Friday, February 27, 2009

Challenge 28 - rubons

Challenge time again....and i challenge you to use rubons.

i love them , one would never guess as i have a whole tub full of them :). There are all kinds about - alphas, words, birds, florals, swirls ....whatever you like. And i don't use them anywhere near enough.....

Hopefully you all have some to splash about on your pages too.

Here's my page

There are rubon swirls, journalling, and a few word etchings under the black tape.

So good luck and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amanda's hand

When i first started writing my handwriting looked a lot like Mums - very rounded. Then at Uni I started scrawling to get notes etc. during lectures and so i hate my lowercase writing. When i started working i began to write in uppercase all the time as i found it looked A LOT neater. This is kinda weird in a way as my Dad has always written in upper case. So i guess i have come full circle with it all.
I dont mind my writing but it isn't really scrapbooking type of lettering.
Here it says -
It's been amazing since Georgia broke her arm. Kelsey has been carrying her school bag (at times) and Piper has been kind and gentle. I wonder if it will last?
PS. i really did try and bugger it up many many times BEFORE i got to the handwriting bit - stamping, date stamp and paint!!!

Jenny's layout ...

"This is my attempt. I tried several ways of handwriting it, but in the end this is how I really write things and I'm still using my hand, so technically, it should still fall under 'hand written'.
This is a photo of my eldest and his cousins after playing cricket on christmas day 1992ish, and we have played 'Christmas Cricket' every year since then. Only now we play on the Cummins Oval to save my garden and the boys hit so more powerfully now and it's hard to get the ball back so many houses down. It also makes it easier for other families to join in, it has become quite a group event.

Jenny F"

Thank you Jenny ... love the torn edges and the tag with the journaling. What a great memory to document!

Hope we get to see a few more layouts with handwriting!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tiff's template

had a bit of a trip down memory lane with this one.

Between Amanda and I, we had a number of pics from E2C08.

So the template challenge was perfect.

I used this template from here .

LOL. trust me to pick the busy one. Its an 18 photo blog collage.

so after fiddling a bit and reminiscing this is what I came out with. This prints out to an 8in x8in I think so I can use it for hybrid scrapping.

Monday, February 23, 2009

talk to the hand 'writing'

You got to HAND it to Maryanne. She's pretty HANDY with the scrapping. And she's getting a HANDle on her new camera. Hence the LO. Oh, it also has her HAND writing.

Maryanne says "heres my handwriting page. [yep its there in a stamped journal box].looks s**t.scraplifted from moira although her LO is fantastic"


Thanks to Sandra I reckon everyone will be doing lollipop flowers and templates.
I have included a video tutorial link for drag and drop templates, courtesy of Scrapbooks Etc.

This is based on Photoshop CS3.

It would be a good idea to take notes to save watching it twice (even tho I did notes, I still watched it twice LOL).


how about we make that a bit of a mini challenge for those who have done the handwriting one. Email them to me and I'll post them. Amanda and I will be away as of Friday so email your creation to Meredith please.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

submit submit submit submit submit submit submit submit submit.

Sandra. You have absolutely out done yourself.

I know you have done these cards to give, but I would strongly recommend you submit these and see how you go. Nothing to lose.

The website to check out Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft is here. I reckon you should sub these to all the mags.

In case you cant tell, I lurve these very very much. Before anyone else asks, where did u get those lace leaves and rose.??

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sandra's Lollipop flowers

I have just watched this on line You Tube video of how to make the flowers that Sandra made on her layout ... here.

I think I'll be making some of these soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Sandra ... why oh why??

Quote Sandra ...

"Oh you are SO SO cruel Meredith!

Here is my entry for the handwriting challenge... needless to say I will be covering that mess in the corner up somehow a little bit later! lol

I have set myself a challenge this year.... try and do something new with each of my layouts... and with this layout I have done a digital photo collage... Leanne Stamatellos uses them and they look fantastic ... thought I would give them a go!

Thanks to Tiff who helped me out! ... otherwise I will still be pressing that blasted file ... open ... button!!!

great challenge Meredith ... I think a few of us have been taken out of our comfort zone!

Wow Sandra ... love the colours in this one, love the title colours, great photo collage too!! And I hope you don't cover up that writing ... It looks great!!

My next door neighbour!!

Sorry about the delay in posting this one ... between circuit class, work, a very, very desperate haircut trip to Port Lincoln, getting tea and a glass and a half of Sauv Blanc I just remembered that I hadn't posted!!

