Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stamping more than 7 times - Meredith

Well it isn't very exciting stamping but I have achieved a lot more then 7 stampings!!

Colour challenge - Sue

There's mocha brown, burnt orange, olive green , some cream, and a little bit of pink. On boys pages i struggle to put pink and flowers....and on this one i have both....eeek.

But at least i have scrapped....a rare thing of late!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitchen inspiration - Marika

Just sending this layout nothing fantastic of my kitchen inspiration

... traced around 3 plates to make my circles of patterned paper.

Didn't come out that great as I scanned it and it was a bit bumpy and therefore shadowy.

Wow Marika ... love it - great way to get perfect circles with plates! Lovely colours too! Oh and you used the felt ... I must use some of mine!!

A great layout to remember the event - you are very good to take your children, I didn't get organised enough!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photo challenge - Meredith

On Amanda's suggestion!!
Hannah's birthday - 1/2 served - not sure how much cake was eaten as it was really dry - the recipe said to cook for 1 hour ... I think it was way too long.
Need to remember ... don't try a new recipe on a special occasion!!

Kitchen inspiration - Meredith

I think this might also qualify for the stamping challenge!!

Karen - stamp challenge

Hi Amanda,
I am sending a layout I did at our scrap night last week, I thought Id send it in for the stamp challenge. II scraplifted it from Kerry Lynn Yeary out of the Scrapbook Trends magazine (Jan 2009), I loved it that much I bought the exact stamp and the photo was taken by Tiff (thanks :)
Karen D

oh Karen this is so cute. Love the owls and also the colour that you have stamped them in (teal). The mix colours work so well on here too! Great job stamping!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amanda - more stamping

This one has 9 lots of stamping on it.

Inspired by Piper and her use of my versamark inks :- The little squares are the inks pressed directly onto the cardstock. (Five colours there)

I have also stamped the word FAIL (Four letters)

The scan is a bit blurry due to bumps with the buttons sorry!


Maryanne is sharing a fantastic new layout with us. This is brilliantly done...i am oohing over every inch!

She said that it isn't really fitting any challenge themes we have going but i say that it is nice to see something on the blog here whatever it may be!!

and this is FANTASTIC!
you do grunge so well Mary!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi Amanda,

hasn't been much on the blog lately just finished this one which I was pleased with how it came out.

Thanks Marika

ooh this looks great with the jumbo sized photo! What a very blustery day!! The red alphas totally pop on the green grass!

lovely and thanks for sharing your work Marika. Any pages welcome I say!

Retreat email list....are you on it?

Not only have the E2C girls been busy with the scrapathon in October but we have been thinking and planning our big March retreat also.

More news to come on this - soon!

In the past, the way we have opened registrations is by sending out a group email and blogging the details on here. This will be how details are circulated again this year.

I would like to ensure i have everyone's email address WHO IS INTERESTED in coming or getting retreat news as it breaks. Please note that this is NOT a registration to attend. I do have a list already but would like to double, triple check that you are on it.

If you are not on my mailing list for the retreat you might miss the breaking news! !

Last year our retreat was totally full, sold out, all seats taken within 2 days. In fact it was a frenzy of bookings in the first 24 hours with the bare minimum seats available on that second day.

Please ensure you are on my retreat email list by dropping me a quick line on . I would hate anyone to miss out by not having your name down!

Details for our major March E2C retreat will be revealed soon........ and registrations will be very soon afterwards.

Don't miss out!

Amanda - colour challenge

ok... not a lot of action on here and i haven't been feeling much desire to scrap either............

so i decided to scrap lift just to get the mojo and creative juices flowing! It worked for me so if you are feeling a bit scrap flat why not give it a go too?!

This was inspired and loosely lifted from the September Scrapbook Trends - a layout by Linda Sobolewski (page 65)

The journaling says :

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful bakery in our little town. It has the yummiest coffee in super, gigantic mugs.

Many lazy afternoons are spent in there with friends, sipping coffee, chatting and laughing.

I love my skim cappuccino so much i could have one 5 days a week!

I am definately going to scraplift again soon. I need a bomb under me to get motivated / inspired to scrap at the moment and it might just have to be a special scraplift bomb!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Amanda - stamp challenge

Hello yes i am back in the world of the www and computers - woohoo!

