Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lauren - box challenge

Hi Amanda,

Attached is my layout for the box challenge with a birdcage + yellow + a new font. I actually completed most of the layout way back at the beginning of the month when I was visiting Tatum, but finding a new font and then actually printing out the journalling proved to be a very hard!! :)
Its a bit hard to read, but the journalling in my new font 'learning cursive' reads:

"Its no secret that my August was pretty sucky. Kiks you & Ali were close by with a hug and the friendship I needed. I'm so very lucky to have you guys. Thankyou xox"

Thankyou for the great challenges this month girls, can't wait to see what you have in store for October!...not long till the scrapathon...I'm getting REALLY excited!! :)

xx Lauren

Fabulous Lauren. I love that little birdcage with the sweet little birds inside. That purple is so striking with the yellow. Love it! The turned corner is a great touch too!

I am sorry you had a crappy August... hopefully you can put it behind you and move onto happier months. I just know October will be an AWESOME month for all us scrappers ;-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amy - box challenge and currents

here are my layouts for the box challenge and the currents challenge. I enjoyed doing them and I think I will get cracking on the other boxes now! cheers for the ideas - Amy f

Amy picked this box:

and came up with this cracker!

The clouds look so funky Amy! love the blue splats with the hint of kraft! Stunning!

and this is her gorgeous currents challenge. Love the sewn grid and the use of Carolees Creation little letter stickers for the journalling words.

Great work Amy. Hope to see some more inspiration from you soon!



Yep i am home again and able to take emailed challenges again!

Thanks so much to Meredith and Sue who have kept this blog absolutely ROCKING along. I can't believe all the action that has gone on while i have been away! Some amazing layouts, heaps of positive, warm fuzzy comments and a LOT of acceptances! Well done to all.

Hopefully i can force myself to get back into the scrapping scene with some holiday snaps and a lot of e2c challenges left to do!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Julie and a number of challenges!!!

Hi Meredith,

Here are a few challenges that I’ve finally managed to attempt! 

The first one is from last month, the colour challenge – not a colour combo I’d normally go for, but that’s what the challenges are all about I guess!

Next is the ‘currents’ challenge – I added a couple of Ali’s (reading... watching... ).  Colour is a bit blah.  And I don’t love pictures of me, but again, it’s all about the challenge...

Now, for the box challenges – box 3, the sheet music, colour pencils (white writing) and teal (see the petals?) – these are some of my Mum’s school photos, and the middle one is her with her music certificate when she was nine, so that’s appropriate to the challenge!

And box 4 (splats, Kraft, clouds).  I really enjoyed doing this one as it’s also not something I’d normally try. 

Keep the challenges coming, they’re great!

Julie C

Wow Julie thank you for sending those in!! Great work!

Gorgeous photos of Jessie, I really like how you have cut and folded the papers at the top right!

Love the photo of you - a lovely reflection of your personality!

A beautiful cluster of crochet and flowers in the layout of your Mum's school photos.

I love the mixed alphas in your title for the scallop shucking and the clouds are very cute!

Thank you - keep them coming ... we will have some more challenges soon with the end of another month ... can you believe it!! Eeeekkkk!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New scrap shop in Adelaide ...

Read about this over at Janine's blog ...
Adelaide has a new scrapbook store opening up this weekend in the Northern Suburbs.  
The Paper Flourish 
Sunday Sept  26th @10am-5pm
(Shop 18- Para Vista Shopping Centre, Nelson Rd Para  Vista )
open 6 days Mon-Wed (9-6), Thurs (9-9), Fri (9-4.30), Sat  (closed), Sun 11-4

Just information for anyone who might be in Adelaide and needing some retail therapy!!

Obviously I am all for supporting local shops (cause we have great ones!!) but sometimes other shops have brands that we might not see here!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Box challenge - Ali

Ali said ...

here is my take on the box challenge. All about the colours in the desert at the moment. This looks better IRL, the colours look really weird in the photo!

Love the multi coloured title and the clouds! Beautiful photos of the flowers too and great work with the handwritten journaling!

I grew up not far from where you live and I remember the beautiful wildflowers after a big rain! Gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ooohhh take a look at this!!

Just found this on Maryanne's blog ...

Wow what a great thing!!

Pity I don't have a web cam!!

I do on the laptop but it isn't connected to the internet!!

Currents - Tracey

Tracey said ... 

