Tuesday, August 5, 2014

e2c 2015… dates

Hi there!

Once again we are full tilt into organising our scrapbooking retreat escape2create!

As usual, the retreat will take place at North Shields, South Australia on Friday March 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd. As the extra day was such a hit last year we have decided to do it again - YIPEE!  This time it is not a public holiday though….just an e2c holiday!

The cost of the retreat is $280 and includes all meals, accommodation, goodie bags and a massive prize table raffle. There will be a variety of scrap shops open and we will offer classes from 4 amazingly inspiring and well known Australian scrappers. These ladies will be revealed soon. Classes and kits will be at an extra cost. 

Registrations to attend will take place very soon! Please mark SUNDAY 7th SEPTEMBER in your diaries. Email registrations - no texts or phone calls - will be accepted on this date from 2pm. The email address to contact is john.treloar@bigpond.com 

Please include your name and contact details (including email, mobile and postal address)  in your email. You may submit 1 proxy registration if needed for someone else who cannot register that day themselves. Please ensure your proxy registration is aware that you will be submitting their name and that they are not able to register for themselves. 

For those unfamiliar with e2c registrations :

  • we have 80 available seats (due to venue restrictions on space)
  • no seats (apart from teachers, shops and ourselves) are reserved. 
  • it is strictly a 'first in, first served' basis. This is dependant on the time your email is received at above email address. No attendee is 'handpicked' over another. We pride ourselves on a very fair system.
  • those 80 seats are taken up quickly. Waiting 5 minutes may mean you miss out!!
  • We normally have a long waiting list of those who did not register in time. Every year we get many, many cancellations. The message is : if you don't get in originally - don't despair!
  • After our registration list is complete you will receive a reply email stating : yes - your registration was successful  OR  no - sorry you missed out on registration but are on the waiting list.
  • Full payment must be made by December 1st 2014 (details will be given in the successful registration email)
  • There is a strict no refund policy after 30th January 2015.

We have our fingers crossed for everyone and hope to hear from you on September the 7th.

Meredith and Amanda
e2c retreats.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


our 2015 e2c logo

Incorporating lots of delicious triangles, navy, baby blue, petal pink and gold.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

e2c lolly table printables

As you can see from our last post, e2c 2014 had a lolly table that was laden with all things yummy. In fact we went though 3 times the amount of lollies in 2014 than any other previous year. Why?

I'm not 100% sure but maybe it had something to do with our little framed signs… HA!

I've been asked to upload them for you to print off at home and use for project life cards etc. So here they are. I've left a few out that i don't have permission to re-gift.

If you click on the image you should then be able to download a full sized copy… a lot of these were found via pinterest and a couple i made or altered myself to fit in with our colour scheme.

(they look dark on my computer screen here but actually print off quite minty - well on mine they do anyway!)

*minty and fresh added as special request.

The black and white striped JOY poster can be found here…. a free printable.

and i was also inspired by this print from society6.

Hope this help with documenting your time at e2c with your PL.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


It's so hard to believe, but this time last week we were heading back to the Lion's Hostel after a meal out with our teachers and retailers. Our decorations were 95% done and the main jobs left to do were a million little ones.

They say time flies when you are having fun, but sometimes it feels that the e2c weekend just goes by in a blink of an eye… even with an extra day thrown in.

The whole e2c weekend kicked off for us last Thursday. After giving the kids a little hug goodbye and seeing them onto the buses, Meredith, John, Greg and I drove to North Shields. We had a super team behind us this year, knowing that i was a bit limited in the lifting department. Sandra W and Trish S were also heading over the hill to meet us there and were the most amazing, instrumental help in getting set up.

The first job was a bit of a clean up, then onto construction of our decorations. Usually the trestles are the first thing to get put up, but knowing that we had to do some elaborate ceiling bizzo they were going to be one of the very last jobs this year. I think this added a bit of a panicky feeling as Meredith and I felt behind in the setup all day… even though we were really right on track, just doing some things in different order.

via meredithtrel on Instagram

Before long we had some more amazing helpers arrive - Kim M, Kathryn D, Sue and Lauren. We all fluffed pom poms and constructed lanterns and fans and then took a very long time trying to work out how to tie them all together!! (insert slight 'running out of time' panic at this stage by Meredith).

via auntylauren on Instagram

 via bronzewing on Instagram

Our retailers had arrived by now and had started the HUGE task of setting up their shops. We cannot thank them enough for coming along and making such a massive effort of bringing all their wares for our shopping delight.

