Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sandra - twine




Sandra. This is incredible! Very very clever and what an awesome photo! Creepy with that spider! How appropriate for halloween night too!

Great, inspirational use of twine! Jeepers girl!

Sandra - photo, twine and misc. challenges

Hi Amanda,

The one of me could fit the mobile phone challenge... I took the photo myself with the phone... and I felt like a real idiot doing it too... lucky no one was around!

The crossword layout could fit the twine challenge. I am nearly finished another layout which has a bit of twine on it... will send that in when I finally get it finished.

And the other one fits no challenge AT ALL unless the challenge was to produce a layout which hurts your eyes! lol.. So much Green!! and yes Teagan loved it!This layout was a challenge to create as I personally am not a green lover... unless it grows in the garden!

Thanks to the rest of the girls on my table (and the one behind me!) for the encouragement!! I would love to see some of the other creations produced on the weekend... I saw some fantastic things being made as I snuck around the room, too fantastic not to share with the rest of us!!!

Cheers for now Sandra

Sandra - the first one is a very Louise Nelson type of LO - this is interesting ;-) and fantastic! I am certain she will be stoked by this! Brilliant work and really inspiring, open journalling.

The crossword one again uses some heart string tugging journalling - i read it on the retreat and struggled to hold it together. What a beautiful memory. You have scrapped that fantastically.

The green layout is very GREEN, but wow= what an imact. I love the colour green and you have used it so well here. A great design and i am certain that Teagan loved the end result. How could she not love such a brilliant page on her and her fav. colour...??!!

Thanks for sharing Sandra. As you said it would be great to see a bit more work that was produced on the weekend! I know there was a fair bit done by all! What a relaxing and creative weekend we had!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tiff - twine

Well after the flurry and excitement earlier this week it seems we are back to our normal programming.

Today i found another challenge in my inbox!

Tiff worked on this at the scrapathon - but fiddled a little more on returning home and found it fit the twine challenge beautifully.

Great job Tiff. Love the journalling strips and the brads.

If there are any other pages out there that fit our themes - please send them in. I know i spied some twine layouts being produced on my table at the scrapathon ;-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

2010 Retreat Registration update ...

I have sent an email to everyone who is registered to attend with payment details.

I have had 2 people contact me saying they had not received it.

I have also had others who have paid already so the email seems to have been received by some people.

If you haven't received the email please do not hesitate to contact me and I will resend it.

I have contacted all those on the waiting list with a separate email.

Oh my goodness ...


I am still in a flurry here ... we are fully booked!!!

Still can't quite believe it!!

We do have a waiting list so if you would like your name to go on that please email me ...

I have emailed all those who have a spot booked - if you haven't received it please feel free to contact me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

E2C 2010 - registrations OPEN

this is the notice that you have all been waiting for!

YES: it is that very exciting time of the year. Time to think about our retreat and act upon securing YOUR seat at our next getaway in March 2010.

Please read this post carefully to book your spot.

March 26th, 27th and 28th 2010 at the Lions Hostel at North Shields (same venue as 2008 and 2009)

Price - $150 (includes accommodation, nibbles, and 6 meals - please note Saturday night meal will be at the venue this year)

Deposit - $50 - NON REFUNDABLE

*a variety of scrap shops under one roof
*freebies, goodies and give aways
*at least 3 separate scrap workshops (class and kits will be an extra cost and details will be released very soon)

will be open from TODAY for full weekenders only.
NO day trippers.


To register and confirm your position you will need to contact Meredith Treloar via email
You will then be given instructions on how to secure your spot by full payment of $150 (preferred) or a deposit of $50. At the very minimum, your deposit of $50 is required by Friday the 6th of November. (less than 2 weeks!)

If you have not paid by this time, your name will be removed from our list and your position is forfeited.




We would also like to welcome Kathryn D. aboard to the E2C team. She will be working with Val to provide us with delicious food on our retreat weekend. Thanks Kathryn!

E2C team:
Sue, Meredith, Val, Kathryn and Amanda

Friday, October 23, 2009

this time tomorrow....

a little group of girls will be up at Karkoo scrap, scrap, scrapping!!

at our...................... SCRAPATHON

For the ladies that are coming along - don't forget to bring:

  • scrap gear
  • toiletries
  • clothes!
  • cash (not sure if the shops will have credit card facilities? so just in case!!)
  • towel for shower
  • food (nibbles, lunch and tea if you are not getting Tracey M's special meal for an extra $7)
  • Extra $7 cash for Trace if you are 'eating in' - tips welcome also for our fabulous cook!
  • drinks and ice/esky
  • drinking vessel
  • bedding (warm bedding which includes some sort of mattress)
  • earplugs if you are a light sleeper
  • bucketloads of enthusiasm!

see you there girls!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a heads up....

that within 7 (yep seven) days the registrations for the March 2010 retreat will be opened and details released.