"Howdy Meredith,
Attached is my layout, this is a lift turned sideways. I found this really hard as I don't collect journaling spots and therefore don't have much of a selection. I also tried using colours I don't normally go for. Note the absence of PINK. Pink is so me and with three girls they have no choice it seems to be so them as well. I have done journaling on other layouts but I though I should get off my butt last night and do a new one. Cheers Tracey"

Tracey ... beautiful flowers, gorgeous photo, love the spotty background paper, great journaling "spots".

Great work all round!

Irene's Christmas present.

Hiya Irene.


Irene showed me a couple of pics last night at Scrapworkz in Port Lincoln of her Christmas present.

Her very own creation station.

Irene had an area in her home fitted to exactly her requirements. She says that her very dear DH had enough of Irene's nagging (Irene's word, not mine) and finally got his bum into gear.

I asked Irene if she could send in the pic so I could post it, as we had a 'show off your scrap space' a while back

and just to top it all off, have an good look at her outer scrap space. How divine. Esp with the wine glass. All class.

if any of the 'newbies' ;D would like to send me a pic of their creative space pls email me and I'll post it for you.

have a great weekend.

ps 3 weeks today, 3 weeks today. hip hip hooray.


Zan's on the blog

great to see you here Zani. U have provided some very upbeat banter in the comments.
We LOVE it.

Zani dropped into my inbox her LO in response to the Handwriting Challenge. Your style of writing is so neat. You should be proud of how tidy and clear it is.

Great layering and nice and bright.

I spy ric rac on this one. Your title is very eye catching

Great to see you showing off your stuff.

For anybody else who wants to send in your LO for the challenges, (current or past) this is how you do it.
1. save your pic off your camera or scanner as a JPG on your computer.
2. go to that file on your computer.
3. Right click
4. Send to
5. Mail recipient
6. Yes to make pictures smaller *this is an important step*
7. Your email window should appear with the pic already attached.
8. Type in one of our email addresses (find them on the right hand sidebar on this blog)
9. Type in your blurb and Send

Thursday, February 19, 2009

tools and extra bits needed for each class

You will need to bring some extra items for the classes. Please refer to the class you are attending and ensure you have these items.
  • ALL CLASSES - paper cutter/craft knife, scissors, cutting mat/mouse mat, double sided tape/xyron 510, sandpaper, dymo labeler
  • TIFF'S INSPIRATION JOURNAL CLASS (SATURDAY AM) - emery boards or sandpaper, tape runner/sticky tape, dimensional magic, paper piercer/needle, blue, pink and green dymo tapes (around the block tapes), various rubons, hole punch. Please ensure you have a full roll of double sided tape or a full cartridge of adhesive for your Xyron, sewing needle with big eye (for threading stranded cotton through)
  • AMANDA'S 2 LAYOUTS CLASS (SUNDAY MORNING) - black staz-on ink (if you have it), normal black ink (a bit old and shabby is good), sharp lead pencil, pritt glue, black gel pen, ruler, large and medium circle punches (if you have them), stapler.

life's little moments

Gosh I struggled with this one.

This is my second attempt at a journal spot. The first one looked awful and I had spelling boo boos and I just didnt like it.

So after poking thru my scrap paper stash I found my solution. Who says you cant put pink and red together. I cut out the heart shapes in the PP and used that 'window' as my journal area. I wrote it in pencil first to make sure it fits (big tip) and ruled some lines to keep it straight.

Another tip, if u have a sharp pin end on your LO, put a little itty bitty dot of dimensional magic on the sharp end so its puts a little ball of product on it. no more 'sharps' to be pricked by.

just have a looksie at this.

Sandra has extended herself and she has excelled well beyond measure. U have such confidence in your work now Sandra, its truly wonderful to see.

just wowsers at your lolly pop bloom. I am loving all the textures in it and in the torn layers to reveal the doullie.(spell check pls) Great pins too. Suits the shabby theme perfectly. the buttons, the oh so adorable pic ( I am a sucker for little tootsies).

This was a challenge entry that Sandra entered at Puzzle Sketches.
Good luck chick.
I think we all should pop over there when this one is loaded up and give it a vote.

i got attitude!

NOT me, but my darling Grandson!! This pic just popped out at me with those words! Trying to get a photo of this one smiling is a mean feat, let alone with a attitude smirk.

I did this page quickly yesterday before i went to work - which for me is amazing, as i am such a procrastinator when it comes to putting a page together!! And i even used hand writing.....not that i can say mine is anything fancy, but i guess it's mine!

One she prepared earlier ...

