Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tiff's Spring (ing)

My first attempt at a digi.

Very ordinary compared to Maryanne's and Sandra's. I'll need some coaching I reckon.

The photoshoot for this started with a disaster. The glass bottle of Claratyne syrup for the kids slipped clean out of my hands and smashed on the floor. Thick oozy syrup and glass all over the packages and sheet. After a moment of swearing and a bit of cleaning I started again.

I reckon I'll print this and use some thickers for the title and you tell me which one you reckon looks better.....????!!!!

rito. Printed it onto photopaper without the digi title and used thicker alphas instead. I like both just as much. the thickers for more impact and the digi title for is delicateness.
The printed version is not quite so black as the one in the digi LO. spoils it a bit.

hmmmm u tell me which one...

Tracey's gift

Tracey W says -

I have finally finished my mother in laws mini album that I am giving to her for her 60th birthday next month. I am really happy with how it has turned out as it is the first one that I have done. Kayes favourite colour is burgundy and I love all the papers that I have used

Wow this is amazing Tracey. Such a beautiful gift. I am sure it will be treasured!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Amy's all Aboard

I managed to catch a couple of shots of Amy's OTP creation when i was in Scrapworkz last night.
This is for her little boy and you can just see the love Amy has put into it.

Lots of details throughout the mini book. And it is still a work in Progress.Make sure you show him the blog Amy and see if he recognizes himself.


Challenge 14, done it..

pretty chuffed with this one.

I dont normally hand write my journaling but I didn't leave myself much choice with this on.

The pp is Kraft Ledger Paper. Gonna have to get me some more of it I reckon.

The negative strips are a Photoshop brush. (Thanks A.)

Pics are 2 inch by 1.33 inch. (Little)

Thank goodness for Carolee Alphas.

No embellishments other than the dymo and machine sewing. Too busy to need anything else.

Challenge 15

Well, i am gathering that you will all be waiting patiently for the next challenge to keep you busy over the supposedly coming wet weekend???

I am going to set a 'Season Challenge' this time.

With the first day of Spring only just a couple days away, and if you are anything like me, i love the thought of those lovely spring days arriving, and the winter ending.

So for your challenge make it of a Spring theme- whatever that may be or mean to you, how you see the season of Spring, be it the colours of the wild flowers coming out, the birds singing and nesting, the warmer sunny days, the end of wintery fires, wet clothes, or just the end of the footy season....... whatever, so ... "Spring to it"!!

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing all your pages!! AND i will try and get one onto the blog this week!!


don't worry girls. I haven't forgotten Meredith's challenge.
Am printing out the 18 photos atm that I have collected during the week. Another scavenger hunt for me. lots of fun.
will attempt to get LO done tonight so I can start fresh on Sue's tomorrow.
Keep tuned. The new challenge will be posted shortly.....

What has Judy been up to this week. surprises for guessing......scrapping of course.

1. Judy's gone circular. and it looks great irl. The little links between the key and the pics are fabo. What a good idea.

2. Judy caught herself on camera by accident. She was taking a shot of the glasses in the window and she got herself instead. Makes for a interesting shot as u can see the glasses in the shot too.

3. Very Audrey Hepburn. This is Judy;s sister Sue as a bridesmaid ( I think I got that right).
Love the red. Very sophisticated. And I do love bling.


Hey bloggers. Lisa P from here is coming to the Scrap nite at the bakery next week. She would LOVE to meet as many as she can from the blog. so if you dont make it in to scrap, you better grab the credit card and come on in to shop, coffee and meet and say gday to Lisa.

huge effort Lisa, all the way from Wudinna, and she has GF in her association next day.

Sandra's on the job

Sandra has gone digi on us and wow wow wow. This girl can do ANYTHING!

I love the grunginess of that backing 'paper' and those little flowers are so cute! The bits of 'paper' staples to top right are excellent!!

Sandra says -

Please let everyone know... My House Doesn't Always Look Like This!!!

well i think this page is brilliant Sandra - you can scrap so stuff the housework!

(my motto in life anyway!)

if you can't read the journalling - click on the image to make it bigger

Tracey's many hats

Just finished my challenge layout and found it quite a challenge. Have managed to use up a chipboard frame that I have had for ages, although it is rather huge. I figure as parents we are qualified for any job we just need the certificate to say so!!

Too bloody right Tracey. Any job, any time, any where. I reckon we have a degree....esp in patience......

