Monday, January 23, 2012

classes and workshops @ e2c 2012

This year we are so very pleased to offer 2 layout classes and one canvas workshop.

Natalie May will teach a single page layout class which will be held on the Saturday of the retreat.

Mardi Winen will offer us a class featuring two single pages which will also be held on the Saturday.

Kate Mason will demonstrate her skills at making a canvas using napkin art during a workshop which will be held on the Friday evening.

The sneak peeks and details are below.

To attend these classes you must email Meredith Treloar by Monday the 6th of February - NOT LONG!!

Payment of your class/es - workshop will need to be finalised by February 29th. This is non refundable.

Kate Mason @ e2c 2012 - Workshop Details

Mardi Winen @ e2c 2012 - Class Details

Natalie May @ e2c 2012 - Class Details

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kathryn inspired by Nat

Hi Amanda

After three sessions of sitting and scrapping, I have finally completed a LO & challenge.

I’ve gone with Nat to lift. Sorry about the quality of the photo. I’ll take another tomorrow during day light hours, crap night time light, and email it to you.

Hope ya going well.


Wowee Kathryn that looks awesome!Love that glossy tree and that cute little bird! All the details look fantastic. The cluster of flowers with doily and sparkles reminds me of Nat's trademarks too!!

And of course a brilliant photo and memory to scrap!

Friday, January 20, 2012

more free fonts ...


You will notice that

... the Cafe Rojo font is just like the Basic Grey alphas stickers and
... the Pharmacy font is like some Scenic Route alphas sticker around a few years ago and
... the Bambi font looks familiar too!! Can anyone place it?

Monday, January 9, 2012

hello ... hello ... hello ...

so welcome 2012!

I have been looking around the net and found a new blog or two to pass on to you for maybe some scrap inspiration ...

just found this one ...

and this scrapper ...

she makes stuff...

this is fontalicious ...

This printable available for purchase ...

Today Journal Cards

and this quick embellishment idea  ...

Pinned Image

happy days ... :-)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meredith lifts Mardi & Kate ...

I wrote 'does' but it sounded way too rude ;-)

So here is my lift of Mardi's layout ... I turned it on its side ...

and then Kate's

Ali does Mardi

Hi Amanda, here is my take on the Jan challenge... I have chosen to scraplift Mardi, I will confess I have had a blog crush on her for ages and ages, and have adored her work whatever it is (scrap, sew, re-thrift) for a long time now. I probably will not be able to speak when I meet her in April!! LOL!!! Sad but true I'm afraid.
So here it is, a bit of a crap photo, the light isn't so good outside atm...
Thanks for the challenge, it felt really really nice to scrap this afty!
Ali x

Oh Ali this is perfect!! Love the hand cut scallops (i am so jealous of anyone who does them and actually makes them look great!), the little labels and the machine stitching. Those lovely pinky red tones are delicious and the dabs of yellow make the whole thing POP.

Great job mate!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nat does Kate (in a non rude way)

Ok so I thought it would be pretty funny to scraplift myself but decided I'd look like a total idiot! :)
So I lifted Ms Mason!
I was inspired by her gorgeous collage background for this layout.
Absolutely loved creating this today!
Love Nat

Oh this is beautiful Nat!! The design and colours are unmistakably your style but LOVE that shabbylicious collage background. The splashes of red - YUM. Great work and i think its fantastic that your own scrap style still shines through!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Challenge - scraplift our teachers!

In case you missed the news :

we have three amazing, well published, and clever South Australian scrapbookers who are excited to be joining us in April 2012 at our retreat… these girls are planning the most amazing creations to teach YOU  in some inspirational classes!

The details on each individual class are out soon but just in case you missed the first announcement :

This month i thought we could pay homage to these amazing ladies by scrap lifting or gaining inspiration from one of their pages.

You may like to copy exactly, changing the photo and journalling to suit you  - or perhaps take inspiration from colours or the layout of the design only. It's up to you how it grabs you!

Thanks to Kate, Mardi and Nat who have all agreed to have their work on show for us to get the mojo flowing. (I did the picking of the projects for this challenge and boy oh boy it was so damn hard to just choose one for us to drool over!)

First up the wonderfully talented Mardi Winen :

blog is here :  the love supreme

and her fabulous layout to be inspired by is here (look at that delicious stitching, masking tape and ohmygosh who would have thought brown and floral could look so good together?!!)

and the incredibly amazing Kate Mason's blog: something for Kate

and the canvas to gain inspiration from (i think i might have squealed a little bit when i found this one - isn't it beautiful?!!)

and last but by no means least - the fabulous, clever and inspirational Nat May.

Blog: happydaks

and wowsers at the layout i have picked for you (the splats and the fussy cutting are just swoon-worthy. AND check out that handwriting!!)

Sorry i realise that i have seemed to pick florally or pink layouts - part of the challenge is to adapt them to suit you and your style… good luck and i can't wait to see what you create.



Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Now that the festivities are settling down I'll be triple checking that all the payments have been made ... please don't miss out on coming because you forgot to pay :-)

I think the classes might be advertised in the near future :-)

And stayed tuned for some scrapping inspiration and challenges ... we would really love you to join in :-)