Keep your eyes peeled for posts on here about it AND in your email in box.

I would hate anyone to miss out because they read about it too late. Remember that the past two years have sold out in hours.


Trish - phone photo

Hi Amanda,
This is my lounge room at the moment.
I am in the middle of packing as I have just fulfilled one of my dreams, to own my own home. Imagine my amusement when I realized what what printed on the front box.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend up at Karkoo, I'm sure you all will.

Cheers Trish

oh what a great photo Trish! And what a special 'message' to you! LOL life works in funny ways sometimes doesn't it?!!

also a massive congratulations on buying your own home - very exciting i imagine!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiff - mobile photo

Another cute one Tiff.

He looks so little next to that pilot!

Amanda - kitchen inspiration and fav. drink

Well i might be a bit late but i am slowly plugging away at the challenges.

This is from last month - Meredith's kitchen inspiration challenge. I have sewn baking paper around the border of this layout and used cork - i wanted to use the back of a placemat but i had chucked them all out so had to plead help from Sue's stash!

Also a fav. drink - well it would be if i could drink it all the time i think. The hype is well deserved!

Mobile phone photo - Maryanne

Maryanne said ...
"here's a picture of the snake we had in our yard on sunday. "

Eeewww is all I can say!!! I hate snakes - a good snake is a dead snake I say!

Hand cut title - Maryanne

Maryanne said ...
"I'm not sure if this really fits the handcut title challenge, but its sort of the digital version of it, as I chose a font then a patterned paper and created a clipping mask, to create the patterned font. I used the dotty red paper to create the title. "

Maryanne I'll definitely accept that - sounds very impressive!!!

Plus I love your layout - great colours, clever photo and a funky layout!

Amanda - twine

Inspiration from a tag in the latest CK by Jen McGuire

Hand cut title - Tiff

Tiff said ...

"I used Heidi Swapp ghost letters and adhered them on to October Afternoon Piggy Tales PP. Then I cut them out with my trusty craft knife (new blade really helped lol)

And viola, perfectly co coordinated title with the LO. "

Lovely Tiff - the cluster of flowers is beautiful and a great way to get a big alpha shape with a "template" by using the ghost letters!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hand cut title - Sue

Sue said ...

"At last i have scrapped again. I decided to use my letter stencils for my title....remember we used them for school projects etc??..... I bought a pack of various fonts when i first started scrapping and have hardly used them, so this was a great chance to get them out and blow the dust off them!!
Also the stitched paper border was a design inspired by a Mardi Winen page that i saw on Scrapboxx".

Really love your title Sue - really effective! The paper strips are a great use of scraps too - very clever! And I always love the look of stitching!

unknown (now known as Sandra) - phone photo

An anonymous texter - scratch that.... Sandra has owned up! - on my phone sent in this image of some beads on a mirror. Gorgeous collection of beads and a great image captured!

I love how you can see the reflection in the mirror and the room looks so clean, airy and light.

love this.

Tiff - phone photo!

My apologies to Tiff (and thank goodness she posted that comment below which made me do a big HUH?) but i found your image on my phone.

At the time when i recieved it, i did not connect the blog challenge to the photo LOL = but did think it was cute but a little odd that she would send me this image.

So again = sorry Tiff!!

Amanda - phone photo

This is an old phone photo which i was actually going to use for the half and half challenge.

The wall in the Lincoln Camera Centre - which i just adore (the wall that is but Roz is really nice too LOL)

and this is my most fav. phone photo of all time!

even though she looks a bit shrek like in colour it could almost pass as vintage i think!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

almost there....

only 6 sleeps til the scrapathon!

Who can't wait to escape for just one night?

1. me!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hand cut title - Marika

Marika said ...

"This is a lift from Fran Tynan (I think from her blog - Marika, I reckon it might be from here ).
I stamped and cut out the title as I didn't have the right colour letters. Know why I don't do it very often me and those craft knives don't get on very well."

Wow I love your layout!

The title looks great and quite fiddly so great job!

The colours are delish, especially that spotty background!