Your pp offsets the bw photos beautifully. doesnt take away from the shots at all. Great grid. 9 shots, title embellishments and still have a bit of 'white' space.

well done

Maryanne's job.

U funny chook. Love the 'domestically challenged' bit. LOL. I reckon we can all relate to that because boys will be husbands one day.
Clever cluster of buttons and just adore the ruler.
very minimalist.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marika's work

Well we are being inundated with nurses at the moment but luckily Marika has chosen NOT to scrap that part of her life. Instead she has gone with her other 'work' = which we can all relate to and is most definately a job so it all fits in the challenge guidelines perfectly!!!

I love the diecut paper on this one - and the rub ons for each photo. Fantastic! I think that i can see a bit of Meredith's quirky photo influence here too!
fabulous Marika!

My challenge page

Hi everyone,

Well firstly I've decided that I definitely need a scanner ... my page is crooked and you can see the lino again!!

Oh well ... here it is. Hmmm I think we have a nurse thing happening here ;-)

I have tried to make my page look like it is a file, like the "case notes" we have at the hospital!

Looking forward to seeing some more entries soon!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cummins Show

Personal challenge to yourselves.

Put a LO or 2 in the Cummins Show. It's on Saturday 11th October. Entries in by 9pm Friday nite before.

The scrapbooking section has enlarged from last year and has several new categories.

Now would be a good time to get started on a new LO to fit the different classes or start digging out ones that you have already done to fit the themes.
lets show em how popular scrapbooking has become.

good luck.

psst There is a scrapbooking section for the first time at the Yallunda Flat show this year.

work in progress

just thought I'd let u know I haven't sitting back on this one.

I have been busy snapping up my week. Even took the camera in to take shots while the kids were being photographed for school photos. Did tell the bloke I was perving on his camera, not him. Thank goodness he saw the funny side of that one!!

Have 11 shots set up how I would like to print them, need to take about 10 or more for the rest of the week, have the LO in my mind, but it changes every day.
hope all well in your scrap space.

Current challenge ...

Hi everyone,

Well I hope you are all working (ha, ha!!) eagerly on the current challenge. I am working on my page at the moment so maybe after work tomorrow I'll have finished it and be able to post.

Enough work!!

Please don't feel like it has to be a page on a current job either. I have a page in mind using a photo taken in 1990, when I was a student nurse, just need to find it!

And being a Mum is a hard day's work too sometimes, other times it's the best job in the world!

Looking forward to some pages coming in soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Karen is AWESOME!

oh wow i am sooooooo loving this one Karen.

A bit late to upload (my apologies) but here is one from Karen for the last 'home' challenge.
I just love the clustered elements, spotty paper and also the little vine rubons. It is balanced so perfectly.
Karen has said -
This is my favourite place to go in Lock (a bit obvious hey?!!!) We go there to scrap, of course, chat and catch up with friends and have a few drinks (or two) We call it our "pub", the guys have a place to go and so do we.
I got the basic LO for my page from somewhere, I had it saved on my computer, but I have no idea where I got it from, ooops!
Thanks Karen. This is amazing. I love it all.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Challenge fourteen (14)

Okay, I don't want to step on any challenge setters' toes but I did discuss this with Amanda at the football today!!

The next challenge is to scrap a page on your job. Okay ... so some people might not have a paid job but a voluntary job or that good old job as a mother will be prefect too!!

If you have a job where you work with people other than your own family members (...;-) ...) please remember to respect other people's privacy and remember your duty to maintain confidentiality.
For example I work as a casual (ha, ha)community nurse so I couldn't use a photo of someone who I visit or even anything that identifies them or their home.

So some creative photography may be needed in some situations ... I took some photos at work on Friday that I think will work ... stay tuned for the page!!! (it is not started yet!!!)

Good luck everyone, looking forward to your pages.

Jenny's home.

Wowee Jenny.

You have really stepped up to the challenge - fabulous work. AND so true. There is something to do if only you know the right places to look. I love the wheat-y sort of feel to the background - lovely and very applicable.

Great work and thanks for taking part. This challenge has really made you appreciate how special your home town is!

I wonder who has the next challenge for us?

Challenge page ... finally!!

Hello everyone,

Finally got my page done. If you haven't quite finished your page don't worry, still send it through to us to put up!!

(Excuse the lino on the left hand side, I trimmed my page by 1/2 inch so the tag would stick out from the side.)

