Thursday, December 29, 2011

oh me oh my ... how cute!

Okay so I'm not sure how many of you have a growing collection of wasabi tape like me ( yes I mean washi tape ;-)) but this idea is so cute ...

Pretty Letters by Torie Jayne

Source: Torie Jayne

Post Christmas scrapping ...

Okay so now Christmas is over how about some scrapping gets done!!

I thought this free printable music paper might come in handy when you scrap your Christmas photos ...

or you might like to bundle up your Christmas cards are create something like this ...

Source: eighteen25 ... more details and instructions

or you could try some fun photography ...

diy bokeh filters, the friendly fox

And hey it's the holidays ... get together with a friend or a bunch of friends and scrap ...

Send in any snaps of your scrapping for us to post here on the blog.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas #9

Last night i came home to find some festive snowflakes decorating one bedroom doorframe!

Had it snowed inside?

Were we in the midst of a blizzard?

Had Santa come early?

Was Jack Frost visiting?


Georgia and Piper had made these out of normal A4 scraps. By tracing a CD to get a circle template, they then cut around it. Fold the circle into quarters and cut random shapes from the folded circle. Unfold and voila! A beautiful snowflake.

Georgia's tips -
1. To get more intricate designs you can fold it smaller than quarters.

2. Vary circle sizes for added effect. Use dinner plates or side plates to trace for guidance.

3. use very thin fishing line or mono poly clear thread to hang your snowflakes. You can barely see the thread and it really looks like they are hanging in space or snowing!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

introducing our 2012 teachers:

In 2012 we are celebrating all things South Australian  - 'cause let's face it… our state ROCKS!

And this includes our amazing teachers who are all incredibly talented South Aussies! To say that we are excited about these girls being involved in 2012 is a huge understatement. We are freaking beside ourselves with much squealing and jumping around.

We are so proud to present these incredibly inspirational SA scrapbookers to you as our 2012 class / workshop teachers.

Class detail, cost and all things nitty gritty to come at a later date. Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colour Challenge - Trish

Hi Amanda
Here's my very late take on your wonderful colour challenge. The only yellow
I have used had been in the photo and I included a smidge of black. I'm
really happy with how the Kraft came up. Thanks girls.
Trish S

WOW Trish. Love how you have just used the yellow in the photo - it really packs a punch and draws you in.

You are the queen of kraft scrunching and love love love how it looks here!! And fabulous splats! Great use of the hessian for a masculine embellishment. Awesome stuff.

Retreat payment reminder ...

the due date for payment was yesterday ... either a deposit or full payment.

I am aware that there can be a delay in the money arriving from one bank to another so I will check again tomorrow and Monday ... so if you haven't paid or simply forgot ... please pay soon :-)

It is a busy time of the year and we all forget things but would hate for you to miss out on your spot :-)


PS: I just love that apple so had to use it again ... hey maybe we could have an apple "carving of the design" as a challenge at the retreat LOL

Saturday, November 26, 2011

big title challenge - Judy

Hi Amanda, 

I got all keen when i saw the new challenge of so what!! as I
have had these chipboard letters 4ever and never been able 2 use them as
they were sooo big-aha they were just the ideal thing 4 this layoutand this
photo was soo right 4 it. 

I didn't have enough s's but as there are no rules
in scrapbooking ...I used the Z instead. I sanded right around the edge of
the red paper butit needed a border and the only thing I had was the
packaging from some protective sheets I got from k-mart and wall-a it was
the perfect colour as the letters hope u enjoy it.

Looks great Judy. Love the dymo (ive got a soft spot for it from way back!) and those chip letters are fabulous! Great photo and the layering + buttons is fabulous. Red, white and black are such a striking colour combo.

Thanks for joining in!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas #6 ...

Okay all those people with a heap of twine ... check out this very clever but easy idea ...


