Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Escape2Create 2016 update ...

Some of you may be wondering where Escape2Create is heading in 2016 retreat wise. Because we value open and honest communication we would like to keep you all in the loop and give everyone plenty of notice of our plans.

Unfortunately, due to a long term lease which clashes with our booking, the Lions Hostel (the normal e2c venue) is unavailable for us in 2016.

We have looked into all available options and rather than cancelling the retreat outright, we have decided that the best and most appropriate venue will be the Port Lincoln Hotel.

For those of you of familiar with the Port Lincoln Hotel here is a link to their page ... http://www.portlincolnhotel.com.au/

We realise that this will change the dynamic / vibe and the cost will be significantly different. However we are looking at offering two options to make the retreat reasonable for what e2c and the hotel can provide.

So the dates for 2016 are ... Friday 24th June to Sunday 26th June.

We have also booked two very exciting teachers for 2016.

We have booked the Lion’s Hostel for 2017 and we will revert to our normal venue and program (vibe and dynamic!) then.

We welcome any questions (here or  email to john.treloar@bigpond.com ) and look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Thank you for your understanding.

More details to be posted soon.

Amanda & Meredith xx 

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