got photos printed the other day can't wait.
Thanks Marikas

ooooh look at that dymo - stunning in red Marika. Also love the brads and layered embellishments.

Those bright colours look so good with Kraft don't they! Awesome interpretation.

And yes i can TOTALLY see where that cheeky grin comes from too…. i saw a lot of that look when i was a little girl :)


If you happen to pop into our blog please be sure and leave a comment for our wonderful ladies who support us, inspire us and encourage the blog to keep chugging along. We all love a bit of positive commenting - so please be sure and say hello when you have a peek.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dee - Sue's sketch + vintage retro page

A very big warm welcome to Dee - a long time e2c supporter and friend who is being brave and sent  her layouts to me to pop on the blog.


The first one is Sues sketch and wowee!!

love how you have interpreted this Dee  - such a cool collage of photos and papers and transparencies! And those delicious splashes of red are just perfect! You clever chook.

And Dee sent this one is as the papers have a real vintage / retro feel to them and they remind her of our 2011 theme…. awesome!!

Oh look at that cute little 'tan in trunks' advert! What a find Dee!! Love the 5c border (is that a whole sheet of paper?!) and how those OA letter stickers suddenly look so vintage! Beautiful stuff.

Thanks so much for sharing. It's great to see some new faces on here even if it's been a bit quiet and even if we have 'known' those faces for a very long time.

Hope you continue to send us in some more of your amazing work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sue's sketch - Lou

Hi Guys

Please find attached my take on Sue's sketch challenge :)

Waaaaa Hoooooo not long now :) :) :)

Lou xoxo

Wow Lou - Love the green with the black pen lines - looks amazing against the white cardstock!!


Thanks for keeping us company on the blog!! xx

Monday, March 14, 2011

e2c class requirements

Fran's Class
 Fran's two pages class details

LO #1 – one black and white photo 4”x6” (or smaller) landscape photo.
LO #2 – three x wallet size (2.5”x3.5”) photos in colour (any orientation) OR  2-landscape 4” x6” if you prefer.

 any photos / theme (Fran has used photos of her children and cousins playing - both girls and boys) Layout in cream and pastel tones.

What to bring to class:

sandpaper (or sanding block)
a scrap of white or off white card stock (6x6 is ample)
thin black permanent marker
foam tape
normal adhesive (double sided tape or whatever you normally use)
trimmer OR blade and ruler (whatever you normally use)

optional if you already own:
(there will be some supplied to use if you do not already own)
Foam 'paint' brush
spiral or ledger punch
tab punch
black staz on ink pad
edge distresser
stapler + staples

Tatum's Class
Tatum's double layout class details

three or four  4x6 (3 portrait and 1 landscape ideal but layout can easily be adapted to other combinations) colour photos
bright colours used on this layout. A fun theme : Tatum has used birthday photos of her son.

What to bring to class:
embroidery needle or sewing needle with a large eye
paper piercer
trimmer or blade and ruler (whatever you normally use)
adhesive (double sided tape or whatever you normally use)
edge distresser

Louise's Workshop
Louise's Texture workshop details
 What to bring to workshop ONLY IF YOU ALREADY OWN:
embossing templates
misting masks
heat gun
paints if feeling game!
(please note : glue sticks supplied)

Michelle's Workshop
Michelle's stamping workshop details
What to bring to workshop ONLY IF YOU ALREADY OWN:
any inks or stamps that you would like to use
heat gun
any tool or supply you have bought but don't know how to use!
It wont be long and our retreat will be apon us. Things are certainly heating up at e2c central and hopefully you are starting to feel that excitement building too.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's getting exciting ...

so not long now until the retreat ...

We hope you have read your last email about what to pack etc ...

Here are some sites that provide you with some extra ideas ...

packing for a crop / retreat ...

Balzer Designs

prompts for scrapping when away ...


planning your journalling ...


Leave us a comment about what you are up to, have you started printing photos or journalling or packing or have you done nothing and you will leave it until a few days before ... ????!!!!

Free printables site ...

Well I haven't posted any ideas sites for a while so here we go ...
Free sweet Printables

... go and check it out!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March sketch

HELLO, anyone out there????

It has been rather quiet around here lately ey??Hmmm.... Sorry for that, with renos happening, study trips to Adelaide and retreat plans all coming together it has been hard to find a spare moment. BUT i did manage to scrap at the weekend, and have drawn this months sketch from it.

It was a page inspired by a great scrapper- Jody Wenke a clean, quick, simple design which was a great way to start my scrapping inspo. Here's the sketch: (sorry about the wobbilly lines, but you get the gist ey?...heehee!)

Here's my page

Well, i hope this starts your monthly inspiration, and to those coming along to our retreat, time to start gathering photos, papers, paints & those bits and bobs together, time is ticking away quickly!!!

Look forward to seeing how you can change my sketch,

Happy Scrapping!