Monday, November 21, 2011

Amanda's colour challenge - Sue

Finally finally i have completed this LO, it has been sitting on my work desk for the past week!! I had fun putting this one together and i chose to go with the lime green colour which is just a splash of colour with the kraft and touches of black. tis not often i get to scrap a photo of myself, but Rach did good getting this one (photo) of me with her little boys!
Thanks Amanda for this inspiring challenge!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hi Amanda its Judy W once again and have some more layouts to go on
the blog. This one is of my eldest grandson Dawson and I used a negative
part of a used up letter sheet. I sanded all the colour off it and gave ot 2
coats of cream paint, so there is a way of using up what I would have
probably thrown away. 

This 1 I really loved because nearly every page I do I almost always have
2 sew something on it either by hand or machine, otherwise it doesn't feelright.  Tiff says it's my signature.

This one I got the idea from the internet but then did my own thing-all
the girls at Scrapworks loved all the details. I inked the gauze bandage
with a ink pad and made it look like grass and used felt and blanket
stitched around the edges 4 the clouds. Thanks 4 letting me share my work, u
just never know maybe I'll get enough courage 2 submit some b4 long Regards

Wow Judy all these are fantastic. Love the detail in the count your blessings one. Looks fabulous on the fabric! Great idea using the negative of the lettering - i have often thought that i must try that too. It looks great and so effective!!

Awesome stitching on your love to sew layout. Wonderful bright colours! Makes me want to fire up my machine on some layouts!! Really amazing stuff.

So glad you could join in and post some of your brilliance Judy!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The "OH YEAH" challenge ...

check out this fabulous layout ...


So my challenge to you all is to create a layout with a large out there title and a smaller photo as in the example ... can't wait to see what you come up with!! 


Amanda's colour challenge - Meredith

So how about we get to business ... scrapbooking!! LOL

Here's my layout for Amanda's yellow, kraft and white combo!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few helpful details for your planning ...

Hello again ...

I have emailed out payment details to everyone today.

For those needing to book flights ...

Rex Home Page


Qantas Home

the retreat will open at 1200 (midday) again on the Friday 27th April 2012 ... (like this year)


finish at 3pm on Sunday 29th April 2012

Further finer details will be posted here and emailed as it gets closer.

Stay tuned also at a later point for class details (will be more like December for that)!!

e2c books out in record time!

It was a few minutes of complete madness at the Treloar home at midday on Monday 14th November, when scrapbook retreat co-ordinators Meredith Treloar and Sue Parsons received registrations to their nationally known getaway 'escape2create'. 75 seats were literally booked out within minutes resulting in iPhone meltdown.

Australian internet provider, Bigpond, has launched an official investigation into the sudden popularity of the e2c contact address. 'I can't believe paper and glue could be so popular' said a Bigpond spokesperson.

Registrations were taken from all over Australia, which proves that these girls are onto a hit both locally and nationally. Such is the popularity of escape2create that many ladies hoping to secure a position spent the morning counting down the minutes until midday when registrations were open.

 'It was crazy' Ms Treloar stated after the event.

'I arrived a bit late,' said Ms Parsons, 'and poor Meredith was in a frenzy'

'We hope that the ladies understand that we try and be fair with our registrations, giving plenty of notice of the date and time, and offering three methods of registering attendance,' said Amanda Hall, another escape2create coordinator who was unfortunately unavailable to assist on that day.

'We would love to be able to accept every registration but space is an always an issue, and so it comes down to a 'first in / first served' type of situation,' Ms Hall said. 'Our reputation has grown and so that time frame in which you can register is very, very short. The time it takes to book out seems to get quicker every year.'

It was even mentioned on the groups Facebook site that it was more nerve wreaking and difficult than getting tickets to a big name concert or rock band.

The retreat will be held at North Shields Lion Hostel on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2012. The theme will be 'homegrown' and focus on all things South Australian. Escape2create is a non profit retreat run by volunteers. E2C 2012 will be the fifth year that this very successful gathering has occurred.