Thank you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

pass it along...

If you hear of anyone out and about saying that they would like to come along to the 2010 E2C retreat please, please PLEASE ask them to contact either Sue, Meredith or Myself to ensure they are on our contacts list.

There will be some news on this retreat out soon and unless they are on our retreat email list OR check the blog at exactly the right time it is likely they will miss out.

We have heard whispers out and about that there are lots of new people interested in coming along and we would hate anyone missing out or thinking that they were not 'in the loop'.

The last two years have been fully booked out within hours...yep HOURS.

So make sure you are on the list, check your emails regularly and keep your eyes peeled on this blog.

More news soon..............................

PS. please keep creating and sending in your works! It seems very quiet on here of late!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Challenges - part 2

Due to popular demand here are my challenges for this month ;-)

Photo challenge -

a photo from your mobile! Get creative and let's see what your camera phone can spy!

Amanda's Challenge - in a twist over twine.

Go nuts for this really funky embellishment. I have recently bought some of this stuff (bakers twine) from the US which is so lovely. In green, red, brown, black and blue colour ways. All twisted with white. CUTE!

You might have fancy twine like this, or it could be plain ol' string (which also can look pretty cool on a page) Ribbon, twill or trim NOT allowed. Rope would sneak past my radar too!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Charlotte W - October sketch

Howdy Sue,

Yesterday we declared our day to be 'Pyjama Day' and we slothed and did some scrapping. I promised the girls they could do your sketch which they were very enthusiastic about. Let me tell you, scrapping with three girls at once is chaos and madness!!! They are very proud of their layouts and are desperate to see them on the blog. They all chose a photo from our recent trip to Cairns, Charlotte is in her cousins pool, Georgia chose one from our tour of the tablelands and Jess liked a photo of herself at Muddys playground. Hope you have had a lovely weekend.


Love the bright colours Charlotte, you have scrapped a beautiful bright page, hope you had fun scrapping with Mum's stuff!

Georgia W - October sketch

Thanks Gerogia, looks like you girls have been having fun with Mum's scrapping gear. Love the punched edge and the flowers!!

Jessica W - October sketch

Great page Jessica, love the colours and your flowers too!! Thanks for having a go!! It looks like a great holiday and reminds me of our trip up to Cairns too!!

All great pages girls, and Thanks Tracey for letting the girls amongst all your gear, hope you all had fun!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sue's October Sketch - Lachlan T

Lachlan chose the photo (typical!!).

He was a little more adventurous but maybe not as colour coordinated!!

Although I must say he takes after me - loves little letters and buttons!!! ROFL

Jack & I tried to get him to think of another title but he was determined that this was the one he wanted!!

He decided on the journaling tag being stuck to another tag. And he was very keen to add a few extras - the buttons and the ribbon on the top of the tag!!

He stuck the buttons, circles, the ribbon and journaling tag down.

Sue's October Sketch - Jack T

I really enjoyed seeing Jack create this!

I gave him a few photos to choose one from.

I asked him what colours he wanted to use and then gave him a box of patterned paper to choose from.

He chose all the bits for the layout. I let him stick it down! I did do the brads!

He decided on the title by himself and wrote the journaling.

I really restrained myself from changing anything or talking him into any colours or choices!!

Thanks Sue - such a great idea! Maybe we could make this an "every school holidays" idea!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tegan's sketch challenge

Hi Sue!
Just finished my scrap page (with a bit of help from Mum).I'm so excited!I even got the paper from the Sheoak Cottage and everything.This is a photo from when we went to Queensland and Ryan and I say Movie Worldwas the best theme park.
See ya! Love Teagan.
Thanks Teagan for taking on the challenge....(and Sandra for letting Teg's in amongst your scrapping stuff). Watch out Mum she's got style!! Love your page Teagan, beautiful bright colours!...and looks like you would have had heaps of fun!!
Hope to see more of your scrapping Teagan and hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Marika - sketch challenge

Hi Amanda,

Just sending through my layout from sues sketch just about an exact copy but hey a page done just what i need tio kick start me.

wow Marika, love the colours you have used and the edge on the pp, is that a punch?? Love it!! Did one of the kids help with this page??? looks great....the brads, the felt flower, the stamped journalling, and the photo!!!
Glad the sketch kick started you into scrapping!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

another reminder...

about our E2C scrapathon at Karkoo. Only two more days until the RSVP cutoff date!!! We would love to see as many friendly scrappy faces there as possible so please PLEASE come along and support this little mini escape. Details on who to RSVP to are over here ------------------>

If you are feeling a bit blah about your scrapping come along for a great night of friendship, scrapping, inspiration and laughs.