Then it was time to meet our teachers!! Meredith and I met Natalie Elphinstone and Gina Rodgersat the airport and even though we were all nervous, it was brilliant to meet these wonderfully inspiring ladies in person. We just love how our teachers are always so down to earth and humble of their talents. E2C is definitely a diva free zone.

Later we picked up Celeste Vermeend and Mardi Winen from the plane - more beautiful, down to earth  people, and arrived back from the airport to meet Kim Archer in the car park. And just like that all our teachers were here, all excited and looking forward to seeing what e2c was all about.

via bronzewing on Instagram

via natalieelph on Instagram

A little more fiddling with the decorations and then out to tea at the Marina. It was wonderful to sit and relax, eat and drink and get to know our teachers a little more.

Before long we headed back to the hostel to pack goodie bags and do some of the small fiddly last minute type jobs. (and hang some last minute decorations that i had actually forgotten - the hot air balloons that had taken me all day to make, and the table allocations that were a nightmare to print!)

Finally it was time to hit the sack and get a bit of rest before e2c really kicked off.

Friday was THE day and I woke and got ready for the day with butterflies in my tummy. Friday is always my most favourite day of the retreat… seeing everyone arrive, and watching their faces as they walk into the shed is just so rewarding and exciting. The teachers put the finishing touches on their kits

via kim__archer on Instagram

via celestejanev on Instagram

via natalieelph on Instagram

via kim__archer on Instagram

while Meredith and I put the finishing touches on other areas. Sandra and Trish were busy little bees chauffeuring people to and from the airport to the central meeting spot of the Port Lincoln Hotel.

Last minute jobs included filling the lolly table :
via natalieelph on Instagram

via meredithtrel on Instagram

via raquelp on Instagram

It seemed like no time at all and it was 12.50pm. Cars had been arriving since 12.15 (as usual) and the crowd was getting anxious to come in. We opened the door and it had begun!!

The rest of the long weekend passed in a blur - a good blur but way too fast. There were tears, laughter, creativeness, new skills and just a general *sigh* of ladies having time to themselves to do something that they love with some like minded women.

Every single class was amazing - in fact there were so many compliments on the classes it was crazy! All 4 of our teachers were brilliant - stepping us through their layouts and projects with ease. It's so good to see everyone with their heads down, really embracing the guest teachers techniques and learning something new. It's also really rewarding seeing the attendees coming up and thanking the teachers personally for the class.

The QR readers made it so much easier to view the step by step classes and we received many positive comments in our feedback forms on this.

Saturday flew by - with a VERY long winded prize table thrown in the mix (however where else does everyone EVERYONE win a prize!), and then it was Sunday… and next minute it was Monday.

4pm seemed to roll around very quickly and before we knew it people were hugging goodbye, with a few teary thank yous. Our families arrived, ready to help with the dismantling of the decorations, tables and general (but very large)  tidy up. Again Sandra and Trish were amazing helpers. Absolutely amazing right to the very last thing put in the car they were there. Many other ladies also pitched in this year and we feel so very grateful to each and everyone of you. I'm sure you can imagine that it's a huge job to tackle with only our family to help. Every single person who helped us was brilliant and we appreciate it so much.

Crazy to think that all that planning is all done - all gone for another year. Yes it is a lot of work, that can often be overwhelming but our reward is seeing 78 other ladies have the time of their life during the e2c experience. When people say goodbye to us and get emotional about how much this time out means to them - THAT is our reward and reason for doing it.

A beautiful thank you card made for us by the attendees via meredithtrel on Instagram

In the past two days I have had someone say to me that e2c has created a 'community' which actually made me cry - it felt so true! There is such a warm-ness, a togetherness and yes, a sense of community.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

it's almost here!

Well it's really 1.5 days to go but omg woohoo YAY!!

Behind the scenes we have our wonderfully generous setup helpers on standby. Sandra's chauffeur uniform is pressed and hanging, waiting for her first airport pick up. Our teachers are all packed and ready waiting to catch their flights tomorrow. Kim Archer's mighty road trip to get to us has already started. Our cars are packed to the roof racks and tomorrow after we kiss our kidlets goodbye, give them a wave on the school bus and ensure all our last minute items are packed…. we are on the way. We have 2 wonderful husbands who will be also there, pitching in as they do every year to help in any way. Hanging, climbing, constructing. It's such a team effort!