I wonder what our next challenge will be ...???

Friday, August 22, 2008

classes again

Just a reminder about the class i am doing at Lock next Friday (29th Aug) at 6.30 pm.

They are the my boy/my girl pages i showed a while ago.

Please dont think that these classes are exclusive to Lock locals - they are for everyone. I have had a couple of people from down here asking about them and if i will repeat the classes down in the Cummins neck of the woods. The answer there is no- far too hard for me to access the materials and these pages were made specifically for Shabby Chic Shack and these particular classes. There is also no age limit or you dont have to scrap the page on a child (you could do a family pet or even My Dad/My Mum)

If you would like to attend, please ask around and car pool. Ring Jo and Brigette (Shabby Chic Shack) for details and if this time/date does not suit you there is an possible option for more classes at different times if there is enough interest.

They will be great fun and i would really love to see some faces i know :) - particularly if they are E2C girls ;-)

Amanda P had scrapped

Whoooo Hooo.

Amanda P is officially no longer a lurker. She are now an E2C blog scrapper.


Amanda P says.

The pups are nearly 3 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. I have completed this project as a keep sake but also a way to share these little critters. We have 8 for sale so if you know any one who could do with a rumble tumble of puppy fun in their home maybe they can contact us!

If anyone is enquiring about the pups email Tiff (addy on the right of screen near the top) and I'll pass on your Addy to Amanda P to follow up.
What a great idea Amanda P. The cute little things fill out their wrinkles so quickly. You should do a Sorbent toilet paper photo session with them and all the kids.

BTW Amanda P is a superwoman with 6 children and still finds to scrap.
You mustn't sleep much.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tracey's Yeelanna

Here is Tracey's page on her home town.

Love the buckle on the ribbons (or is that David's belt there?) and the photos made me have a chuckle.

That particular Kaiser paper is lovely - one of my favs and it looks gorgeous there. The little tags with the info on them are great!
Well done Trace! You make Yeelanna look so good!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another one coming home.

Maryanne and Sandra have come up with similar ideas but both pages look very different too! Maryanne i just love the title - as this little town is so special to me as it is for all of us! It doesn't seem to matter if you simply go to Pt Lincoln for the day or a holiday away somewhere or go away for a long period of time.....that drive into Cummins really signifies 'home'

The vintage type papers here are gorgeous and is that machine sewing i can see along the edge? Brilliant. The paper layering behind the photo and the little carolee's creation stickers look fabulous (Meredith will be proud - carolee creation queen!)

Thanks for participating - what a great page celebrating 'home'.

Around the world to

One place i love to go in our little town, is to the post boxes, to see if there is a letter waiting for me from somewhere around the world!!

You see, i still do the snail mail thing and i have letters postmarked from Edinburgh, Birmingham, Kajaani (Finland), New Brunswick, Berlin and Vienna arriving at my post box. And it is an amazing thing to know it has travelled around the world to come to me, at Edillilie.

Hey, it sure beats those letters with a window!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OMFG Sandra - i LURVE this!!

This is bloody brilliant.

A fantastic take on this challenge and a scene that we will all instantly recognize if you are a local.

God i love it.

So perfect. Top stuff are just an inspiration!

Edited to add that Sandra has credited Barbara Schipplock as her inspiration. Here is Barbara's below (Sandra you clever chook incorperating challenge 12 and 13 LOL)

Tiff's town

Phewww Meredith.

This is the most work I've done yet for a challenge LO. From taking all the shots and I printed my own at home for this one to get it done in time. Some I had to print twice. What a time waster. And then working out how to fit them all (nicely).

Am really pleased with the result.

I have edged each shot with my paper piercer just to give it a little definition. Used my white signo pen where I wanted to sew my rows to give the white thread a bit more punch.

The white dymo Cummins title is a photoshop brush and added a couple of rubons. Very little embellishing as its busy enough as it is. The blue dymo says signs of life.

Monday, August 18, 2008

glitch fixed

I can send pics now.
Felt like I had my arm cut off.
All fixed so fire away with your LOs.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

5631 home

Ok girls here is mine.

A bit tricky and overwhelming with all the photos but i wanted to do Cummins with all the signs..........

signs i live here LOL.

Journalling says -

I belong here

this is my place

where I was born, grew up, lived, loved
married and had children.

where I live now

my home

Must have been a few funny looks about town today as i took my shots this morning and got a few weirdo glances LOL.