Thursday, March 12, 2015

e2c 2015 newsletter

Hello e2c attendees- 

Not too long now until we see you again.. we can hardly wait and hope you are starting to get yourselves organised. We thought we would drop a few lines to you to go over a few points. 

Apologies to those who have attended e2c before and have seen our reminders, but we encourage everyone to please take a few minutes and go over the info in case anything has changed or altered in any way. 

Every year we tweak and change a few things in the way e2c is run and would hate anyone to disregard important info. 

For those who are newbies to the whole e2c experience - please also read carefully, but be aware that our retreat is incredibly laid back, friendly and we know you will have an amazing time. 

Some points to remember  :

  • there will only be one screen for a powerpoint 'step by step' type presentation.
  • sorry but there will NOT be individual printouts of the steps.
  • wifi is not available at the venue... you will need to have your own access to the internet. If you don't have internet access on your iPad / tablet you may be able to hotspot your phone. 
  • the QR reader app i have used with success is this one : It is free from the app shop. It will need the internet to work and direct you to the class instructions. The code to scan will be given prior to the class while at the retreat.
  • codes to only be used by those who have paid for the classes. Class organisation takes time, effort and considerable costs and we appreciate those who understand and pay for the privilege of being taught by some of the best in Australia.
  • if you are unfamiliar with how QR readers work you can practise with the QR reader at home before the retreat. Any QR code will give you a result and it should direct you and open a web page.
  •  If you do not have a device to look at the instructions online DO NOT DESPAIR. As said above there is one screen with the instruction projected on, or you can share a device with someone else and we will also have the teachers circulating discussing the step by steps walking us through the whole process in person.
If you haven't already sorted out your class requirements, time is running out! Please check here for details on what you need to bring. 

Being organised for the classes is very important (maybe a ziplock bag for each class) before the retreat and we would also ask for quieter, respectful chatter during the classes due to the number of people who will be trying hard to hear each and every detail the teachers have to offer.

The classes and workshops are scheduled as following (at this stage)

Saturday morning - Fiona Paltridge's class
Saturday afternoon - Leanne Allinson’s class
Sunday morning - Kim Price's class
Sunday afternoon - Chantalle McDaniel's class

Other times will be free scrap time!


  • computer and printer for journaling (no photos please). Please supply your own paper or card stock.
  • sewing machines with some coloured cottons
  • cuttlebug
  • punches
  • blender for drink preparation
  • typewriter

  • Remember that you do not have the table space to bring EVERYTHING! With 80 ladies attending we are sure that there will be plenty of items that can be borrowed. Our local ladies are very generous and certainly don't mind sharing.
  • Please pack a navy t-shirt (or black if you have an e2c collection!) for your t-shirt transfer and group photo. An e2c logo transfer will be given to each attendee in 2015.
  • A photo booth will be in operation again over the weekend. If you wish to participate there will be a one off, small cost.
  • Our e2c masseuse, Mandy has confirmed that she is able to attend this year and will be bringing a team to pamper you with manicures, pedicures (both with shellac), facials, and massages. There may also be sessions for energy reiki sharing and guidance readings from They will be available for bookings over the weekend at an extra cost. Prices will be passed on to you as soon as we know more. The booking sheet will be circulating on Friday
  • You will need to BYO esky and ice for your own BYO drinks (alcoholic or non). If you are a traveller, there will be plenty of local eskies that you may share. You will also need to bring your own wine glass / cocktail glass / cocktail ingredients. A blender or two will be available to use. There will be an extra special esky space for them all which is near to the scrap space.
  • Tea and coffee facilities will be available all day, evening and until the wee hours. A scrummy afternoon tea will also be supplied on the Friday afternoon (around 3.30pm)
  • A small selection of nibbles will also be available during the retreat. If you have particular eating desires or needs, please bring them along yourself.
  • Don’t forget to pack a bath towel, bedding and toiletries.
  • Thank you very much to those bedding buddies who have volunteered to bring extra supplies to our travellers. If you are unsure about what to bring or who you are paired with please contact Sandra -
  • If you need airport pickup and transfer to the retreat on Friday also please contact Sandra - Please note there is no transfers to the airport on the Monday. Taxi’s will be available at your own cost.
  • There are 4, 6 or 8 beds per room, in bunk configuration. As previously emailed to you, bedding (and seating) has again been allocated at your requests in 2015. We have tried very hard with both seating and sleeping arrangements to please everyone. If you are a light sleeper we recommend bringing ear plugs or other tools to enable you get a good night’s sleep despite shared (and possibly noisy) accommodation.
  • Arrival time is from 2pm on Friday the 20th. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY ARRIVALS PLEASE.
  • The retreat will end around 4pm on Monday. This is to ensure we have enough time to finalise retailer accounts, give us time to clean the rooms and remove ourselves.
  • any items that you bring to the retreat and have in the shed or bedrooms are your own responsibility. In the past we have spent CONSIDERABLE time finding lost or misplaced property. Please keep track of your own items. Lost, misplaced, or broken items are not the responsibility of e2c.


  • excessive amounts of stash. Please be fair to all attending. Space is at a premium.
  • blow heaters or fans
  • extension cords, power boards or electrical devices for the main shed. Phones can be charged in your rooms.
  • extra furniture, desks, trestle tables, card tables. Raskog trolleys are fine!


  • enthusiasm and smile
  • mojo, desire to learn something new and make new friends.
  • lots and lots of photos to scrap and projects to keep you busy for all of your days at the retreat. Take much more that you think you could ever scrap and hopefully some mojo magic happens and your creativity will go berserk!

Wishing you all safe travels and we hope to see you all very very soon.

Meredith and Amanda