This is one of the most exciting bits. Seeing all the ideas that Meredith and i have been thinking, and planning, and buying and receiving in box loads, come together to transform a mundane old shed into e2c central!

Can't wait! In fact I'm tossing up going to bed now (8pm) just so tomorrow gets here faster!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 classes, hot spotting and the QR Reader

  • there will only be one screen for a powerpoint 'step by step' type presentation.
  • sorry but there will NOT be individual printouts of the steps.
  • there is no wifi available at the venue... you will need to have your own access to the internet. If you don't have internet access on your iPad / tablet you may be able to hotspot your phone. Instruction on how to do this - it's very easy - here.
  • the QR reader app i have used with success is this one.
  •   It is free from the app shop. It will need the internet to work and direct you to the class instructions. The code to scan will be given prior to the class while at the retreat.
  • if you are unfamiliar with how QR readers work you can practise with the QR reader at home before the retreat. Any QR code will give you a result and it should direct you and open a web page.
  •  If you do not have a device to look at the instructions online DO NOT DESPAIR. As said above there is one screen with the instruction projected on, or you can share a device with someone else and we will also have the teachers circulating discussing the step by steps walking us through the whole process in person.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gina Rodgers class - photo requirement change

Please note following changes to photo requirements for Gina Rodgers class:

need - 2 identical portrait photos approx. 8 x 7 cm  or one landscape photo approx. 11 x 8 cm

Thank you and apologies.

Amanda and Meredith

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Printing Instagram photos ...

We have been having a little discussion over on my Facebook page about ordering Instagam photos online.

I have used Origrami before
http://www.origrami.com/ and was happy with them.

We create beautiful instagram prints

One of our other attendees, Amy, has used Photify 

So have a look and maybe try something different 

Check if they will be delivered in time too.

This is NOT a sponsored post  just something groovy to try 

Let us know if you have used any other sites.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

e2c 2014 update

It's almost impossible to believe but our 2014 e2c retreat is almost upon us.
We have been very busy behind the scenes organising the most fun, exciting, inspirational weekend that you can imagine. It's said every single year but we think it may be the best ever retreat! Meredith and I cannot wait to see you walking in the door, getting ready to enjoy a long weekend with 80 other excited ladies. 

 Sandra Wallace has been kind enough to volunteer to organise the bedding buddy system where a local supplies linen for one e2c guest to save their luggage space. Kathryn Doudle is helping coordinate the teachers linen packs. We are so grateful to these ladies (and everyone who has already put their hands up for the job). There is more detail regarding that here if you feel you can help or would like a linen pack. Sandra is also helping with airport pickups on the Friday of the retreat. If you would like a special e2c pickup from the airport please let Sandra know : sandy5.5@hotmail.com

If you are new to the area, the airport is very close to our accommodation which is on the outskirts of Port Lincoln in a township called North Shields. There is more info on the Port Lincoln area here and info on our accommodation here

We feel very fortunate to have FOUR very big names in the Australian scrapbook industry attend as our teachers : Kim ArcherGina RodgersCeleste Vermeend and Natalie Elphinstone. We know that you will join us in making them feel welcome and help them settle in in any way we can. If you are not familiar with their work, clicking on their name will direct you to their blogs. Do yourself a creative favour and check them out.
If you haven't already sorted out your class requirements, time is running out! Please check here for details on what you need to bring. As with last year, our class sizes are HUGE and we would appreciate you being super organised with your class requirements.  (maybe a zip lock bag with each of the class needs in separate ones?). As there will be almost all eyes and ears on the class teachers during the classes it would be polite and very much appreciated to keep laughter and loud chat down to a dull roar. Everyone can turn up the volume on good times as soon as the classes are over :)

The classes will be run a little differently this year. If you have a smart phone, an ipad or tablet that connects to the internet, please bring it along and ensure you have a QR reader installed so you will be able to access the class step by step instructions. There are many, many QR readers available on the app store (and android equivalent). Most are free and work just as well as the bought versions. We will also have one overhead screen set up for a powerpoint version, but if you are able, accessing it on your device will give you the best view. Our apologies but printouts of the instructions will not be available due to the volume of printing required per person. 

The classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday (two classes per day - morning and afternoon). Friday night will be free to scrap, socialise and utilise our photo booth. Nic Aspinall has once again offered her fabulous photographic services. There will be a small cost to cover photo printing if you would like copies.