Ms Treloar managing the telephone registrations

Ms Parsons taking a couple of calls

Ms Hall at work while registrations were taking place.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello ...

Hello everyone ...

well we beat last years record in booking out ...

I think I have emailed everyone who contacted me ...

If you haven't heard please get in touch with me ...

Email: OR text: 0429380250

It was a very hectic time so please forgive me if I have missed contacting you :-(

Meredith xx

Escape2Create registrations ...

Hello everyone ...

Please be patient with us ... we will let everyone know if they have or haven't got a spot as soon as possible.

The registrations via email and mobile phone and text made things very hectic and we need to make sure that we get it right :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Escape2Create 2012 ...

Proxy registration = you can send in to register for yourself and 1 other person.

Tomorrow at 1200 midday ...

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you ...

I may not have quite so much makeup on though!! LOL!! 
Or any guys dancing around in the background!
But my support crew (Sue sitting with me and Amanda on the mobile waiting for text messages!!) will be at hand!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas #5 ...

Head over to Design Digitals ... they are having 30% off and Ali Edwards has some great designs ... check out her blog for an idea of the designs! Sale ends 16th November.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... #3

It uses a Spellbinders diecut but I think you could make it with out one ... just a bit of cutting by hand!!

or the video ...

Sketch challenge - Sandra

Hi there Sue!!
Woot woot I have completed another challenge.
I LOVED this sketch!!!
and of course when you say misting or masking I think of none other than Lou. :-)
Love these photos of Louise at Tiff's 40th Birthday and I think this quote I found is pretty
 apt for our Lou. :-)

Thanks for a great challenge!!


Thanks Sandra for sending this gorgeous one in, i love those photos of Lou!! Love your colour combo and that misting/ masking is beautiful. I think quite a few of us think of this lady when it comes to anything to do with paints, inks etc... And what a great quote you have used too!!

thanks for joining in on this challenge!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... #2


Tiny notes in a jar ... created by  ... just Laura ... just so cute I reckon!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Colour Challenge - Judy W.

Dear Amanda
Sending you a layout for the first time for the November challenge
Cheers Judy W

and another couple of recent layouts:

Firstly Judy - a massive WELCOME! It's always nice to see some fresh e2c faces and names.

Love your green adaptation to the colour challenge - it is lovely… all these summery colours are making my mouth water… not to mention your yummo pudding in the pic!!!! Fantastic!

Super cute monkey layout - love the photostrip type effect and the adorable monkey embellishments! 

The twine additions to Lovin U is easy are brilliant. The black and white + grey is so striking!

Well done Judy. Hope to see you join in again!

November Colour Challenge - Marika

Hi Amanda, 

Here is my page for the colour challenge shock horror two pages in 2 weeks, i loved these colours together.

Thanks Marika

oh my goodness Marika - this is just WOW. Really love the paint effect and your random scallops! The white absolutely pops against the crisp yellow and the craft.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sue's Sketch - Karen

Hi Amanda,
Here is my attempt at Sues sketch challenge,  I have to admit I start out with good intention then when I look at the end product it looks only a little bit like the sketch!  So if you stand on your head this may look kind of like it ;)  I scrapped last night at my new scrap desk and it was awesome!!  Think I may do some more today.
Karen D

Thanks Karen - the pink spotty paper is fabulous with the splats! Also loving the strip of photos! Makes me want to do the whole e2c retreat thing again even MORE!

I think it's fantastic how you have incorporated our 2011 retreat colours in this. Beautiful!

Friday, November 4, 2011

November Challenge - Tiff

Hi There.
I loved the idea of the Kraft and the yellow green but found finding that colour a bit tricky so I went to a more subtle orange tones.
I just LOVE the new chicken wire template from Crafter's Workshop. So many ways to use it!!! White paint with this LO.
thanks for the ideas.

i really like that chicken wire work there Tiff - along with that great banner. Wish we could read your journaling hidden under your watermark!

The orange and white pops against the kraft. Lovely.