Have finally scrapped something this month.  This is a very typical Tracey layout with not a lot of thought involved and nothing much new and exciting about it.  I finally used the Cosmo Cricket "Material Girl" papers that I won at the retreat which was nice.  This photo was taken by the extremely talented Amanda Hall for our UY Netball Calendar.  

 the journalling says ...

Listening to the rare and blissful silence
Eating Peanuts Galore
Drinking Coffee as always
Wearing ugg boots and trackies
Feeling pretty happy with life
Weather Overcast and mild
Needing an overdose of motivation
Wanting to develop an obsession for running
Thinking that is so not going to happen
Enjoying netball season being finished
Wondering when the bathroom cleaning fairy will arrive and get on with the job

WELL ... Ooohh LA LA!!! Love the photo - stunning!!!

Great journaling, love the cluster of flowers at the top of the journaling block and at the bottom left. Great colours in your layout too!

And it doesn't look like a "no thought" layout - it looks excellent to me!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another version of currents ...

Ali Edwards has posted a slightly different version ...


you might like to try it for yourselves!!

Currents - Lauren

Hi Meredith,

Here is my layout for your currents challenge :)
I printed out the journalling last weekend but only got around to putting the layout together last night. Thankyou!! for the great challenge, it was nice to record some of the things happening "right now".
Cheers Lauren x

Wow Lauren ... firstly what a stunning photo!

Love your journaling - I think it is handwritten - gorgeous!!

Love the doilies! They look like something from an Etsy shop - Jodie Butler maybe??

Your smears of paint look great - something I'm nervous about!!

Beautiful - I hope you submit it as I reckon Scrapbooking Memories have a category for this at the moment!!

Sue - Box challenge

When i saw this box....i thought nah, i'm not into birdcages....but i when i spotted this LO with bird-houses....i thought i could do a swapsie...

Here is the Layout =
It is totally a scrap lift of Emily Pitts from the Sept. Scrapbook trends magazine. I just loved the bright colours, the design and the birdhouses!! And i guess my new font = the jillibean soup corrugated alphas....which have been waiting for some time in my stash to be used.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Currents challenge - Sandra

Hi Meredith

I hope you are enjoying your weekend....great having the kids home today...feels like a long weekend. ;-)

Here is my answer to your currents challenge.
Loving all the other entries and reading their journalling...
great challenge!!!


Sandra this is fantastic! Love all the red and your use of a calendar page! Great journaling and embellishing!

And how groovy ... photographing the layout with you in the photo and then adding that photo!!

PS: And isn't messy!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amanda's boxes challenge - Meredith

My coloured pencils are light shading on the vellum butterflies. 

And whoops the blue isn't quite the right shade but I've used blue!!

Sue's sketch - Meredith

Tiff - sketch challenge

Hi Sue.

I pulled this one together last night based on your sketch. I turned the sketch anti clockwise to suit the photos I already had. The ribbon was 'salvaged' (wink) from one of DH's shooting medals. Printing on the delicate doily required a lot of patience and several tries before I was happy with it.

Thanks Sue. Always look forward to your inspo.


Thanks Tiff....this is great, love the printing onto the paper doiley....i can just imagine the trials and patience needed!! Love your colours and the punched corners....very nice!!! And i am sure Kym won't miss that ribbon....matches perfectly!!

Great Layout!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Challenge Layout News

Hey guys. Just letting you know that i (Amanda) will not have computer access for the next two weeks, so will not be able to upload any layouts for challenges during this time.

Please forward them to Meredith or Sue instead!

Thanks xx

Box Challenge - Sue

This layout evolved just by accident... i was working with these photos and before i knew it i had 2 of the 3 elements from one of the box challenges that Amanda has set. So with all bits already glued down.....i covered all with scrap paper, mixed up some watery paint and splatted my page. Just the finishing touch i was needing!! And Whammmo.... LO complete and box challenge complete!

This box of elements i used:

= my finished layout.

Funny how some pages come about ey?!!

Thanks for looking!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Karen - currents

Hi Amanda,
Here is my "Currents" layout.  We have had the power out for most of the day, so I thought I would scrap instead of all the housework I should be doing!  TFL
Karen D

Karen i am not really sure where to start here. I just love your photo - you are one of the MOST photogenic people i know - stunning! Love love the white on white with just a smidge of pink around them. Love love love the title - how cool is that 'atm' = brilliant!  LOVE the fabric flower strip - omjeepers delish! Add that OA strip, one cute bee, some funky cut border and you have the most sigh worthy layout.

