Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello September!

Amanda's challenge.

Stamping - you will need to use those things that we all buy and collect but don't use that often!! For this challenge you will need to stamp at least 7 (seven) times on one page!!! Believe me that this will be as much a challenge for me as it is you as i love collecting stamps but don't use them like i should. Bonus points for using a stamp that is very old in your stash or has never been used before. Individual numbers and letters count seperately but it would be great if we could really stretch ourselves to be brave!

Sue's Sketch.

stay tuned!

Meredith's Challenge.

Okay here is something really off the radar!!

Use something in your kitchen to embellish or influence your layout.

Okay so I'm thinking you could use a docket from shopping or trace around an item to make a shape for you layout or a photo of some baking or a special meal that you love to cook

(don't want to give you girls too many examples - need to save something for me to try!!!!


Colour Challenge.

Since i forgot to change this one mid August(sorry!) i will do a little mini colour challenge for two weeks so i can get back on track. This mini colour challenge is inspired by our Scrapathon ad - use pink and red on a page TOGETHER. As usual you can add white, black or kraft if needed. Vintage roses are optional ;)

Photo Challenge.

this month is ........ one half.

Interpret it how you will. Think outside the square, be creative and show us your photos!

also don't forget to book into our awesome Scrapathon in October! Reserve your seat today as we have had heaps of interest already!

Amanda - photo challenge

I have only just realized that it is the end of the month and i haven't even done the photo challenge yet!!


ok the first person i thought of when setting this challenge was someone that i admired when i was younger. I kinda started collecting a few posters and books in my young tween / teen days.

This was my favourite image of her:

I am not sure why i liked her... i think I envied how desired she was, how she made a fuller figure look fantastic and her power over men. In the end though i guess i feel sorry for her as she seemed to lead a very lonely life in which she was desperate to be loved and never found happiness within herself.

Another person i really liked and did collect a few things was Princess Diana. I would have forgotten to pop her in her but the midday movie today reminded me. I remember watching the royal wedding on TV with mum and eating Girl Guide biscuits and drinking milo in the lounge while it was on. Back then i thought the whole thing was the most romantic thing on earth.

Again, another sad person who was desperate to be loved and never seemed to find happiness within herself.


Now onto more uplifting things (LOL) all the previous talk about books has made this month VERY expensive for me!! It made me start thinking of my teen books that i devoured back then and i have ended up finding and buying some favourites! Some were only available in the USA so it has been a bit of a costly way to remember!

An author that brings back strong memories for me is Judy Blume. I really loved all her books when i was 12, 13, 14 years old and had quite a collection. Recently i found Tiger Eyes on ebay so i have bought that and i read it within hours of it hitting our house. I also remember Forever which was quite sexual and i am not at all certain i want my 12 year old reading that!!!

Finally i will remember two more books - one called Amanda and the other called Jessica. They were part of the sunfire romances that were available from the school book club. Each novel was a historical romance. I think i got the Amanda one first just because it was my name, totally loved it when i read it and then got the Jessica book. Amanda was set in the wild west and her and her father traveled on the Oregon Trail in wagons and horses. Jessica was also set in pioneer America and she falls in love with an Indian......... In all of the Sunfire romance series each woman falls for two guys (one a bad boy and one the 'good sensible choice') and she has to pick who she will end up with.

I have also ordered these (from the US) and can't wait to revisit my teen reading!!

I think this is where my love of historical fiction began :)

Thanks for the memories this month girls! I have loved chuckling over the photos you have all sent in and I have sat here nodding and saying 'yes' to most of the pictures too as i can totally relate (in particular to the ADIDAS Romes! - oh i laughed when i saw those!)

Fantastic memories of the 80's.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Karen - colour challenge

Hi Amanda,
Just emailing a couple of things, firstly my attempt at the colour challenge. I did lift the basic concept from a LO in Scrapbook Trends (I cant remember who, so if anyone recognizes it let me know please :)) And second a LO I did the other day of the retreat photo, which I must say is completely inspired by your blocky style ATM (which I LOVE)
Karen D

Oh Karen. These pages are fantastic. Love the colour in the first one - and those cool overlapping alphas and also that semicircle with the rubon behind in the second. Those green alphas are totally yum too! In fact how you have used green in that page is great - it really draws the eye down the page!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

to clarify...

After a chat with Sue last night, we decided that perhaps we should clarify exactly what this scrapathon is about.