We seem to say the same thing each year but for the newbies and the forgetful :) we will re- enforce some points :
1.  There will be 5 retailers attending our retreat and they will be 'onsite' for the entire weekend.  DON'T FORGET YOUR MONEY / PURSE / CARD / CHEQUE BOOK!  Nat May will again attend with items to buy which are not sourced by our local shops. Nat will only be able to accept cash.
2. If you would like an iron on transfer for your t-shirt please remember to bring a black t-shirt. Transfers will be given to all in 2014.
3. The group photo last year looked fantastic with everyone in their black t-shirts. We are hoping most people will join in and bring a black shirt so we can have a similar 'group' appearance this year -  even if you don't want a transfer. This group photo has been planned for 10.30 am on Sunday.
4. Our e2c Masseuse Mandy has confirmed that she is able to attend this year! She will be bringing a team to pamper you with manicures, pedicures (both with shellac), facials and massages. They will be available for bookings Saturday, Sunday and Monday at an extra cost. Details on pricing will be passed on to you as soon as we know more. Booking sheets will be circulating on Friday.
5. You will need to BYO esky and ice for your own BYO drinks (alcoholic or non) for the entire weekend. Ice will be available at the Nt Shields service station across the road to top up eskies as needed. Please note that there is no spare fridge space so personal drinks will be your own responsibility.  You will also need to bring your own wine glass / cocktail glass / cocktail ingredients. Blenders will be supplied. There will be a special 'eskie cubby' for all eskies which is near to your scrap area. If you are a 'traveller' there will be plenty of local eskies you may share.
6. As always : make sure you have plenty of photos and projects to keep you busy for 3.5 entire days. (woohoo take note of that extra day!!) Take much more than you think you could ever scrap and hopefully your creative mojo will floweth over!
7. Tea and coffee facilities will be available all day, evening and until the wee hours. A scrummy afternoon tea will also be supplied on Friday afternoon at 3pm thanks to Carrie Speed.
8. A small selection of nibbles will also be available. If you have particular eating desires or special needs - bring them along for yourself to nibble on over the weekend.
9. Don't forget to pack bath towel, bedding and toiletries!!
10. There are 6 - 8 beds per room - 3 or 4 bunks. The bedding situation has again been allocated in 2014. Requests were asked for months ago and we have tried very hard to please  everyone. Please be aware that all rooms are full due to our attending numbers.
11. Arrival time is from 1pm on Friday the 7th.  No early callers please. 
12. The retreat will wrap up around 4pm on Monday. This is to ensure we have enough time to finalize retailer accounts, give us time to clean rooms and remove ourselves!
13. There will be a cuttlebug and some folders, punches and plenty of sewing machines set up at the retreat to borrow. If you would like to print journalling there will also be a printer / laptop. Please supply own paper/cardstock.
15. If you would like to bring a pillow or cushion for your bottoms please do - the seats can become very hard after sitting for so long being extremely creative!

16. We will have a prize table again in 2014 which is full to the brim of amazing gifts and donations from around the world! We have worked very hard to bring you the best selection of prizes ever. If you see a donor at the retreat - take the time to thank them. It's their generosity that have enabled us to have such a great range. A simple 'thank you' goes a long way :)

 Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any questions or concerns. We would be pleased to help in any way possible and strive to make this a great, fun time for everyone.
Meredith and Amanda

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Australia Day 2014

As you may have heard - actually you would have to have a hearing impediment to have missed it - escape2create2013 was awarded the community event of the year!

We were so excited to receive this - SO SO EXCITED!

Meredith took a phone call last December - Cummins Xmas Parade & Traders Night  - and was told this amazing news by our lovely Mayor. In a shocked and excited state, Meredith then rang me and we headed into town to celebrate a little bit!

Our award was presented on Australia Day 2014 and we were so happy to have the two people who submitted two separate nominations speak.

Here is what Kathryn Doudle said :

Amanda Hall and Meredith Treloar combine their time, talent, determination and passion, to offer women of Eyre Peninsula and beyond, which now includes every corner of Australia, annual scrapbooking weekend retreats. This year will be it’s 7th year. They do it with no monetary rewards; they do it for the love of a craft.

It all started back in 2007 when Amanda, Meredith, Sue Parsons and Tiff Firth used to get together and scrapbook in their homes and thought it would be a good idea to have a whole weekend of scrapbooking, a get away. So along with friend Val Slater, who assisted in providing the meals, in March 2008 it all came to fruition, the Lions Hostel at North Shields was booked and women around Eyre Peninsula were invited to attend a scrapbooking retreat. Local shops who sold craft supplies were also invited to bring their wares to sell to the women, and come along for some fun too.