I finally managed to scrap this afternoon and it sure felt good!

This is for the stamping challenge. The circles are stamped (four of those), the big letters are stamped (another four) and also the date (two numerals)

A bit boring but at least i know that i *can* actually still manage to scrap!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay ... confession time ...

So I was thinking the other day about scrapbooking products that I have bought that I really

haven't utilised as much as the quantity I purchased ... get my jist?
Bought a bit but have hardly used any??!!

Mine is felt lace ... you know the stuff, really hard to peel off the backing and then even harder to stick on to your layout!!
So here begins the confessions ... post a comment on your guilty over exuberant purchases!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

1/2 and 1/2 Photo challenge - Tanya

Tanya said ...

"Couldn't resist putting this pic in for the photo challenge of Half & Half! Stella, today - Half dressed!!!".

Oh Tanya what a beautiful photo! Love how the colours under the tulle circle around Stella! And her eyes look great too! Very cute!

September Colour Challenge - Marika

Marika said ...
"I have just finished this page which fits the colour challenge. It is a lift from a page in the September ST Magazine. "

Thank you for getting it to us so quickly - lovely to have one of your layouts to have a look at!
Great photo, love the buttons and brads and the knot / bow above the journalling!!
And a really recent photo - oh I remember now that you were heading to Streaky Bay when I saw you last!! Hope you had a lovely break away!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Half and half photo challenge - Michelle

Here is my attempt at the Half Challenge. Haven’t had much time to think about it and determine what I could use, then this popped into my mind. Pretty obvious in the end for me.

Half a wall completed/half a house completed.

Wow that is a very exciting half a house!! Great thinking there Michelle!!

Photo challenge - Tiff's half and half

Tiff said ...

Attached is another photo for the 1/2 challenge.

1/2 black and white, 1/2 in colour.

or there abouts.

Beautiful Tiff!

Must make a daisy chain for Hannah while all those daisies are out at the moment - I'm sure she would love it!!

We interupt this service to announce ...

a text I just received in ...

Amanda ...
"Mercy dash to Port Lincoln - computer ..." unable to be printed ... " Might have lost the lot. Will not be able to access emails for a while."

So if anyone has any thing to be posted please send it to me (Meredith)!!!

Thank you. Here ends this broadcast.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Colour Challenge

Well the challenges aren't really coming in thick and fast and if you are like me you have barely had time to scratch yourself this month let alone scrap.......but here is another colour challenge which will hopefully kick us all back into that scrapping mode.

Another one based on the colorstory blog.

colours this month - burnt orange, olive green, mocha brown, vintage cream and a cute pink.
Please leave a comment saying hello if you drop by - just so Sue, Meredith and myself are reassured we are not just talking to ourselves!
Also don't forget about our SCRAPATHON in October. Details here Book now to secure a spot! Deadline looming soon!

Sue's -photo challenge

Hello there everyone!! Long time between posts ey??!! Sorry about's just been a busy and crazy time around here lately.

I have a very unintentional photo to share with you, that maybe could fit the half photo challenge!! If Maryanne can send in butt of a steer (which is just a great photo!).... hopefully this one will certainly be okay too!

You see, I was fiddling with my new SLR camera at footy (at Karkoo), focusing and snapping away on our son-in-law heading off the oval for quater time break in the B's. At the end of the day when going thru my photos (as one does when they got a new camera)....realised the setting i had it on focused on the subject closer than my SIL was......and i got a good shot of some young lads butt!! how could i press delete without sharing this with you all!!! :)
Hope you all getting some time for photos and to see it all soon.
(Note: please don't send any to me this coming week to post up as i will be away.)
Catchya all!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trish - photo challenge

Hi Amanda
Here is the left half of Fletch's head. We had this done while in Cairns in July. We love it.
Cheers Trish
LOL Trish - this is great - what a fun time that must have been, sitting for a cool caricature! Love that big toothy grin too. Fab interpretation of the challenge!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kicking back at 09.09 090909 - Trish

well after Fletch went to school, I made a coffee and sat on my front verandah. What a lovely way to start my day off (sorry Meredith.....).
PS the blog is doing great, fab LO's and photos to admire.
Cheers Trish

That sounds wonderful!!! Isn't coffee a wonderful thing!! Your scene looks very relaxing - good on you!!