While we had been discussing it for a while (Sue, Meredith and myself) the whole idea seemed a bit daunting.....

there was a date that had to be decided and booked. With footy, local shows and then windrowing we knew it would be tricky to fit it in.

and then there was the pressure of it all and this is basically what this post is about.

If you are coming along to this please do not expect a retreat like we have in March. There will be no goodie bags, no classes, no competitions, no prizes. It is quite simply an opportunity to sit and scrap as long as you want, sleep over and scrap again the next day. You will be disappointed if you expect all the bells and whistles of our March retreat.

Sue, Meredith and myself would love to go to a retreat where we can just sit and scrap with the rest of you. Kick back and enjoy without the pressure of organizing classes, food, kits, goodies, giveaways etc. Don't get me wrong - we love doing this for our March retreat but it is a big stress time. Nothing at all relaxing for us about it.

This is a total NO FRILLS basic scrapathon.

At Karkoo there is also no bed situation. We will be camping out in an old hall - in swags on the floor. (byo swags!) Unless you want to bring your own caravan or sleep in the car. Again - nothing fancy. It is very basic and that old hall is very cold so bring lots of blankets!!!

We would love as many people to come as possible and i know it will be a great success with everyone pitching in but we wanted to clarify that everyone is on the same page with how basic this will be.

Just a big girls sleep over with no frills.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

anyone up for a mini escape?

scrapathon , originally uploaded by *AmandaH*.

Stayed tuned ...

I think later today there will be a little bit of information posted that may be of interest to some of you.

For those of you who have been enjoying junior sport today you may already know!!

We already have our first "YES".

Oh by the way it is something this year, not next year!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Maryanne - text on photo AND pinwheel

SORRY AMANDA..............for another cosmo cricket LO...sure youre so sick of them by now, but have had them just sitting there and havnt scrapped at all for ages, so I really had to start using them.LOL
This is a crappola page, I dont like it,but fits the text on photo and the pinwheel so sorry but youre stuck with

WOWWOWOWOWOWWOW Maryanne. I CANNOT see what is so crapola about this page - in fact i think it is bloody brilliant!!! Everything about it rocks - i so love that you stitched right through the pinwheel - fantastic. And zingo at the colours - totally right in your face and i so love that! You have a grungy style that i cannot get enough of!

A great photo also by Tiff (i think?)

Congrats also on another acceptance Maryanne - the 'not perfect' layout! woohoo!

Michelle - sketch challenge

Nice surprise in my in box last night, thanks Michelle!!

Great page Michelle and love the pretty colours you have used! Those flowers look just perfect for this one!!

Thanks for the challenge.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marika - text on photo

Well Marika has had a productive morning! And she is glad to be finally free to scrap! She said in her email -

How good does it feel to scrap?? good for the soul I think!

I totally agree Marika - when pages flow together and you are in that scrapping groove it feels great to get that creative release!

This page is BEAUTIFUL!! Love the big red and white dotty paper and how you have left the side black for a bit of space. Stunning paper choices (gosh we are all totally in love with those Cosmo Cricket papers aren't we!!? They are so bright and cheerful you just have to love them!)
Fab journalling too i can relate to trying to get the perfect photo of the kids! Very difficult to get 6 eyes and three mouths coordinated. Must be even tricker with more kidlets!

Sandra - text on photo AND pinwheel

This layout is a scraplift of a layout by Carrin Sofies (European)I wanted a fun layout to match the photo. Writing on the photo was quite stressful. My handwriting is Sh!# and then the pen decided to play silly games... At least the layout lends itself to bad handwriting. lolCouldn't think of an embellishment for that corner.. then the pinwheel idea came into my head.. so 2 challenges in one.

Well done Sandra - your writing on the photo suits the page! I totally get what you mean when you say 'stressful' i felt the same way too - but good for a one off challenge!
Love your hand drawn border, that yellow stuff (paint??) and that cute little pinwheel. What an awesome FUN layout.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sandra's - sketch challenge

Hi Sue!

FINALLY scrapped! I have had no mojo lately... the ideas are flowing, but just can't seem to get any scrapping done.Here is my layout for the sketch challenge.The photo is of the kids great grand parents arriving in Australia aboard the Barrabool in 1923.Tom is the second from the left, holding Uncle Eddie, next to him is Lucy with Aunt Hilda and Auntie Ethel is sitting on the left.The picture on the tag is of the Barrabool, which I found on the net.

Hopefully my next layout won't take as long!

hmmm pinwheels....

WhooHoo...Sandra's back!!! What this about no mojo, this page is just fantastic Sandra.....just love everything about it!! You do vintage so well and i particularily love the rope and the picture on the tag!! Arn't those old photos just so precious!!