*sigh* Yes Mrs D you have done it again. Totally stunning. Totally up my alley, rocking my boat.

Challenges galore from Lou!!

Please find attached 3 LO's that I did for the pick a box challenges, and 1 for Sues Sketch challenge.

I can appreciate they may seem a bit of a 'loose' interpretation, LOL but I love this challenge and they have got my mojo happening!!! It had been MIA! LOL.

For Sues sketch Ive turned it,.... and for the box challenge [red + crown + decorative puch/scissors] I was also a little inspired by the LO Sue did last month for the Page 100 challenge.

Love what you are doing with this Blog guys, its roken my scrappy mojo!!! thank you!!

Lou xxoo

So here goes ...

No 1 ...

 No 2 ...

No 3 ...

and Sue's sketch ...

Thank you so much Lou! I am sure that many others can take inspiration from your work.

Many of our styles are different but I think we can always be inspired to try something new when we are inspired by others! One example is your use of the tissue paper and paper dress making patterns as a base on your backgrounds.

I am inspired by your use of so many different items that can be utilised to embellish layouts!

And also how a little bit of an embellishment can be so effective - for example the dotty Hambly transparency in the second and third layouts (I hope that is what it is!!)

And I really love that flower punch - I think that is the one that Studio Calico had - I hadn't seen it used and now I am really liking it!!

So thank you Lou!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ali - Currents

Hi Amanda, here is my LO for the Currents LO challenge, I loved the idea of it but struggled to put my ideas into practice, now onto some more of the monthly challenges!
Ali xxx

Ali I am just in awe of what you do. 

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. How cool is this?!! Love the idea of the tickets for journalling, awesome photo and wowee at your use of those transparencies. LOVE it. I am still trying to work out how you did that funky border though!! I bet this isn't here for very long!

just brilliance at it's best!

Amanda's box challenge - Tammi

Hi again – should have just sent this one with the other one – but I hadn’t photographed it yet!!

Here is my take on Amanda’s challenge – I have chosen the box with music, blue and coloured pencils


Oh what a great photo!! The blue background looks great and I really like the stamped journaling circle!

Thank you for joining us again so soon!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome to Tammi - her first challenge layout - currents!

Hi Meredith

Here is my version of your September challenge from the E2C blog. I have been following the blog for a long time but this is the first time I have contributed a LO – so hopefully it is ok – it is of my 6 month old daughter Matilda. You may have seen pictures of her from her Ma (Dianne Modra)



listening to everything around me especially any sounds people make and trying to copy them
eating solids; you love your vegies including pumpkin, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, zucchini and sweede
drinking milk from Mummy and starting on water
wearing mostly size 00 but still some 000 and also some 0
feeling happy most of the time
weather funny Spring days nice and sunny one day, yucky and rainy the next
wanting to be able to do more than your body lets you
needing love, hugs and attention
thinking – Mummy would like to know!
enjoying playing with toys, talking, smiling, interacting with anyone who takes an interest in me!
wondering when I’ll be able to keep up with the bigger kids

Thank you so much for joining us Tammi! We always welcome new people to our little challenges! And now hopefully we will see you here more often!

A gorgeous photo and lovely colours! I love the pink! And I did think about that date too ... 08.09.10!!

Great journaling too! It would actually work well to use those prompts every month or so to keep a record!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Very inspiring ...

Follow this link ...

then come back!!

Do you feel inspired?

Just to write down the things one child or one person does in the day, any given day ... how good would it be to look back on?

What would you write?

Today ...

Hannah ...

I would write ...

"I left early for circuit class and then work and had your clothes laid out for you to go to Ava's birthday party at lunch time.

I saw you driving through Cummins with Dad at 1145 on your way to the party.

Dad dropped you off and I went to pick you up after I had picked the boys up from school

When I arrived I was a little surprised at the interesting clothes that you had on ... you had felt the need to layer ... a top that didn't match and Dad went with it!

You had a great time at the party!

We came home and had some tea after making streamers for footy tomorrow.

Then you ate a little bit of pizza for tea and then got a little over tired.

Dad put you to bed!

The End for today"

So there you go ... maybe hidden journaling!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Currents- Sue

I saw a LO last week in a friends magazine which inspired me with this think it was the circles with the journalling in which got me started (i will have to find it to see how similar it is!)....and then finding a picture of me to use was difficult, and when changed to black & white gives a different effect!

