Thursday, June 27, 2013

Inspired by : Project Life


Let's be honest... it's been around for years. That blocky 'Creating Keepsakes' type of layout... which then morphed into a monthly feature article and has now progressed to have their own special name and trade mark.

Becky Higgins was the original instigator and she must be loving how it has taken off in the past year or so. It is EVERYWHERE. Even if you don't 'do' project life, it's hard not to get wrapped up in what it stands for. It takes scrapbooking right back to basics - what we are here to do. Tell stories and create memories that a snapshot photo doesn't do alone.

The part that is so great is that it documents everyday moments - which i think can be glossed over or forgotten easily. I love the emphasis on the journalling aspect, the use of 'non perfect' photos and that your page can be as product driven as you wish. It is fantastic that it is all about the memory/ the story / the photo - not the product.

This is particularly evident at pinterest where there is a multitude of free printables or silhouette cut files.

This is exciting even for us 'non project lifers'... free stuff that is cute, and that you can make in your own home and personalise to your own pages.

The other option is to buy and there are many big companies jumping on the bandwagon. SNAP products and SMASH books are merely and extension of the whole Project Life idea. To scrapbook memories quickly with minimum of fuss.

Studio Calico paper 'me oh my' range

Simple Stories - SN@P studio stickers

Studio Calico Project Life kit

New SMASH book above and scrapped SMASH book below.

We have even seen the resurrection of the instant camera and increase in popularity of iPhone / instagram in preference to the bulky SLRs of a few years ago. It's all about capturing the memory quickly... not necessarily perfectly.

Luckily all these awesome type products aren't exclusively for use for Project Lifers... traditional scrappers can use these embellishments and incorporate the PL philosophy on their pages too.

In my opinion, nobody does simple, straight to the story layouts in a blocky but gorgeous style like Cathy Zielske.

layout  : Cathy Zielske

We even have a brand new Aussie e-magazine called 'jot.' which is dedicated to all things Project Life.

Have you been touched by the Project Life bug? How has this changed how you scrapbook?

If you don't 'do' project life, can you see any influence PL has on your pages?

We would love to hear your thoughts :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

trend watch : watercolours

I've been seeing this for a while now and in my mind nobody does it better than our own Kim Price. You can see some awesome examples on her blog - and there are even a few tutorials on how she creates her incredible backgrounds.

watercolour technique used on a stunning layout by Kim Price.

The Creating Keepsakes blog have also noticed this trend and wrote a 'how to' article on using this technique on watercolour paper last month. You can read it here. The article was inspired by this amazing layout by Mou Saha.

watercolour background technique by Mou Saha.

This article on Write. Click. Scrapbook. is an excellent resource to start with the basics.

Ironically while writing this blog post, I've just noticed this starlight foundation advert on TV using watercolours :

and finally Elizabeth Kartchner does a watered down ink and foam brush job in this video, combining it with resist stamping for a really cool imitation watercolour effect.

Does this inspire you to try a watercolour background for your next layout? What do you think of this technique?

inspired by….a challenge

I have just spent a little while looking at the blog of Russian scrapbooker Irina Teeshoom…. wow so inspiring!

Her style is eclectic but everything seems perfectly placed on the page.

Ideal [idea]

[BE] believe

Can you draw inspiration from her works and incorporate it onto one of your pages?

Do you have a favourite blog from elsewhere around the globe where their style inspires you to create?

Let us know what you think by dropping us a line in the comment box.