Now waiting eargerly for your pinwheel page :)

Amanda - text on photo

last week I said to Sue and Meredith that i was a bit disappointed that there had been no handwriting seen on the photos for the text challenge. In view of this i thought i should lead by example.

Everyone that knows me, knows that handwriting on layouts just isn't my thing......but this is what this blog is all about - challenging ourselves. So i thought i would step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. It still isn't my thing but at least i tried!

The journalling on the photo reads -

Winning the B Grade grand final last year meant the world to you. After so many years playing you finally had a premiership! Right now you are 3rd on the ladder. It's in the palm of your hand. There for the taking. Inspire those boys of yours and grab it.

Wishing EVERYONE good luck in the footy/netball finals :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sue's got another pinwheel!

Howdy All!! What a busy week, back at work and haven't had a moment to scrap! (don't we hate that!!!) Started this a week ago at the scrap night....and i haven't scrapped since then. This needed a finishing touch, and the pinwheel was just perfect (i thought!).

Hope to see some more LO's soon!

Tiff's in - Sue's challenge


My sketch challenge for the blog. It's (loosely) based on Sue's sketch with a few different elements of my own just to personalize it.


Thanks Tiff, for sending this one through. Yep, can see the sketch layout the colours, a little bit christmasy. Those flowers are cute too!...saw you rolling them at the scrap night, they have turned out good! Great LO Tiff!

Tiff also sent along a close up of the flowers to share with us .... so cute arn't they? Love those velvety leaves too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trends ...

Well I am obviously not a trend spotter!!

Follow this link to this person's thoughts on scrapbooking trends from the recent CHA (Craft & Hobbies Association) show ...

Leave a comment with which ones you like ...

I thought some of the trends she noted were actually a bit older ... see what you think ;-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

fav. blog for photo inspiration

This link is hopefully on our sidebar (off to check in a sec) so you may have noticed her work before.

I just love looking at her blog - her photography is nothing short of amazing. I am always in awe of how she captures the feeling of the moment, you can almost see the love oozing from the pores in her family shoots. A real personality catching photographer.

Tara Whitney

I know she is a fav. also of Meredith so i apologize if i going over old ground again here!

this photo session in particular really makes my heart go thump. Absolutely everything about it i am in love with.

recently she has added another dimension to her talents by teaming up with another creative soul - Michael Sandy.

Tara does still shots and Michael does a short movie.

Here is one of my favourites - Emily Falconbridge who is a fellow Aussie and scrapbooker AND lucky friend of Tara's.

here are the stills and here is the movie. If it takes a while to load for you please be patient. IT IS SO WORTH IT. Don't give up on it. Watch and be awed.

I dont even know this family but felt quite emotional while watching the movie. Beautiful stuff.

I think the thing that i love the most about Tara's work is how inspired i feel after i see her images. Her work is colourful and natural - capturing perfectly the moment without any feeling of contrived, set up images. Just love it.

Kathryn's - 07.08.09 photo challenge

4.56pm on 07.08.09

About this time on this date I was at Pt Sinclair, near Cactus Beach out of Penong, with the family, trying to catch a squid from the jetty with no luck.


Thanks Kathryn for sending this in, what a beautiful picture, i think we all wished we were there!! Bad luck with the squid!

Monday, August 10, 2009


is on fire!
She says :
On a bit of a roll better get back to some house work. A lift from SC No 68(vol 8 No 5)
oooh lovely! That dictionary B page is fabulous in there - and i really like how those buttons look so randomly placed but exactly 'right'. Your eye for colour is brilliant.
I agree = when on a roll .............stuff the housework!!!

Marika - pinwheels, photo text AND Sue's sketch!

boy oh boy this is sooooooooo good! Love those journalling spots - particularly the date one *wink wink*

Fantastic Marika .....although now i am not sure what you are going to do challenge wise for the rest of the month! eek!

(feel free to do more from one challenge and send it/them in though)

love the colours in this one - that yellow title is perfect.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tiff - text on photo

I did this photo collage of my Saturday night bevies while away in Adelaide recently. So I could remember which one was which, I journaled the name of each cocktail on that pic. I curved some of them to follow the roundness of the glass as well.
Top weekend and top cocktails too!!
good one Tiff.

Amanda - Sue's sketch

Text on photo challenge - Sue

Rachel took this photo of herself and her boys....and i love it because it really zones in on all their eyes. But there is some over exposure on Evan's forehead... (she was holding kids with one arm, the camera with the other short arms know what i mean??) thought it was just perfect to put some text onto this one to help cover that up.