See the key?? Remember making them at the e2c retreat with Mel?? I found mine and thought that it would fit with this page.

Thanks for looking,


Currents - Maryanne

Thank you Maryanne ...

- for using a different title (Sue is thinking of "Currently")
- doing your layout on you! I hope you had a bath!!
- creating such a beautiful layout - love that "card" patterned paper - I think I have seen it used on layouts on-line - who makes it? WOW! The green frame is gorgeous too!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September sketch challenge.

Well here it is.....this month's sketch challenge!

But firstly i would like to Thank Nicole and Fran for stepping in and putting together a sketch for our blog while i was girls really got every ones scrapping enthusiasm going....the blog was very active which is always good to see....and i would pop in and have a browse when i could, so Thanks girls.xx

It has been quite hard getting back into the swing of things, and even to i have put this sketch together today....hope you have fun with it!
Here is my example: photos of my little grandies....again! :) Looking forward to all your pages!

Happy Scrapping,

Sue xx

Sunday, September 5, 2010

currents - Meredith

"Currents" challenge - Michelle


Attached is my current’s challenge. Apologies for the photo quality- bit dark here – wet winter’s day – great for scrapbooking.


Wow Michelle love the split photo and great journaling. Really like how you have done the "titles" for each bit too! 

Thank you for joining in!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Louise - pick a box

Hi Meredith and Amanda

Amanda this is a great challenge!

LOL, i couldnt beleive it when I saw ur last one, I created this LO last week using my last Studio Calico kit and it fits, Woo Hoo LOL.

Cheers and Ta,

Lou :) xx

Lou picked this box:

and came up with this incredible creation!!

Fab Lou. Love how you have used the yellow here - so vibrant against the Kraft. Your splats are awesome (as usual!) and your clouds are perfection!! What a beautiful subject too!  Your chip arrow is cuteness +++ with that map paper. Stunning!

Sandra - pick a box

Hi Amanda
Feels soooo good to actually do an E2C challenge ...finally!!!

I have had this piece of music paper tucked away especially for this layout for ages..and when I saw the box with the music paper,
teal and colour pencils I just KNEW I had to scrap it!!

The colour pencils were used to colour in the rub on around the "Louise"

It was such a thrill to meet Lou irl at the last retreat in March and getting to know her a bit afterwards.... REALLY looking forward to catching up with her again in November!!!

LOVED this challenge Amanda...the criteria in each box is fun and very "Do-able"
but now I am "
currently" thinking about the next challenge ;-)

Cheers for now

Sandra picked this box:

and came up with this awesome page :

Sandra this is just amazing! Very 'Lou' inspired which makes sense when she is the subject!!! LOVE the title (have never heard that saying before but it fits Lou to a T) Lovely use of sheet music, blue and coloured pencils! Also love how the red in the photo totally pops against the blue.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

don't let this happen to you...

Meredith's challenge ... currents

I have been reading this blog ...

with this post in particular

and this blog ...


so thought I would take it on as my September challenge!

So ...

listening ...
eating ...
drinking ...
wearing ...
feeling ...
weather ...
wanting ...
needing ...
thinking ...
enjoying ...
wondering ...

Obviously it doesn't need to be about you, it could be for a friend, a child, your child, your partner, etc.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!! A just for fun layout!

I have done one but will post it in the next few days!

September! New challenge time!

Firstly - don't forget that your e2c payment for the mini retreat / scrapathon / Trinity Getaway weekend are due..... well over due actually. Please contact Meredith if you haven't already paid to secure your spot. We need definite numbers now to finalize catering. Thanks to those that have paid so promptly!!

We cannot wait for this awesome weekend which is bound to be so full of fun and inspiration.

Amanda's Pick a Box Challenge.

Pick one box (only one - don't get overwhelmed here people) and complete all the requirements inside on the same layout. One box of requirements on one layout.

box 1

a crown + the colour red + the use of decorative scissors or a punch.

box 2

a birdcage + the colour yellow + a new font

box 3

sheet music + the colour teal + the use of colouring in pencils

box 4

paint/ink/glimmermist splats + the colour Kraft + clouds

You can do as many boxes and layouts as you like - providing it is ONE box per layout (it all gets too confusing otherwise!)

can't wait to see what you come up with!