... but not that much earlier so they are fresh!!!
"Hi Meredith,
I have a couple here to show you. After seeing you all scrap away on Friday night, I had the urge and I spent all weekend scrapping!! (think I've done 5 or 6 LOs, that would have to be a record for me) The first one I did last night and the second one I did on Sunday, I have done a few lately with handwriting, and I LOATH my writing!!!
Karen D"

Wow this is fantastic Karen ... love the red background patterned paper, the photo is very clever, the ribbon stunning for a shot of colour, the embellishments are beautiful and a cute journaling spot!!

This one ... quite different from your previous and your usual style ... very grungy!! Suits the theme of rock band really well, the red flowing through the layout is excellent and those manilla tags (available at newsagents and scrap shops) are fantastic for journaling tags.

If you took that photo you must have had a great seat!!

Fabo work again Karen!! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Challenge 27

Okay ... are you ready girls??!!

This is the challenge that has Amanda tremoring slightly in her Crocs!!

It had me lying in bed last night wondering how I was going to do it ...

So with out further ado ...


Yes Sandra you were on the money!!

The rules:

1. It has to be your handwriting, not your child's or any one elses!!

2. It must not be computer generated (for those of you clever enough to do that!!)

3. It must be at least 10 words. Longer, even much longer, would be fantastic!!

4. Preferable that it is journaling rather than random words.

Think about how you could do your hand writing

... journaling strips, long strips or chopped up strips with a word per piece

... journaling tags or spots, there are lots of these out there or make your own.

... around the edge of your page or photo.

... on your photo, check that your pen will work on a scrap piece of photographic paper. This can look very effective.

... stamp a journaling balloon or lines and write away

I have been noticing that some magazines have had a lot of handwriting LO's lately so grab a mag or head on line for some inspiration!

Here is my layout ... and my hand writing is very average.

Please email your layouts to me ... my email address is on the right side bar!! Can't wait to see your handwriting!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sneaky peeky.


The entire kit is packed.

For those who booked in for the 'inspiration journal' this is your sneak peek.

Cant give away any more secrets.

Wouldnt be a suprise then would it??


double's done!

This one is inspired and loosely lifted from CK Vol 13 issue 3 page 107 by Wendy Bretz.

new challenge time..........................................

Well i am not going to tell you because i am scared.

bloody scared of this one. In fact it TERRIFIES me. Worse than stamps or paint this is something my nightmares are made of.

Meredith mentioned the idea to me a few weeks back and i have been stewing ever since. I know she is dreaming up this next challenge right this minute and will post it soon when she gets 5 mintues to jump on the www. (that chook is flat strap at the moment let me tell you!)

so until then you will have to think up and try and guess what torture Meredith is going to challenge me/us/ everyone with!


Monday, February 16, 2009

double take.

whit woo Jenny
just how cute was your little man. Can completely understand about him not being okey dokey about stockings. I hate them too. I do really like that pic of his scuffed up jiffies.

Journalling says When you were 3 you took up ballet

And you really enjoyed it
Come concert time you had to put on
You refused to go anymore.
The frilly bib and the blue velvet top and ballet
were fine but the stocking were just
too too much.

love this Jenny. He'll hate it of course (snigger). The transparent heart is lovely, the journal strips, the damask paper.

All gorgeous.

Great take on that first sketch chick.
great to see you back here too.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

more tantalizers.

getting excited yet??????????

we are!!!!!!!!!

cranking up the excitment

Hi girls :)

Yesterday Meredith, Tiff, Val and myself (lucky Sue got to go fishing in their new boat instead!) started packing kits for the retreat. All very exciting stuff - it feels so 'real' now we have bagged and labeled most things.

Only a few things left to go in them (just waiting on a couple of arrivals) and then they are good to go. Let me tell you that it was a great job to get out the way but a lot of fun doing it.

You girls are going to be spoilt ROTTEN!!

....and our major surprise hasn't even arrived yet!! Another two weeks and they will be here :)

So with that, and my office looking like some sort of scrapbook storeroom explosion :-o i thought i would give you a couple more sneak peeks.

Let us know what you think!

If you are a retreat attendee we would love for you to say hello and let us know what part of the retreat you are actually looking forward to.
For me it is the 'end result' of all our hard work. Seeing all the ladies happy with what WE have done really gives me a buzz. Can't wait for that :)
oh and the shopping isn't bad either ;-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retreat Sponsorship

Hiya girls.

Just a little break in transmission to bring you news from the retreat.

We have all been busy little beavers preparing for our weekend in March (not long now!) The pace has now hit ridiculous speed as we try and make sure every little detail is perfect.

Yep even Val has started stocking up on our food so that means it is very very close! YAY!

I need to mention here that without massive support from our local scrap stores we WOULD NOT be able to run this event. These girls are still running around like mad things organizing stuff for us and have been very patient in our requests.

