Friday, February 1, 2013

e2c 2013 update

Hi again all.

Well who can believe it is FEBRUARY already?! Time seems to be moving very quickly and before we know it March will be here and March equals retreat time!!

Lots of exciting details are falling into place behind the scenes. Meredith has been working hard and has secured some amazing prizes and giveaways- you will be blown away by our 2013 prize table! We are both pedantic about the decorations and making everything look very swish. The WOW factor means a lot to us! We have some really brilliant ideas coming together and can't wait to see it all in the flesh.

Food wise - all sorted. Mel, Kim, Leanne and the trusty he-man helper Andrew have the kitchen and meals covered. It all sounds delish. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Class kits are being sourced and we thank Sheoak Craft Cottage (Leah and Lindy), Scrapworkz (Leonie) and Shabby Chic Shack (Brigette and Karen) for all their hard work and support. We are so very grateful for your assistance and we certainly couldn't do it without you.

Some exciting news we can share with you is that Nat May will be having a small shop at the retreat selling many varied goodies that are not stocked by our local girls. This brings our on site shop total to 5. You can literally shop and scrap till you drop.

A couple of housekeeping reminders :

1. If you have not emailed a photo of yourself  ( already - please can you help alleviate that last minute rush by doing this soon. A high resolution (large file) head shot / selfie / portrait would be brilliant. They will be used for decorating purposes only and removed from any files after they are printed out for use at the retreat.

2. If you have not emailed regarding your sleeping / table arrangements we would also appreciate this soon. This will be the second year we have asked for preferences for bed and table partners and in 2012 it seemed to make things much easier on arrival. A poll on Facebook said that everyone was happy to continue with this pre-booking arrangement in 2013. Before emailing, please double check with everyone to avoid booking someone down who has sorted out other sleeping/seating partners. If we haven't heard from you please understand that you will need to be placed where we can fit you. Every endeavour will be made to honour your requests however we are ruled by the space available to us. The tables seat 7-8 and due to attendee numbers every table will need to be filled. This is not meant to cause angst or problems, and of course nothing is set in stone or cannot be changed (no seats are being engraved with names!) but hearing from YOU makes our job easier. 

Phew- that all sounds very technical and bossy! Sorry. In a nutshell the retreat is about YOU and we simply want you to have the best time with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Hope to hear from you soon
Amanda and Meredith.