It's only one night so book your babysitters and get excited to escape 2 create.

(sorry i have been so quiet on the blog front lately. Have been away, had lots of days working and haven't had a moment to myself lately! Working more certainly puts scrapping and all things hobby on the back burner!! Looking forward to next week when things settle more!!)

Rabbit Photo Port Lincoln ... FYI

I had a phone call today from Rabbit Photo ...

they are shutting earlier than expected ...

It will now close on Wednesday 14th October 2009 at 2pm.

If you haven't collected your items they will be "put in the bin" (when I asked that was the answer!!)

They are ringing everyone who has photos, CD's etc there to be collected

but just in case and so you can plan a trip to Port Lincoln I thought I'd post about it here.

A little Cummins thrill ...

I was just flicking through the latest copy of Scrapbook Creations (No 71) and got to the section called Quick Grabs "Simply Awesome" ...

flicking over each page ...

first there was Tiff ...

then Amanda and Maryanne ...

then little ol' me!!!

All in one article!! Felt a little bit excited about us all being in one spot together!!

There is also an "Artist in the Spotlight" article about Amanda!! Along with 3 more of her layouts.

Yay Cummins!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sue's October sketch with a twist

Today i have just spent the Parsons' boys here at the farm with me. After lunch Ethan said "Granny can i do some scrapping with you".

So out in my scrap room we went, rummage thru many photos until he found one of him that he liked. I gently directed him with papers, he chose from various colours for the background. He found my punches that he wanted to know what they we punched the border. I got out various thickers and he chose which colour. He wanted to use the i showed him the eyelets, he chose the colours. He saw pin wheels sitting on my desk, and he told me he had made some at school, so he wanted to make some of them too. And i thought well we need some of his own hand written journalling....which he did, and isn't it just beautiful?

Now, that they have gone home.....i thought that this could make our October sketch challenge....a basic style page....but the twist is.....with school holidays still on, you too could get you kiddies to scrap a page like this. Kids love to create just like us grown ups....and Ethan's face when it was finshed and he showed his dad with the " it's proper scrapping Dad!" comment, was just priceless.

So here's the sketch....have fun!!

Here's Ethan's you can see there was some granny help....but he loved it!!

Can't wait to see them,

Sue xx

Michelle's September colour challenge

Just got this one in my mail box from Michelle....for the Septmeber challenge!

Wow, Michelle, Thank-you for sharing with us....a beautiful page!!! Love your way of doing the colour combo....just looove the cream background....and the patterned paper with the distressed edges. Love the rubons and the elements that you have added. All looks just perfect!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Card Making Day

Hi Amanda!

Have just seen that it's World Cardmaking Day....
Well I think I can say I have done my

Take care

Great job Sandra - wow you have been so super busy cardmaking. Well done for being so pro-active on this special day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sue's September Stamping!

The aug/sept issue of Scrapbooks etc.. has a section on stamping techniques, when i saw Vicki Boutin's page, i was inspired to get out my circle stamps too!!... As well as using the Kaiser ReWind stamps from the new Q2 range, and do some masking (arrows) and stamping!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October challenges ...

So another month has flown by and now it's time for some new challenges ...

1. A hand cut title ...

Check out this link for one way of creating your title ...

Here is my example ...

I would love to see lots of different techniques - if you use an idea you have found on the Internet send us the link along with your layout!

2. Your favourite drink or food documented on a layout ...

Over the last few days Amanda has been enjoying the sights of Clare and I am sure trying a few cold beverages along the way!! She may even have found a new favourite!!

Sue is heading away over the weekend so I'm sure she may be enjoying some nice drinks and nibbles!!

In our house we have a "birthday week" ... it starts when you want it to and includes the day of your birthday!! (To be honest it is usually John and I that have the birthday week!!) It's my turn right now!!

I have been choosing a few yummy meals to eat this week - Smoked salmon and asparagus with angel hair pasta, stirred mussel risotto, Madras beef curry and tonight I think one of my favourite steaks - Porterhouse with mashed potato and haloumi cheese and maybe some home grown broccoli!!

So record your favourite/s on a layout!! Recipes optional!!

3. Sue's sketch - to come

4. Amanda's choice - to come

Looking forward to seeing some layouts in the Inbox soon!!