  • Leonie at PL Scrapworkz

  • Brigette and Jo and Karen at Lock's Shabby Chic shack

  • Ally and her scrapinalia

Items that we have in our kits have all been purchased through these outlets and the girls have done fantastic behind the scenes work trying so hard getting the products to us in time.

Apart from that we have had a huge response from sponsorship requests.

Please visit these ladies at their websites and support them. They have been VERY generous in their support of our retreat!

A special mention here to Toni R who used to run a www. forum and shop called 'Keepin' the memories' which sadly doesn't exist anymore :( but before it shut down Toni very kindly donated some wonderful items for the retreat.......i wont say anymore but I just think they are fabulous ;-) Thank you so much Toni . You will all get a chance to meet Toni and a few other girls from further afield in SA on the retreat weekend!

As always we try and keep most things a surprise but i thought i would give you all a teaser and show you

1. the big big box of retreat goodies and piles and piles of stuff i have in my office waiting to be 'packed up'

2. a little something else from the retreat ;-) Sorry Zanny - you were the guinea pig!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Psst ...

Check out the Port Lincoln Times today for a Feature Photo of pelicans ... great work Trish!!

Maybe a few more could send in their photos!!

It's a double!

Doubles is something i don't do regularly as a rule, but thought this was a good way to spread out lots of photos from our summer holiday down at Coffins Bay. I love to walk to Oyster walk, and the things we see along the way, which we see all the time and can take for granted.
I got my cardboard mounted photo idea from a page of Mel Nunn's in a recent Creative Paper

Monday, February 9, 2009

Roll call

rito E2C bloggers.

it s time for a roll call. Lets see who comes out of Lurkdom. Don't worry, we don't bite.

click on comment at the bottom of the post and let me know you are here. Come out of Lurkdom and join us in the weekly challenges or leave a comment on the ones posted.

Tiff's take

Had some fun with Twiddlybitz opening gates on this one.
I really wanted in use it with this double as I had room for it to have the gates always open to show the journaling which is on a transparency.
I loosely used the first sketch that had the damasks on it. After a bit of fiddling and hand sewing the big heart, I think I got it ok.
Marika sent this one in. I like the PP at the top that travels across both sides of the LO. It helps to 'tie' them together. Also I spotted some of the paper ribbon (the brown) to unite it as well. And the journal strips that are so popular atm. well done chick.

I spy with my little eye...

Maryanne has answered the double challenge in style. As you can see its 2 pages of8.5x12 inch LO. And still able to fit 9 pics with plenty of 'negative or white' space left on the grid side and 1 more larger, eye catching pic on the right side of the LO. I think Maryanne is answering several challenges in one go. I spy buttons, I spy ric rac and I spy sewing. Is that doodling too???
The little touches of blue finish it all off nicely.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

we have a record.

This must be the quickest response time EVER for this blog. A challenge answered in 1 hour and 6 minutes. And a double LO to boot. I do reckon that Sandra had this one up her sleeve so I would love her to create another masterpiece during this week. ;). only if u have the time chick.

I adore these stars and how they are shooting across the page. And they seem to glow. What a cutie patooie.

Challenge 26. double trouble

righto scrappers.

time to stretch you out a bit.

Let's do a double LO.

Just to make it a bit easier I have a couple of sketches that you may like for a starting point. They have the photo dimensions on each one. If you cant read them after printing it out, (right click/print picture) drop me an email (addy on right sidebar) and I'll send you a copy of the sketches.

You dont have to use these sketches at all. In case you struggle with doubles, these are just to get you kick started.

Sketches from PageMaps

don't forget that these sketches are just for reference. You can faithfully follow it or mix it up a little. There are no rules except to have fun with it.

all aboard the button express


just had a rush in the inbox.

Welcome aboard Kate V. It's so great you sent a couple of LO with buttons on them.
Kate says:
in case the photo comes through so u can't read the txt, it says; "This is you and your new niece, Madison. We visited proud parents, Gav and Kate, and Madison at Gawler Hospital when she was just 3 days old.You didn't seem to fussed about going to visit them, until you had your first hold. Your eyes softened and your big smile revealed a very proud Uncle Ray xo"
Unfortunately the petals on the flower didn't sit down like they're supposed to..u get the idea anyway!
wow at those butterflies Kate. are they rubons or stickers and you sewed as well. And awww, Ray is a big marshmallow inside. Great to see it come out.
The torn paper on this second one is handmade by Kate. I think that is a blog first. Big congrats. I have seen this irl and the hm paper is gorgeous. such texture. Loving the pins ;) the big pic represents then and the little pic is now. What a great idea to show the passage of time.