Each year since, it has grown incredibly. It is known Australia wide, it is relaxed & friendly, it offers high quality and well-known teachers who conduct workshops throughout the weekend. All meals are catered for. A masseuse and beautician are on hand for pampering. When we first arrive, the Lions Hostel is transformed from a tin shed to a magical scrapbooking heaven, shops are set up and full with supplies to purchase, decorations abound, the tables are beautifully decorated, every little detail is thought of, down to a coffee mug with your name & a unique logo on it, for you to take home. A large “goodies bag” is also handed to every participant, full of samples that have been kindly donated.

If that’s not enough, in October of each year a “mini retreat” is also organized. A smaller affair, without all the “bells and whistles”, but a good opportunity for local women, and a handful from Adelaide, to get together for a weekend of scrapbooking and friendship, now conducted at Trinity Haven.

The seating of the main retreat now squeezes 80 participants, but they could add to this number, if there was somewhere big enough to hold that amount of attendees, with accommodation. November is registration for the event, for the following year in March. It is booked out within minutes, and then a waitlist is created. Getting a seat at this retreat has been compared to getting concert tickets to see Pink! Amanda and Meredith are so professional in their conduct and mature in their dealings with the variety of women, from all around the country.

The teachers have travelled from Perth, Sydney & Adelaide in the past, but for the 2013 event, talented teachers came from Hobart, Brisbane and Warrnambool. One lady, who drives from Sydney with her husband, has been back attending the retreat for the past 3 years and makes a holiday out of it each year. Donations for prizes for the retreat come from all over the world, including America. It is putting Port Lincoln, Cummins and Eyre Peninsula on the map. Previous attendees, including invited teachers, are returning and bringing their friends.

Amanda and Meredith are supporting local businesses, keeping craft shops across Eyre Peninsula going strong. IGA and other food shops to feed 90 people, 3 meals a day are all benefitting. Not to mention all the other businesses that they purchase from around the area.

These 2 women are busy, working Mums and farmers wives, who are making a significant contribution and difference to many women, where we, as participants, are able to have a weekend off from our busy lives and able to have a getaway to enjoy a hobby we all love, to meet up with old and meet new friends.

In conclusion, I for one appreciate everything that goes into this event and appreciate the many many many hours that go into the organizing & preparations, so much behind the scenes stuff, of such a huge and successful event, by these two incredible ladies. I congratulate Amanda and Meredith on this award and we are looking forward to another great weekend soon, coming up in March.

and then Sandra Wallace spoke about her nomination:

Thank you to the selection panel for recognising escape2create and it's organisers for the the Australia Day community event of the year.
When it was suggested to me to nominate escape2create for the award i jumped at the opportunity. I couldn't think of anyone more deserved of recognition for an event than Amanda Hall and Meredith Treloar, for all the reasons that Kathryn has already mentioned and more.
Included in my nomination were testimonials by Trish Stevens, Melanie Forbes, Lauren Boase, Marilyn Scholz, and Lindy Brook and Leah Carr from the Sheoak Craft Cottage.
I don not have the time to read all of the wonderful testimonies to you today but common superlatives used to describe escape2create and the organisers were

  • friendly country hospitality
  • fun and laughter
  • hard work and tireless hours
  • inspiration
  • made to feel special
  • fantastic food sourced locally
  • local shops
  • well known Australia wide
  • community spirit
  • coming back
Well i could keep going but if i did i would well and truly be going over my allotted time but the main theme to come through their testimonies was appreciation and gratitude to Amanda and Meredith for all of their hard work to make sure that every attendee has an amazing experience.
This gratitude also extends to their families who give Amanda and Meredith help and support on the home front and also with setting up the retreat. So on behalf of all those have have attended retreats i would like to extend our thank yous to Greg Hall and John Treloar and also to Kelsey, Georgia, Piper Jack, Lachlan, Rohan and Hannah for all the support they give Amanda and Meredith as they work tirelessly in the lead up to the retreats.
And finally thank you Amanda and Meredith. Every year there are many grateful retreat goers who are thankful for all you do. And it's wonderful to see that all your handwork has been recognised today, not only by those who attend the retreats but also by the selection panel and also those outside the scrapbook community. 
Enjoy your day girls… you well and truly deserve it.

and then Meredith and I got up and said this :

Mayor Julie Low, CEO Rod Pearson, Award Recipients and community members,

Firstly we would like to extend our congratulations to Lyall, Bryce, Mandy and the RSL for receiving their awards today. All are very deserving winners and are good people doing great things for the Lower Eyre community.