It's all in the nines ... Sandra

Sandra said ...

My day off today (Ha! what's that??) and it's washing day.
So at 09:09 today I was washing.... and nearly fell over laughing when I saw the time left on the washing machine... it was not a set up I promise!! and sorry for the crap photo... embarrasing having this on the blog after Maryanne's stunner!

Good one Sandra ... aren't front loaders great although they do seem to take longer!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maryanne - photo challenge

This one has totally blown me away (no pun intended) A FANTASTIC photo with some BRILLIANT processing. I just love the antique effects (it is very detailed close up) and how you have done the 'choose to be positive'.
This is amazing Maryanne. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mini Photo challenge ... 09.09.09

In 2 days time it will be ... 09.09.09!!
So how about another mini photo challenge

... take a photo of what you are doing at 9.09am on Wednesday 9th Sept 2009.

Email them to me and I'll put them up here on the blog!

Once again I'll be at work but I'll try and be creative!! Stay tuned!!

Oh I think we need a photo ... makes a post a bit more interesting hey!!
The top photo is of the sage, in my herb patch, in flower - pretty isn't it?!
This one is our broccoli on 1st August 2008 ...
And this is our current crop of brocolli today!!

Just to keep you geared up for the kitchen layout challenge!! ;-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tiff - 7 stamping challenge

Hiya A.

This card for Fathers Day started off with the painted hand print by Sean. Then remembering the stamp challenge there was no holding me back. The zig zag stamp is a bit faint but its there.
Happy Father's Day to all Dads. I hope they all get breakfast in bed.
sorry this didn't go up earlier Tiff - been out spending time with Dad and Greg instead of infront of the computer.
I bet Kym loved it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maryanne - photo challenge

Hi amanda -Took this recently[and accidentally, not a deliberate ass shot]. of one of the school led steers. thought it fit the challenge.
cheers maryanne
fantastic! What a classic interpretation! Love it Maryanne!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marika - Sue's sketch AND colour challenge

Goodness all you girls are quick off the mark today!

She says:

Have just done Sues sketch - love them Sue they get me to do a page. I have also used pink and red which went well with this layout. I have a thing for those big ribbons at the moment love this stampin up one

I totally adore this one Marika! Awesome spotting with the red and pink paper! And oooh yes at that delicious ribbon!

Sandra - photo challenge

Hi Amanda

Here is my entry for the photo challenge. Do you see the cup as half empty or half full?

and also about another HALF a year to wait until the next retreat!! :(

cheers for now

LOL clever Sandra! Great out of the square thinking!

Here it is - Sue's sketch

Well, i got cracking on this late yesterday!! It came together quite easily with the new October Afternoon 'Road Map' papers....they are very yummy, they are good for boys pages!!

Can't wait to see your pages soon.

Photos by Tiff Firth.

Kylie - photo challenge

Photo 1: Max our Whippet - half dog, half kid ! Harry didn't want his jumper on during an afternoon walk this afternoon so we popped it on the dog just for fun !! It created a great laugh !

Photo 2: Half of Bree ... (I might just add - she can be half ratbag, half princess depending on her mood for the day !! lol)

ooh great shots Kylie. I really laughed at your dog all dressed up and your explaination 'half dog half kid'. Great 'creative' interpretation of the challenge!

Tiff - colour and photo challenge.

This is a frame Tiff made for Annie's birthday. She placed it on a red towel to photograph. Red can also be seen on Annie's collar in the photo. I am sure Annie will love it Tiff.

A great half of Sean! Lovely clear photo Tiff. His eyes look amazing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sue's September sketch

September is here already!!!! When the girls said the other day if i had my sketch ready, i almost freaked!! And over the past few days my brain has been a fuzz and not feeling like doing anything....but yesterday when i was in lincoln in the newsagents, i happened to pick up a scrap magazine (surprise pick up a scrap magazine)......(not even sure which one....a UK one i think) and saw something like this sketch.... so i have just drawn it up.... have a go. Hope it's not too simple....feel free to add some extras. The fine squiggly bits are rubon optionals....

Sorry i don't have an example to post as well.....but that will be a challenge for me to get it done in the next couple of days. :)

Wow, what a great selections of challenges here this month!!?? Good ones girls!!

Can't wait to see all your creations!!