Thanks Kate for showing us your creations and certainly want to see more. Hope all goes well for you at Uni this year and keep checking back here regularly to see what's going on.

bright as a button

love this Sandra. love the bright colours, the happy pic of the kids (great models) and the co ordinated buttons, the pen dots, and the layered bloom. oh and the handwriting. you are so brave. ;)

whats not to like???

Thursday, February 5, 2009

ric rac & buttons all wrapped up

Well, here it is ..... i have scrapped!! This page has been sitting on my desk for weeks and i just couldn't get it together.

It's all fairly basic, but if all else fails, stick to the basics ey??

Photo inspirations - thanks to Amanda.

Buttons buttons buttons

love everything about this one. the colours. the triangulation of the buttons in the right hand corner, the zig zag, Ryan (whats not to love about him)
top stuff Sandra. love it (oh, I already mentioned that didn't I)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

bust me buttons, Karen's here too.

wowser's Karen. When do you scrap? What with all the renos and paint job in newly relocated 'Shabby Chic Shack' situated behind the old post office in Lock on the main street (gotta give ya a plug), you mustn't be sleeping much. LOL

the stitching and tear in the PP really leads the eye to the buttons and then down the page to the pic and then over to the journaling with the cluster of embellies. rofl about the trendy teatowels. They remind me of the sort of curtains you might find in Grandma's shack on the beach many, many moons ago.

button down the hatches, Marika's here

Marika has popped a couple of LO our way to post on the blog.
I reckon its safe to say we all 'adore' your LO's chick. The blue background PP is perfect with this pic. and the red contrasts so well.

and wow. that shade of green alphas and the green button jump out at you. Cute pic too.

buttons galore

Ange sent her 'scruffy haired princess' for the latest challenge. I really like the slightly frayed ends on the ribbon and the heart charm hanging from the button. Oh and the colours (purple is my favourite). I have asked Ange what font she uses as I have admired it for ages and is a great looking hand writing for easy reading.
I'll let u know when I know.
thanks Ange.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well HeLLO!

Well Hello everyone!! Just popping by to have a looksie, and wow, i just had to post a comment to ya all. I have been ultra quiet on here, just on holidays etc...and no scrapping urge.


You have all been busy scrapping GREAT pages, and it's good to see them.

Hoping to see some more soon, and hopefully i will get around to doing a page myself :)

Thanks for the inspiration and i'm off to comment now,


Monday, February 2, 2009


I nearly made a faux pas.
Just as well I checked back with Janice as I thought she had gone all digi on me. the torn edge of the notepaper overlapping the portrait tricked me. Looks great doesn't it.

Matthew has captured himself so well. Hasnt he changed heaps, but then again not really much at all.

great cougar colours. Maryanne will be sure to love your colour selection. the torn edges look so real.

I am seeing buttons EVERYWHERE

OMG my inbox is overflowing with button layouts. Let me tell you uploading them into here has become damn near a full time job!

On the other hand it is great to see some of the old familiar faces come back out of the woodwork and participating!

First up Tracey emailed me two pages. The first one she says -

I did this one in harvest when I was having a major scrap session. I did one for each child but the others dont have buttons they have ribbon (alas not ric rac). This is a lift from Belinda Venables (I think), I seriously loved doing these pages and got a great giggle out of journalling the good stuff they do and also the bad. Doing these pages got me scrapping without having to think too much and I had a great deal of fun and really like each one - amazing and rare!!

This is a really lovely photo of your Georgia Trace...stunning! And love the bright funky colours AND the whole idea about journalling about the good and bad stuff that they get up to. Fabulous.

The second one is a late entry into our damask challenge (damn i love this paper!) Simply stunning heritage type page Trace - the browns and blues are perfect for that photo (absolutely adorable picture!) and the journalling spot on there is excellent!

She says -

Attached is one I did for the damask challenge only I was a few weeks late!! But - there are buttons on it so there is a win win situation. Love the colours on this one, I find I'm having a brown and blue fetish at the minute and a love affair with stripes.

Stunning work!

and then came Jenny!

and she has had a similar thought to myself today and combined two challenges into one - ric rac and buttons!

Jenny i really love the red stripes (and stitching) with the staples down the bottom. I may have to borrow that idea! The colours and the dots are also right up my alley. Really awesome page!

and finally i have pulled together a page today and like Jenny managed to pop some ric rac and some buttons on it. There is a cluster of shells/buttons on the bottom as well as some of my fav. photos of the day paperclipped to the top.