We are excited, humbled, honored and a bit shocked to accept the 2013 community award for escape2create scrapbooking retreats.

Scrapbooking is a hobby involving photos, glue, paper and documenting memories – almost like a visual diary which you can add as much artistic flair to as you like. A scrapbooking retreat is a getaway or break from the routine of everyday life where you sit amongst like-minded friends and scrapbook the weekend away. All meals and accommodation are taken care of. Basically you can sit, scrap, eat, drink, and laugh until the wee hours of the night. And we certainly do this!

As with all great ideas, the beginning thoughts of Escape2create (or e2c) were born in 2007 with wine and good friends. We madly planned and promoted our first retreat, which was held way back in 2008. At that time we had 45 ladies attend and we had plenty of available space for more. In 2013 we had 80 seats available and our bookings sold out within 1 minute. Our retreat planned for March this year sold out in October in less than 30 seconds. Our ‘little’ retreat isn’t so little anymore!

Escape2create have scrapbookers from all over Australia eager to attend. In 2013 we had ladies from Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and many many make the trip from Adelaide. E2c is recognized nation wide and is the only retreat in South Australia.

This national recognition is very exciting, but our focus has always been on local attendees and supporting our local businesses as much as we can. Not long after we began we realized how special this retreat was and how much the time out meant to people. At the end of the retreats it is not uncommon for these ladies to hug and cry and tell us how much they needed some time to be themselves. To step away from their work, or family or children and just be themselves. There is so much more to our retreats than paper, glue and photos

The planning of the retreat spans 6 months and incorporates the design of our logo, choosing the colours, theme, and the decorations. Meredith and I are pedantic in the small details, wanting everything look perfect.

Every year we handpick a selection of up and coming scrapbookers to teach a class at the retreat. We have been fortunate to have met and hosted some wonderfully creative ladies from all over Australia who come along to our retreat to provide inspiration to our attendees. Every
class has always been well supported and the teachers walk away at the end of the weekend with 80 extra friends.

E2C is a non-for profit organization and over the years we have also promoted raffles and donations toward breast cancer research, a local house fire victim, the Cummins Hospital and the Red Cross bushfire fund.

While we understand that the award is for the past years efforts, it would be remiss of us not to mention the 6 previous years and the others who have been involved along the way with the whole process. It really has been a team effort over the years.

Sue Parsons and Tiff Firth were a part of our original group who thought up the idea of a weekend getaway for the local paper crafters. These girls put in many hours of hard work over the years that they were involved in e2c. This retreat is as much a part of them as it is a part of us despite them now enjoying it from the other side, as attendees.

Val Slater was also one of our original crew, only retiring last year from her menu planning, purchasing and master chef job. This was a huge undertaking and we are grateful for her involvement despite her not being scrapbooking mad. Kathryn Doudle has also been involved with our meal planning and cooking in the past and her meals and enthusiasm was a brilliant addition to e2c. In recent years we have welcomed Mel Dicko, Kym Broad and Leanne Pollard– also not scrapbookers but these girls bring a whole lot of fun to the kitchen.

We would also like to thank our local scrap stores from who all attend and sell their wares. These girls are also incredibly supportive with generous donations for prizes and goodie bags which every attendee receives. They also source kit supplies for our classes, which can often be a challenging job to find 65 of one item.

Our husbands and kids have sacrificed a lot of time for e2c. We know this and hope that the kids can see the bigger picture and be proud of what their mums have done. Greg and John are willing helpers during the set up and pack up process and are often called upon to design and construct our decorations. Thank you boys for your support.

Finally thanks to our nominators, Kathryn Doudle and Sandra Wallace. Thank you for taking the time to put the nominations together. These ladies have always been willing to lend a hand to help e2c behind the scenes and we are very grateful that they are as passionate about the retreat as us. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Escape2create has given both Meredith and myself more joy and reward than we could have ever imagined. This award is a huge honour and we feel very grateful to accept it today.

Thank you.

It was an amazing day - thank you Sandra and Kathryn, all those who wrote supporting letters and were there on the day to give us a smile and loads of encouragement.

(some snaps of the day by my kids)