07.08.09 mini photo challenge - Sue

At 4.56 070809(pm) i was busy getting all my scrapping things together to go to the scrap night at the cottage in Cummins.

Can't wait for the 0909090909 ......(have i included enough 9's?)



Hey for those who missed out on Friday with the mini photo challenge ...

next month we can do it all again with ...

09.09 (the time) on 09/09/09!!!

Cool hey!!

I will post a reminder ;-)

Pinwheel challenge ... Michelle

Oh my goodness Michelle I am loving your photos lately!!

And by the way ... love the pinwheels, alphas, your patterned paper selection and placement of embellishments ... it all looks amazing!!

Thank you so much!!

07.08.09 mini photo challenge ... Tiff

Tiff said ...

at 5.06 and 07 seconds Sean and I were in IGA. I did get a few strange looks and some indulgent smiles while I was scrabbling on the floor to get the angle in Sean's photo.
And I picked up a now not very often Ice Coffee. Still find it hard to quit it completely. LOL.
Wow Tiff didn't realise you were trying to kick the habit ... ;-)
Good luck with it!! I have found lately that I really look forward to my coffee ... not a good sign I reckon!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tiff - photo challenge

Flash Dance really is vivid in my mind from ‘back then’. A chick that was a boiler maker. Whoo Hoo. That impressed me. And boy could she move that body and shake that ‘thaaannnngg. Go girl power.

Pseudo Echo had the band big hair down pat. Back in their Funky Town days. And they were the first album I bought. Still on vinyl back then and it was a little one with an A side (Funky Town) and a B side. I don’t recall what that one was.

Ahhhhh. Those sexy (not) lege warmers Werent they all the rage. And fingerless gloves too!!

Tom Cruise sliding into the doorway in Risky Business with that shirt and ohhhh on those lovely legs. I don’t recall much of the storyline in this movie but I do recall this bit vividly.

Hair gel and mousse came onto the personal grooming market. And so began the era of big hair dos

Fantastic memories Tiff. LOL at all of us reminiscing!

07.08.09 mini photo challenge ... Tracey

Tracey said ...

Here are my photo challenges.
I went out at 4:56pm on the 7/8/09 and took photos of two giggling friends on the motorbike (checking to see if they are obeying the rules!!)

One child on the wall of the verandah awaiting her turn of the motorbike
and the remaining child manhandling the cat also waiting for her shot.

PS Sandra, yours is doing the driving, I hope you have nothing against motorbikes!!!
Great photos Tracey ... they really create a story ... can;t wait to see these scrapped!!

07.08.09 mini photo challenge ... Jane

Jane said ...
on the 4.05pm and 6 seconds mykids were getting off the bus and hopping on the back of Paul's ute to drive home.

then at 5.06pm they were on the trampoline as they usually are......sorry 'bout the blurry photo...

Great shots Jane ... thank you for sending them in!! The boys look pretty happy too!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

07.08.08 mini photo challenge ... Meredith

4.05 6 seconds on 07.08.09

Not a technically correct photo ... taken in the shade with an ISO of 1600 and a flash!!

But hey a different effect!! And how hard is it to get 4 kids to co-operate ... impossible!!

7.8.09 10.11am mini photo challenge ... Kylie

Here's a snap from this morning ... on 7/8/09 at 10:11:12am (well, probably not 12 seconds exactly!!)

Not very creative photography, just a photo of a typical morning in our household atm ... Bree still in her PJ's, Harry nursing our joey, fire going every day (not that you can see it in the photo - too much soot on the glass !!) ... and 2 missing - Ted at work and Charlie at school !


Thank you Kylie for joining in ... I am going to do mine this afternoon ... at 4.56pm or 5.06pm!!

7.8.09 10.11am - mini photo challenge - amanda

This is what i was doing at that time. Going for my walk with two naughty labradors. Set on timer so i could be in the shot too :)
Can't wait to see some more photos taken today.

Trish - photo challenge

Mork and Mindy.

Pac man
Little House on the Prairie

Basil Brush
A Country Practise

The Skyhooks.
Trish says:
Now I wasn't lucky enough to watch some of these cos my mum had a word- "piffle". But does this bring back memories or what LOL. Cheers Trish
Great memories Trish! I can only just remember watching Little house on the Prairie and i know that it was a fab show - each episode seemed to have a lovely moral.
i found this little snippet of Little house on youtube. And this is the opening title here. It certainly brings back memories!